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Sixth Queen Theory

Lauren is theorising again. Duck for cover people this will not end well. But I was having some Thoughts about the mystery sixth queen. I think the biggest theory for this so far is that she’s Feyre’s mother and I just…Can’t quite get on board with that, there’s something about it that bothers me. SO. Here is an alternative: 

‘I said, “Where is Father?” It felt like the only safe thing to say.
“In Neva,” Nesta said, naming one of the largest cities on the continent. “Trading with some merchants from the other half of the world. And attending a summit about the threat above the wall. A threat I wonder if you’ve come back to warn us about.” 

This is what Nesta says about her father’s absence when Feyre returns to her sisters in ACOMAF. But later on Feyre says this: 

“My father is away on business—and attending a meeting in Neva about the threat of Prythian.”
“Prythian?” Cassian said, twisting toward us. “Not Hybern?”
“It’s possible my sisters were mistaken—your lands are foreign to them. They merely said ‘above the wall.’ I assumed they thought it was Prythian.”

“Where is the sixth?”

The ancient queen, her blue gown heavy and rich, merely said, “She is unwell, and could not make the journey.” 

 In the letter the golden queen leaves for Rhys and the others she says this: 

Do not trust the others. The sixth queen was not ill.’ 

This is obviously what sparked the speculation but I don’t think the queen is Feyre’s mother and secretly stayed away for that. I think she was at that convention in Neva. And I think it was about the threat of Prythian. Not Hybern. Why bring that up again if not to hint at that idea? I think even then the queens were working with Hybern and Jurian. 

 “Because the King of Hybern is indeed about to launch a war, and he wants to resurrect Jurian to do it.”

Jurian—the ancient warrior whose soul Amarantha had imprisoned within that hideous ring as punishment for killing her sister. The ring that contained his eye …


Mor groaned, “Why would the king want to resurrect Jurian? He was so odious. All he liked to do was talk about himself.”

 Why indeed did the king want to resurrect Jurian? The answer was that he became an emissary to the queens. 

“You made a very big mistake,” the king said to Rhysand, my mate’s arms banded around me, “the day you went after the Book. I had no need of it. I was content to let it lie hidden. But the moment your forces started sniffing around … I decided who better than to be my liaison to the human realm than my newly reborn friend, Jurian? He’d just finished all those months of recovering from the process, and longed to see what his former home had become, so he was more than happy to visit the continent for an extended visit.”

Indeed the queens smiled at him—bowed their heads. Rhys’s arms tightened in silent warning.

“The brave, cunning Jurian, who suffered so badly at the end of theWar—now my ally. Here to help me convince these queens to aid in my cause. For a price of his own, of course, but it has no bearing here. And wiser to work with me, my men, than to allow you monsters in the Night Court to rule and attack. Jurian was right to warn their Majesties that you’d try to take the Book—that you would feed them lies of love and goodness, when he had seen what the High Lord of the Night Court was capable of. The hero of the human forces, reborn as a gesture to the human world of my good faith. I do not wish to invade the continent—but to work with them.

 I feel like this all but proves this theory. We know that there is a summit happening in Neva, on the continent, that Feyre’s father attended to consider the threat that Prythian presents. We know that the Sixth Queen was missing during this time as well. We know that Jurian was sent as an emissary to the queens and that he visited the continent for an extended period of time. He was with the sixth mortal queen and those on the continent convincing them to ally with Hybern and go to war against Prythian. 

TL;DR: The queens were always working for Hybern and the Sixth was away not due to illness but because she was on the continent working to turn those people against Prythian and have them ally with Hybern. 

(I’m definitely making another post about Jurian because that….Is going to be relevant in ACOWAR and no-one is really talking about it that much but it scares me.) 


29th of September 1464 - Elizabeth Woodville is formally introduced to the royal council and acknowledged as Queen of England at Reading

Elizabeth was formally introduced to the court on Michaelmas Day, when the Duke of Clarence and the Earl of Warwick escorted her into the chapel of Reading Abbey. There she was ‘openly honoured as queen by all the lords and all the people’, although Warwick’s close associate, John Lord Wenlock, probably expressed the feelings of many when he wrote ‘we must be patient despite ourselves’.

The idea of a young, handsome king marrying for love on Mayday may have been borrowed from romantic tradition and Edward, who was constantly attended by courtiers and had virtually no privacy, would have found it difficult to meet his bride secretly over a period of almost five months… But if some of the details of the tradition are speculative, it is clear that there was little time between the proposal and the marriage, and that Elizabeth was surprised by the speed of events… many contemporaries would probably have agreed with Charles Ross that it was the ‘the impulsive love match of an impetuous young man’.

