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Royal patronesses of the Queen’s College of St. Margaret and St. Bernard (Queens’ College, Cambridge):

1. Margaret of Anjou (Queen consort of Henry VI)
2. Elizabeth Woodville (Queen consort of Edward IV)
3. Anne Neville (Queen consort of Richard III)
4. Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (Queen consort of George VI)
5. Elizabeth II (Queen Regnant)

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Moondial at Queens’ College, Cambridge.

Moondials are time pieces similar to a sundial. The most basic moondial, which is identical to a sundial, is only accurate on the night of the full moon. Every night after it becomes an additional (on average) 48 minutes slow, while every night preceding the full moon it is (again on average) 48 minutes fast.

Moondials are very closely associated with lunar gardening (night-blooming plants) and some comprehensive gardening books may mention them.”


Things We Lost in the Fire (Live from Queens’ College, Cambridge)

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