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Bungou Stray Dogs Real-Life Locations


(Welcome to The City Where the Wind Blows, Yokohama.)

So I was finally able to go around Yokohama! I’ve been in Tokyo for a year and a half but was only able to do this now (why self why). It’s not my first time in the city though, because of the BSD event last February, but this time I got to literally walk around the city which made me fall in love with it instantly!

I did my research but due to limited time, I only got to drop by a few BSD spots. I’ll definitely come back and walk more next time!

(Sorry for the low quality photos but I’d just love to share them still ❤)

Motomachi Road - Episode 2

Chinatown - Episode 9

Red Brick Warehouse - Episode 9

Yokohama Port Opening Memorial Hall (The Jack) - Episode 9

Yokohama Customs Building (The Queen) - Episode 9

Yokohama Stadium - Episode 9

Yamashita Park - Episode 17

And ofc ofc in front of this blessed statue (still in Yamashita Park)

Featuring embarrassed Soukoku fangirl me lol sorry

(Side story: I was with a friend who isn’t an anime fan but happens to be familiar with this statue as she has seen it on TV dramas a few times. When I showed her the Soukoku art, she said, “Why did they meet here? It’s a dating spot!” And I was like, “Uhm, yeah, that’s exactly why” \(*^▽^*)/)

Anyway I think I know now why Chuuya loves Yokohama

Yay. I wish I could live here. I wouldn’t mind waking up to this scenery everyday. More like, I would love to!



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You guys you guys

So my bff/ queerplatonic life partner is like…the queen of world building, and she’s built this really amazing AU of the sides and Thomas as dragon riders in this fantasy epic and I’m trying to convince her to make a blog for it. 

I’m trying to prove to her that folks would be interested in something like that. Can you help me? Like or reblog this if you would be interested in a blog about a dragonrider AU? 


As Years Go By by Jon Scherff

anonymous asked:

If you had to design a crown/some kind of jewelry at Burn's request (getting a art commission from your favorite character amiright?), what would it look like? I could totally picture Queen Burn building herself a palace of bones over her lifetime. Some pieces she'd commission, but most she'd make herself. She'd love something like Sedlec Ossuary, which is covered floor to ceiling in arrangements of bones. Oh no, I just thought of Burn making a monument to her mom out of her own bones.

what an interesting idea!!! she could have some pretty funky crowns made for her!! (ft skywing horns, walrus tusks, longhorn steer horns, prongs from caribou/deer, teeth, some funky bones from a snake, etc….)!!! 

idk ive always kind of enjoyed the idea that she doesnt wear or need a crown..or an extravagant one, at least. i feel like shes such a figure (and knows it too) that some kind of assertion of status is unnecessary to her. 

but i doodled up some concepts anyways because i can never pass up an opportunity to draw my fav <3

(fancy little crown, probably dug up from the treasury for kicks; a bone one + a matching necklace. nice; and a plain drab one, bc why not :3c)

Take my hand

The woman was a prisoner, but she came from a noble line, so she was not treated like a common ruffian and thrown unceremoniously into a dungeon. Instead she was given rooms above ground, and a fine wardrobe, and regular meals, and as much freedom as could be afforded to someone who had threatened the safety of the kingdom. She had the run of the entire garden - but the garden was enclosed by high walls and regularly patrolled by guards.

Regina knew all this. What she didn’t know was why everyone referred to the woman as the dragon, or why she had started feeling the sizzle of magical wards in the gardens as soon as the woman had started taking daily walks there.

Regina sat on a stone bench under a leafy tree, trying to lose herself in a book, and surreptitiously watched the woman as she stalked along the pathways between the rose bushes.

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