From David Baldwin’s Elizabeth Woodville: Mother of the Princes in the Tower

anonymous asked:

I so enjoy reading your meta! I was wondering, what did you make of Cercei's relationship with Taena? I could never entirely figure out if Cercei feels genuinely attracted to her or if she just thought that's how a "king" behaves (she seems to want the role of a king, not a queen). There are text passages that seem to indicate real romantic interest on Cercei's part, but while Taena gets something out of their sexual encounter, Cercei soon thinks of her rapist and is turned off.

Thank you, anon!

I have to admit that I haven’t thought a lot about this question. I tend to align Taena with my pet theory about Varys rerunning the same scam on Cersei that I believe he ran when she was a young girl in Aerys’s court, with the assumption there was a Taena type in the mix then, as well. 

I will say that I did not perceive Taena as getting anything out of the encounter. I could almost visualize her momentary surprise, then quick recalibration. I picture that with her a lot. Taena nimbly pivots to further her goals with Cersei on the regular. Think of the moment when Cersei is trying to get her to send for her son. The last thing Taena Merryweather is tryna do is expose her child to this court. No way. George does a great job letting US see this, see her take a second to triangulate a response, without Cersei getting it. Cersei is as blind to these things as a Jane Austen heroine is to the hero’s obvious interest in her. I love it.

I always feel uncomfortable with Cersei being placed in a sexual context. My feeling is that she hates being touched, that having sex is destabilizing for her. The touches she can tolerate are from Joffrey (and presumably the other children) and Jaime. And this is because she doesn’t see a place where she ends and they begin. They are Cersei. Only Cersei exists, and they are Cersei. 

So I think she loses the stomach for what she’s doing to Taena in the same way we see her lose her stomach for the torture she’s having visited upon the Blue Bard. Her mind skitters away from that realness. She THOUGHT she could be like her idea of a male ruler, visiting torment upon people without being bothered by it, but she cannot. What she doesn’t understand is that few men can either…her own father didn’t want to WITNESS what happened to Elia and the children, after all. Her mind skitters away from what she did to Melara, as well. She doesn’t do well with actually seeing the consequences of her harmful choices. Consider that she was genuinely surprised to discover that sending Falyse off to be vivisected had resulted in a vivisected Falyse.

So I think with Taena, this sort of sexual violence - the kind that she has endured herself - is something she THOUGHT she wanted to try because she thinks it’s power, she thinks it’s what powerful men do, but ultimately she doesn’t have the stomach for it. 

Persephone and Aphrodite are allies.

Not friends. Persephone never really had friends, not even back when she was still Kore, her Mother’s oppressive nurturing scaring off even the brashest of gods, but Allies in the great political game of the Greek Gods.

Persephone allows Aphrodite free passage to the Underworld during winter. She allows her to visit her dead lovers and offspring, while also meeting new ones in the process. She allows her to listen to Orpheus’s music as he plays for Eurydice, and even allows her to pet Cerberus.

The dead welcome this, for even in the Underworld there as to be some love some times.

One time, she asks the Iron Queen for free passage not for herself, but her husband and it’s adoptive mother. The Nymph’s biological son died recently in some war and, while he was fighting against the side favored by Aphrodite, even against one of her offsprings to boot, he was still her husband’s brother. So Persephone accepts, and it becomes a yearly thing for Thetis and her Son to go visit Achilles in the Underworld.

For an Ironic twist of fate, Persephone is the most free when she is trapped in the underworld. Up in the mortal world, she is suffocated by her mother, forcing her to stay put in her temples, never out of her sights, playing the role of the dutiful daughter. Persephone seethes, but knows she can’t really leave her mother, less she slaughtered most of humanity, causing such a dreadful amount of work to her  and her husband she wouldn’t be able to get a free moment for ages, so she stays in her gilded cage.

So Aphrodite keeps her occupied. She starts tales among mortals of the Bringer of Spring and Iron Queen of the Underworld, who managed to tame the three headed dog and its terrible master, and who brings retribution upon the wicked and solace upon the hurting. People start building temples, temples Persephone HAS to visit some time during her stay on earth, finally granting some real freedom from her Mother. Demeter throws a temper tantrum at this, but can’t ultimately go against how things are run. Persephone is now a fully fledged divinity, and can’t spend all her time wasting away with her mother.

Persephone and Aphrodite are Allies, which shouldn’t really surprise anyone.

After all, Spring is the Season of Love.

In the episode 3x11 (”Succession”, pictured) and 3x15 (”Safe Passage”) Queen Mary wears this divine Valentino Embroidered Tulle Gown.

