queens fanmix series


1. AHS: Coven soundtrack - La La La Song // 2. Penny Dreadful soundtrack - Allegiance // 3. Florence + the Machine - Breath of Life // 4. Naughty Boy ft Bastille - No One’s Here to Sleep // 5. Two Steps from Hell - Love and Loss // 6. Young Guns - Daylight // 7. Daft Punk (Tron Legacy soundtrack) - the Game has Changed // 8. Imagine Dragons - Dream // 9. Game of Thrones soundtrack - Winterfell // 10. Immediate Music - Destiny of the Chosen // 11. Henry Jackman (Captain America: The Winter Soldier soundtrack) - End of the Line


→ The half year queen, a Rhaenyra Targaryen fanmix (mostly instrumental)

Part I
I. Dracarys ….Ramin Djawadi II. Sanctuary….James Newton Howard (Dragonstone) III. Chosen… James Newton Howard (Stillborn) IV. Hero’s…. X ray Dog (Lucerys’ death) V. Starfall…. Two Steps from Hell (Taking King’s Landing) VI. The only one….Evanescence (Aegon II) VII. Kyrie II….Death note OST (The Iron Throne) VIII.Mhysa….Ramin Djawadi (dragonriders) IX. A queen’s loneliness….Trevor Morris

Part II

X. Big Sky….Two Steps from hell (Syrax) XI. Sub Lift….Henry Jackman (Prince Daemon’s end) XII. Statues….Alexander Desplat (The delight of the realm) XIII.The houses of healing….Howard Shore. XIV. Lupercalia….Faun XV. Dark Paradise….Lana Del Rey (loss) XVI. Storm….Craig Armstrong (The storming of King’s Landing) XVII.Let us burn….Within Temptation (Sunfyre’s breath) XVIII. Boadicea….Enya (Rhaenyra’s theme)

L I S T E N   H E R E