I was tagged by @madspacker (thank you, love!) to answer 11 questions and then ask 11 of my own and tag people to answer it so here we go :))


1. what’s your 3 fav songs atm?

I Appear Missing by Queens of The Stone Age, A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours by The Smiths, Take A Slice by Glass Animals

2. if you could only watch 1 movie for the rest of your life, which one and why?

Little Mermaid for sure. Listen I pretty much already did it in my childhood and now whenever I watch it I get good vibes from it so I could watch it all the time tbh :))

3. your no. 1 childhood celebrity crush?

…. I’m not sure? probable someone from Rebeldes lmao ……it was a Big Deal around here ok (it was Anahí btw)

4. do you like sparkling water?

nah I like normal human water

5. your childhood dream job VS your dream job now?

my childhood dream job was to be a teacher and now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

6. do you have a tv show/book/movie that you know made a big impact on you? which one and how/why?

As movie goes Kill Bill did don’t judge me (I have my reason I swear long story) and the book Crime and Punishment impacted me as well but I guess it does everybody so 

7. name 4 things that make you happy?

My friends, my family, sports and good movies

8. are you a dramatic person?

The Most

9. how quickly do you judge people?

I’m always policing myself and trying not to so not too quick thankfully but idk sometimes people give off bad vibes and in which case it just… doesn’t work so rather quickly (but I have yet to be wrong about it so)

10. name 2 guilty pleasures?

Say Yes To The Dress (!!!) and celebrity gossip pls

11. rec me a movie you like?

hmmm Enemy. You will either really like it or really hate it sorry :/

my questions:

1. is there a movie/book/music that always makes you cry?

2. a food you love and a food you hate?

3. what’s your favorite childhood memory?

4. what’s the last 4 movies you watched?

5. do you have any pets? if not would you like to have it?

6. what’s your favorite sports related memory?

7. you have a time machine. Where do you go?

8. what’s the last place you travelled to? What was it like?

9. your favorite band growing up and your favorite band right now?

10. something that never fails to make you happy?

11. Do you believe in aliens?

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//put on your war paint\

12 songs fit for riding into any battle: whether it’s the battle of waterloo, or that one chemistry test you can’t afford to fail

listen here

1. The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy // 2. Uprising - Muse // 3. Run This Town (Posthumus Zone) - Rihanna, Jay Z, E.S. Posthumus // 4. Guren No Yumiya - Linked Horizon // 5. Beat It - Fall Out Boy // 6. Come With Me Now - Kongos // 7. Seven Nation Army - White Stripes // 8. 3’s & 7’s - Queens of the Stone Age // 9. Sail - AWOLNATION // 10. Hero - Skillet // 11. Back in Black - AC/DC // 12. Holiday - Green Day

“ I called Alex one day a few years ago, when I was first starting to think about the possibility of getting to make a record and said, "Hey man, give me a good line.” He hit me back and he was like, “Kalopsia.”, and I said, “Kalopsia, what the hell’s that?”, and he said, “It’s a condition wherein everything seems more beautiful than it actually is. ”

- Josh Homme
Queens Of The Stone Age // Kalopsia