In the episode 3x11 she wears it with the A.Marie Costumes earrings, in the episode 3x15 with Reign Costumes cape and coat, LaKrause crown, Miguel Ases earrings, Gillian Steinhardt labyrinth and signet rings

‘It’s like that in the Watch, too,’ said Angua.  'You can be any sex you like provided you act male.  There’s no men and women in the Watch, just a bunch of lads.  You’ll soon learn the language.  Basically it’s how much beer you supped last night, how strong the curry was you had afterwards, and where you were sick.  Just think egotesticle.  You’ll soon get the hang of it.  And you’ll have to be prepared for sexually explicit jokes in the Watch House.’

Cheery blushed.

'Mind you, that seems to have ended now,’ said Angua.

'Why?  Did you complain?’

'No, after I joined in it all seemed to stop,’ said Angua.  'And, you know, they didn’t laugh?  Not even when I did the hand gestures too?  I thought that was unfair.  Mind you, some of them were quite small gestures.’
—  Terry Pratchett, “Feet of Clay”

Persephone ❁ :

                    ☁ goddess of : spring growth & grain, queen of underworld, passage to elysium, necromancy & ghosts, curses & mistress of the erinyes, eleusinian mysteries, triad with demeter & hekate. 

                   ☁ sacred animals & plants :  bat, ram, parrots and all talking birds, monkeys,  pomegranate, narcissus, willow tree, lily, ivy, lily of the valley, oriental lily, maidenhair fern, daisy, and lavender.

                   ☁ titles/epithets : maiden, of the earth (underworld), bringer of fruit, saviour, great goddess, holy one, knowing one, exacter of justice. 

Request -- A Y/N xCrowley one shot where y/n is a human but Crowley made her the queen of hell? The demons hate that shes a human so they're jerks to her and she couldnt take it and starts crying and Crowley walks in at the same time. U can take it from there.

(Haven’t written Crowley in a while. I hope that you like it!)

When you approached the huge doors of the grand house that belonged to you as much as it did to Crowley, which sat on a single estate that was only a fraction of the kingdom that you now had a hand in ruling, a few beads of sweat sat on your forehead and your hair was a bit more unruly than it was before you had left. Despite the fact that you had been taking trips back to Earth almost every day since you had become Queen of Hell, walking passages lined with the damned and echoing with their screams still managed to shake you and bring nervousness to your features.

You subtly wiped the sweat from your face and tucked wild pieces of hair behind your ears, managing to drop into just a slightly awkward curtsy when the footmen bowed at the realization of your presence. Crowley always reminded you that you need not do that, for you were their queen now, but you had become so used to it from before you had gained the prestigious title that you could not quit the habit of doing so.

“Was your trip quite pleasant, my queen?” One of the footmen asked with a grin as he and the other prepared to open the doors for you. You smiled back instantly; he was one of the few demons that had absolutely adored you from the moment that he had laid eyes on you, hand-in-hand with Crowley.

“Most definitely,” you replied, gesturing to the books that you had bought from a quaint little shop that you had discovered. “I had found earlier that the library has a great need to be restocked. And please, call me Y/N.”

“As you wish. You do not need to be going on such excursions, Y/N, for someone else could do so for you. I am sure that it would reduce the King’s worry for you, as well as his subjects’.”

Your grin faltered at his words, for most of Crowley’s subjects didn’t take a liking to you at all; they always made that quite obvious whenever you strode past them. You managed to bring the corners of your mouth back up, although the smile was tight-lipped. “Perhaps, but it is nice to breathe in the fresh air that I do not get in the kingdom.”

After a nod of thanks when the doors were fully open, you strolled through them and entered into the impressive entrance hallway. There were no demons around, and you were grateful for the silence that was sure to be broken in due time. You considered bringing the books that you had bought into the library and reading in the rare quiet, but then, you also enjoyed the idea of reading on your throne in the throne room, where you were untouchable with your crown on top of your head.

A decision was made for you when your handmaiden came rushing down the stairs at the sound of your entrance, but it wasn’t one that you had been planning on. She took in the sight of you in a t-shirt and denim, and her eyes were almost horrified. You almost laughed at this; she was another one that cared about you a lot, especially your appearance.

“My queen,” She dropped into a curtsy that was much more refined than your own. “You must allow me to lead you to your bedchamber. Your husband snuck to Scotland while you were gone, and has brought you such a gorgeous surprise.”

Curiosity flooded you as you agreed to follow her immediately to your bedroom, the only one in the entire home because you were the only one who needed sleep. She opened the doors to your room, and was so excited that one would think the surprise was for her as she gestured to a long box sitting on the blood-red duvet that covered your bed.

