The grumpy Todd playlist

It’s been a while since I made a playlist, so here we go

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Zero - The Smashing Pumpkins
F***n in the bushes - Oasis
No one knows - Queens Of The Stone Age
I’m only joking - KONGOS
Days before you came - Placebo
Asleep at the wheel - Band Of Skulls
Reptilia - The Strokes
I wish I was someone better -  Blood Red Shoes
Flashover - Klaxons
Bliss - Muse
8th wonder - Gossip
Brain stew - Green Day
Dull life - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Leave - Blackmail
There’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet - Panic! At the Disco
Warriors - Imagine Dragons
Drive desperate - Cold War Kids
What makes a good man? - The Heavy
Lonely boy - The Black Keys
La cuadratura del círculo - Vetusta Morla
President - IAMX
Dreams and bridges - Aereogramme
Vlad the impaler - Kasabian
Steady as she goes - The Raconteurs
Evil eye - Franz Ferdinand
2 + 2 = 5 - Radiohead
Crying lightning - Arctic Monkeys
Reflektor - Arcade Fire
Zed and two naughts - The Mars Volta
Glasgow mega-snake - Mogwai

I keep making these longer and longer

mini playlists for the zodiac signs

•Rockit - Gorillaz
•Boys - Sky Ferreira
•Love Lockdown - Glass Animals
•3 Libras - A Perfect Circle

•Drumming Song - Florence + The Machine
•Heart Shaped Box - Nirvana
•Pug - The Smashing Pumpkins
•So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright - Simon & Garfunkel

•Better - Banks
•Say You’ll Be There - MØ
•Femme Fatale - The Velvet Underground
•In Your Nature - Zola Jesus

•Florida Kilos - Lana Del Rey
•Jerome- Lykke Li
•Death With Dignity - Sufjan Stevens
•Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want - The Smiths

•Angelene - PJ Harvey
•My God Is The Sun - Queens Of The Stone Age
•Blister In The Sun - Violent Femmes
•Valley Of The Dolls - Marina And The Diamonds

•Paris Is Burning - St. Vincent
•Mystery Girl - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
•My Boy Builds Coffins - Florence + The Machine
•Is This Desire? - PJ Harvey

•Cheerleader - St. Vincent
•Carmen - Lana Del Rey
•It’s Not Up To You - Björk
•Sailin - Mazzy Star

•Pork Soda - Glass Animals
•Pagan Poetry - Björk
•Indigo Children - Puscifer
•Rose - A Perfect Circle

•Smooth Sailing - Queens Of The Stone Age
•Kill V. Maim - Grimes
•When You Sleep - My Bloody Valentine
•Where Is My Mind? - Pixies

•Rich Kids Blues - Lykke Li
•Things Behind The Sun - Nick Drake
•Venus In Furs - The Velvet Underground
•For Martha - The Smashing Pumpkins

•Cola - Lana Del Rey
•Aero Zeppelin - Nirvana
•How Soon Is Now? - The Smiths
•Alison - Slowdive

•Easily - Grimes
•Dagger - Slowdive
•Heaven Or Las Vegas - Cocteau Twins
•Tomorrow Comes Today - Gorillaz


Queens of the Stone Age - The Evil Has Landed (audio)
Rapids Theatre, Niagara Falls, NY, USA

Queens of the Stone Age: A Summary
  • Self Titled: Blacked out next to a pay phone and you don't know what city you're in.
  • Rated R: Same as the last one but it's noon and you're really high on LSD.
  • Songs for the Deaf: Driving down the desert highway at night but also the radio is threatening you.
  • Lullabies to Paralyze: Using fairy tales to cut ties with toxic people.
  • Era Vulgaris: Sad as hell and ready to FIGHT.
  • ...Like Clockwork: The apocalypse is a metaphor for depression.
First It Giveth
Queens Of The Stone Age
First It Giveth

I’m in you
You’re in me
I can’t tell

You’re so cruel
More than me
It is true
That’s right

Loyal to
Only you
Up your sleeve

I want some (come on, take it)
Of all of you (it’s yours)
Trickin me

First it giveth
Then it taketh away

I would beg
I would plead
I would shake

On a hook
By the way

I’m so young
And beautiful
(that’s right)
(I’m slick)
I’m no fool

Time goes by
Tables turn
Now I know

First it giveth
Then it taketh away


Queens of the Stone Age - The Way You Used to Do
Rapids Theatre, Niagara Falls, NY, USA

Since the Tuareg guitar band Tinariwen from Mali was launched into the international stratosphere nearly 20 years ago, it’s become something of a rite of passage for rock musicians to guest on their albums. This time around, for Elwan (Elephants), their eighth international release, they’re joined by Kurt Vile, Mark Lanegan (formerly of Screaming Trees), Alain Johannes (formerly of Queens of the Stone Age) and guitarist Matt Sweeney, who’s worked with everyone from Will Oldham to Run The Jewels.

But that’s all a sideshow: The main draw continues to be Tinariwen itself — with the band’s swirling guitars, rhythms inspired by the gait of camels and gutturally declaimed poetry.

First Listen: Tinariwen, ‘Elwan’

Photo: Courtesy of the artists