queens international


How would I describe my personal style? I suppose it’s impulsive..and it’s not necessarily entirely successful; but it’s a lot about trying to pretend not to be me. So, I often treat clothes…just like…as costume, and think I’m channeling somebody else and then I unfortunately see a photo of me in something and it’s not entirely what I meant at all. In fact, not at all, not even entirely; just not at all what I meant at all.. -Helena Bonham Carter for Harper’s Bazaar UK (2016) 


happy international women’s day! (march 8th)

“when i wrote that song, i didn’t even call myself a feminist yet. but i had seen first-hand how women are treated differently. for me, it was just small stuff like catcalls at shows. but the harassment that i’ve gotten lately, it all comes from the same thing. it’s people saying ‘i’m allowed to do this to her because she’s just a girl’. words like ‘slut’ and ‘rape’, they matter. they make us feel devalued and threatened. they choose words that inflict pain, and then they tell us it’s our fault for getting upset about it.”

snow: [bursts through the door] EMMA! we have a problem!!

emma: … listen when are you people going to let me rest? i literally just came back from our vacation in hell-

snow: regina’s in troub-


ENTP and affection
  • <p> <b>person:</b> *shows any form of affection towards entp*<p/><b>ne:</b> haha that's funny<p/><b>ti:</b> yeah what da fuck<p/><b>ti:</b> also feelings are embarrassing. cold hard logic is all we believe in! let's tell them to take it down a notch.<p/><b>fe:</b> shut up ti. It's nice to be liked.<p/><b>ne:</b> yeah they could be useful. maybe they're down for some fun!<p/><b>ti:</b> ok. we could use some pretentious scientific word to impress them! si?<p/><b>si:</b> sorry guys i can't remember any cool words right now but i remember my password from when i was 10 if that helps :)<p/><b>fe:</b> the person won't be impressed<p/><b>ne:</b> hey we could just troll them! i have already loads of charming and witty comebacks in mind...<p/><b>fe:</b> but wait that might offend the person lol<p/><b>si:</b> yeah we made someone cry that one time<p/><b>ne:</b> too late!<p/><b>entp (out loud) :</b> haha... you're ruining my reputation as a cold hearted bitch<p/></p>

In honour of International Women’s Day, let’s just remember the good queens of the Chronicles of Narnia series.

Queen Helen of Narnia: the first queen. Called into Narnia because her husband happened upon it, and it was only natural that she was there beside him. She spoke up when Polly was too afraid. Like most, while in England she was rather ordinary, in Narnia she proved every inch a queen.

Queen Susan the Gentle (a.k.a. Susan of the Horn): A doubter turned a believer. She was a child, but she was a queen: a leader, a diplomat, and even a warrior if need be. (You can’t tell me the bow/arrows were never ever used in battle. I know she didn’t “like to ride in the wars” but that doesn’t mean she’d never fight, or never defend her home.) She cared for her subjects. She ruled the Golden Age of Narnia with her brothers and sister by her side.

Queen Lucy the Valiant: Entered Narnia like a dream, but did not doubt herself when others did. Steadfast. Loyal. True. Not just brave, but Valiant. A small child to begin with, but undoubtedly a queen. She fought because she loved her country, loved her people. She never gave up. She was a beacon of faith and hope, much like the lamppost itself.

Queen Aravis of Archenland: A Calormene runaway, though initially she plotted much worse for herself. Teetering between prideful and confident, she was nobody’s fool. She sought empowerment by looking down on Shasta, but found empowerment by working beside him in their quest. Always noble, but never thought she’d be a free queen.

Queen Lilliandil: Although unnamed in the books, she had a huge effect on everyone who met her. Dazzling beauty, but she would not be taken in. She knew her worth; the star’s daughter. Ruled well by Caspian’s side, and raised her son to be a righteous man. Mourned by all when she was lost.

That is not to mention so many of the wonderful ladies in Narnia, (and to ignore the fact that even those who were never royalty such as Jill and Polly were described as Queens once they got to the True Narnia/Aslan’s Country.) But I think we need to take a moment to appreciate all these different women who became queens in different ways.

Because we might feel kind of ordinary sometimes, but we have the power to live as queens: Loyal. Just. Valiant. Kind. Confident. Beautiful. Wise.

We can do it all. ✨