“I promise that I did not peek at what he gave you, but the temptation was almost to great to bear,” she babbled about as you slowly lifted the lid with raised eyebrows. “Mr. Crowley did say that he knew that it would look absolutely stunning on you, and he wishes to see it for himself on you when he returns.”

You could barely hold back your gasp when what he had gotten for you was revealed, and your handmaiden practically squealed in exhilaration for you. Inside of the box was a crimson dress with black ribbon and lace trim; it was something perfectly suited for a queen. You were hesitant, though; the last time that Crowley had gotten you an extravagant present, you had heard his subjects complain about how you were distracting the King from what needed to be done in Hell.

Your grave countenance made your handmaiden stall in her rejoicing, and your words did even more so. “Oh, I don’t know. Why not save it for a special occasion?”

She openly gaped at you. “You know that I must insist that you wear it, my queen–” You gave her a pointed look. “–Y/N. Mr. Crowley looked quite eager to see such a lovely garment on you, who will look quite beautiful in it.”

Thoughts bounced around in your head, both positive and negative, while you decided how to respond, your handmaiden’s eyes wide and eager on you. Finally, you sighed in defeat and nodded, much to her delight. “Very well, but only because I do not want to ruin this great excitement of yours.

Even though it was a laborious thing for your handmaiden to do with all of the ribbon that was required to be tied and tightened, the gown was on your frame in almost no time at all. She stood back while you spun around in front of a mirror, her eyes bright and dreamy, and you made a mental note to give some of your older dresses to her later, as a reward for such enthusiasm and her hard work. You had to admit to yourself that you looked fairly splendid in this new dress, and couldn’t wait to show it off to your husband once he returned to your home.

“You must go to the throne room at once!” Your servant exclaimed, skipping forward. “The subjects should have a chance to revel in your beauty!”

You thought about protesting, you really did, but ultimately made the decision not to. It was obvious that she didn’t want to fight it out with you, but would if she had to. You would have allowed her as well, just to see how your arguments could fare against hers, but you knew that her heart was in the right place. She knew just how terribly a lot of the demons thought of you, and always jumped at the chance to convince you to show off how you would not be affected by them. You hoped that Crowley would give her a promotion soon so that she could wander Earth, and promised her silently that you would talk with him about it later.

“Of course,” you replied, and curtsied deeply in front of her. She flushed with pride at the gesture, and did the same back. “Thank you so much.”

She knew that your thanks went farther then helping you dress, and nodded happily. “You are very welcome, Y/N.”

You soon found yourself in front of the throne room doors, and made sure to hold your head high and straighten your posture before they were opened for you. The demons scrambling about instantly moved to the side in surprise when you walked in, and the corners of your mouth twitched. You always made sure that you weren’t announced before you strode in, just in case the subjects speaking amongst themselves about you.

Almost immediately, your crown was presented to you on a rouge cushion; it was one of gold and adorned with rubies, and you always felt regal whenever it was placed on top of your head. Once it was, you walked with poise towards your throne, even though you could just feel the poisonous stares of disdain on your back as you did. You then turned and sat down with your back straight against the throne, watching as the demons resumed their normal work after bowing and curtsying with little to no enthusiasm. You had to hold yourself back from sighing as you looked at Crowley’s usual spot, hoping that he would be back soon.

Your attention was soon caught by a group of demons that had clustered near the doors, murmuring amongst themselves and sneaking glances at you when they thought you were distracted by others who didn’t mind you as queen inquiring about your opinions on certain decisions that were to be made.

“Excuse me,” you called, pointing to the suspicious faction. You were proud that you were able to keep your voice steady as you spoke. “If there is anything that you would like to say, I wish that you would direct it towards me personally.”

It took a moment, but one of the demons stepped forward with a sneer. “There is nothing that we would want to discuss with a vile human being.” The tone of his voice stung you, but you didn’t allow it to affect your physical features. “We haven’t an idea how the King became involved with such an unpleasant creature.”

“You m-must forgive me,” You stuttered a bit, biting your lip. “I do not understand why you disapprove of me so wholly.”

“Well, we don’t understand why a king would make one of the most disgusting creations ever to exist his queen,” Another demon spoke. “He cannot even run Hell without distractions that you cause, always feeling the absurd need to leave and buy things for a worthless, despicable human.”

Your throat grew tight enough so that you couldn’t speak in your defense, and you couldn’t help the tears that flooded your eyes and made your vision blurry. Quite a few demons laughed at the sign of your weakness, and you wanted nothing more but to flee the room.

“Thank you for sharing your feelings with the rest of the group.”

