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Matty I love you but you're killing me here. 2 truths 1 lie, all the quots, all the hot gifs (where do you even GET them?) My friends and I are dying a slowwww death and loving it... now kill us some more and please give us a snippet of the next chapter. A paragraph. A dialogue. Hell at this point we'll take a sentence. JUST GIVE US SOMETHING. You're THE BEST, hon! *_*

Well, I just sat down to write a while ago, so here it is, for you and your friends. More than a sentence. I hope this happily kills you some more :)

He stood before the bombed remains of her car, his back to her, the jacket of his suit clinging to his muscles as they tightened.

Felicity stood quietly against the tree in plain sight and watched him from behind, wanting to see his reaction, needing to see his reaction.

Because if she was going to gamble with this man, she needed to know her cards.  

She hadn’t spoken to him since that last text she’d sent him. Her phone had been switched off, and she’d made Amara promise to give her a few hours alone to figure things out. But she’d been missing for hours, and she needed to see his reaction. Because if he gave her even a sliver of hope, and even though she really hadn’t figured anything out, she knew she wasn’t going to run away. For once in her life, she wanted to stay.

His back moved as he breathed, his hands clenched beside him as he kept looking at her dead car. The darkness clung to his frame, only the flash of lightning illuminating him brightly for split seconds before leaving him standing alone in the dark again in the graveyard.

Felicity swallowed the pain rising in her chest but didn’t make a move, knowing instinctively that even a tiny motion would make him aware of her.

So, she just kept watching him, waiting for him to do something.

He did.

He touched her car.

Stroked it.

Just once.

But he did.

He did when he thought no one was watching.

He did it when he thought he was completely alone.

Felicity blinked at the stinging in her eyes as she saw his big, rough hand move across the charred remains, the sliver of hope a fragment now. But she knew. She had seen.

And she was going to fight him, fight for him, like he’d fought for her. She was going to gamble. She was going to throw herself off the cliff and hope he would catch her. Because she didn’t see how they could move on if she didn’t. God knew, he wouldn’t take the first step.

Taking a deep breath in, she took that first step forward towards him into the darkness.