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Sympathy pains is when a women's spouse goes through the same pregnancy symptoms she's experiencing. It's a real thing and very common. The cause for it happening is not yet known. Sometimes men crave certain foods, get really tired, mood swings. Sometimes worse than the women. Its hilarious, my dad had it when my mom was pregnant with my sister. They would both lay in bed eating Chinese food and one time my dad even threw up XD

AhAHAHHAAH oh my god this is hilarious. I can’t wait. Okay I’ll try to write it. XDD I’m laughing just picturing this. XDD Oh my, this will be great. XD

The moment we knew when RPDR winner snatched her crown...

Season 8 - Bob the Drag Queen

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Season 7 - Violet Chachki

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Season 6 - Bianca Del Rio

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Season 5 - Jinkx Monsoon

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Season 4 - Sharon Needles

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Season 3 - Raja Gemini

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Season 2 - Tyra Sanchez

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Season 1 - Bebe Zahara Bonet

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