All of the heads in the room snapped up, including yours, when the voice of Crowley, seething with anger, filled the room. All of the subjects were quick to bow, each of their countenances filled with fright as the King sauntered over to the group.

“M-My King,” The first demon that had spoke out against you bowed again, gulping forcefully. “I apologize–”

“Oh, shut up,” Crowley said in annoyance, and with a wave of his hand, all of the demons in the group were basically choking on their own tongues. “Out.” The footmen guarding the door marched in to lead the demons out by force while you and the rest of the demons looked on. Crowley then looked around at the others with a glare that could shake the earth. “I said, out!”

The remaining demons hurried to make themselves scarce at the threat underlying in the single word. Once they had disappeared and the throne room’s doors were slammed shut, Crowley immediately walked over to you and put his hands on your face. He was overwhelmingly gentle with you as he wiped away the tears that you hadn’t realized has fallen from your cheeks, obviously holding back the rest of his anger as he kneeled in front of you.

“I’m so sorry, darling,” he told you with sorrow and guilt, feelings that he only shared with you and you only. “If I had known that making you my queen would cause problems with my demons. I would have gotten rid of them the moment I had asked you. I promise that they will be dealt with severely, and will have all of eternity to pay for what they have said about you.”

“But what if they’re right about me?” you asked him sadly, saltwater rising in your eyes again. “I’m just a human, and I am distracting you from your duties as King.”

Crowley stared at you for a moment, and then leaned forward to place an uncharacteristically tender kiss on your lips before speaking just mere centimeters from your mouth. “You are certainly not a distraction, Y/N, but if you were, you would be the most pleasant distraction that I have ever encountered. But if you are wary in your position as my queen, I will wait for as long as necessary as you live your life on Earth.”

“Of course I’m not wary, Crowley,” You pressed a deeper kiss to his mouth before continuing, a hint of a smile on your face. “There is nothing I would rather be than your queen, because I love you too much.”

“I love you, too,” Crowley grinned. “And I must say, that dress is very becoming on you. Whoever bought it with the intention of you wearing it, my love?”

You rolled your eyes at his joking, shrugging your shoulders nonchalantly. “Oh, only the most powerful king to ever exist. It’s not a big deal, really.”

Crowley took your hand and slowly kissed each knuckle, allowing each kiss to linger on your skin. “Well, then, he must be quite lucky to have you.”

Laughing, you nodded happily. “And I am very lucky to have him.”

anyone else notice how foxes flock to the front of the ankoku temple?

if you’ve played through the game, you know that the ‘true’ rao is long since dead, nothing more than a skeleton tucked away in a secret passage to queen himiko’s palace.
in her place is ninetails, the kitsune follower of yami.

i never really thought about the foxes until my most recent playthrough, since now i always wander past ankoku temple feeling a little sad that we never really get to meet the real, genuine rao.
seeing the foxes made me realize how heavy of an influence ninetails has on the area and the fact they have a strong hold on this holy place.

the foxes could even be seen as a sort of foreshadowing, since even though they are not kitsune, they still bear the strongest connection to ninetails.
alongside the demon scroll hovering about, clearly undeterred by how close ankoku temple is alongside its bell, it is clear in other playthrough’s that this is no longer a safe, pure place away from demons.

Honest to god, hand on my heart, I never thought she would make it this far. It’s not that I didn’t believe in her. Hell I might’ve been the only one that thought she was worth it. Every day for years, I’ve dreamed of this feeling. The power, the beauty, the elegance… All from my month premature, homegrown, self-taught filly’s dancing feet? Pinch me. Just when I thought I couldn’t love her any more.


The girl walked orderly through the path she was lead in a silent embodiment. Eyes glancing over the polished, bronze tiles quietly as she was lead, with both trusted brothers, through into the roads towards the palace to which she would be taking refuge at for her time spent in main Asgard. She wasn’t truely paying attention to where she was going, only to be lead by Sardix, who was the eldest of the family through to their destination. A small crowd of people stopped to watch her as she past by, it was hot outside. humid, sweltering. And the buzzing of peoples conventions rung underneath any conversation held on the way. The crowd had always wondered who she was, as she wore a protective, silk veil that covered her body till her official adaptations. it did not …“bother” her, but you could say it did not…. well, please her. Not the attention, no matter how used to it she was.

“Through this passage, Queen Andromeda.” A gaurd directed respectfully, causing her head to flip of graciously to the man. 

External image

They lead her through the final passage, and into the magnificent palace before the kin of Natherian to the main hall, which she had heard the sound of young souls conversing happily. This was only periodically, before she would soon come back into the city streets.