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Swan Queen + Text Messages (17/?)

little spoon

To save money while attending college in NYC, Stiles and Derek decide to rent one tiny apartment together. With one bed.

*whispers* I have no idea if any of this is realistic. Don’t judge me.

You guys know by now that practically everything I write is so so fluffy, but this is just like, a whole other level. A little over 4k words of enemies-to-lovers, bed-sharing, & cuddling. ;)  


The thing is, Stiles is pretty sure he can’t afford to breathe the air in New York City, let alone rent an apartment there. But it’s also been his lifelong dream to go to NYU, same as his mom, and he’s just gotten his acceptance letter in the mail along with a hefty scholarship offer. So he has a bit of a conundrum on his hands.

Enter Derek, who has a (relatively) dirt cheap apartment in Queens.

Okay, so Derek calls it an “apartment.” Stiles calls it an “attic closet.”

It’s nothing but a narrow bed, a foot or so of walking space between that and the wall, and a lone shelf by the door to hold the microwave and all of Derek’s possessions that can’t fit under the bed. There’s not even enough room to open the door all the way; the edge of the door hits the edge of the bed, and then you have to shimmy into the room.

The sad thing is that Stiles can’t even afford that.

He can, however, afford half of it.

“So you’re going to share a bed,” Scott says, looking concerned.

“Yes,” Stiles says.

“No,” Derek says at the same time.

Scott looks more concerned.

Stiles sighs. “Okay, so it’s like this. Derek’s going to be doing the whole normal person schedule, up at the buttcrack of dawn” (Derek rolls his eyes) “and out working and studying and stuff all day and back in bed asleep by 11 pm, and I’m going to be taking all evening classes and working the night shift!”

“We won’t actually ever be in the same place at the same time,” Derek clarifies. “He gets it during the day; I get it at night.”

“Because we can’t stand each other,” Stiles adds, in case Scott is thinking of getting his hopes up that this whole roommates thing is going to be some kind of bromance.

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Drunk! Peter Parker (x Reader)


Warnings: None

Word Count:1,004

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It was a cold November evening in your apartment in Queens, New York. You were silently studying Biology in your room all alone since your parents had left to have dinner together. Normally, you wouldn’t mind them leaving you alone in the house but you were pretty annoyed by the fact that even your parents were enjoying a beautiful Friday night while you were dying out of boredom. You were getting really sick about the monotonous events happening in your life. You sighed and closed your lecture book to go watch some TV show.

You stared blankly at the sitcom you have probably watched more than five times already, not feeling anything at all. You turned the TV off, heading to bed, deciding there were nothing else better to do. However, you were stopped by the door bell ringing. You were surprised for a second, expecting your parents to come home later. You changed your direction to the door but jumped when the door was being violently knocked. Now, you were surely scared. It was clearly not your parents, nor someone you probably knew. You were literally able to hear your heart pumping in your chest vigorously. You took a deep breath and came to closer to the door. You tried to hear who was behind the door but the person wasn’t even breathing. You looked from the hole in the door, only to see your neighbor, Peter Parker?

You were confused but also relieved at the same time considering a boy who hadn’t even harm a bug in his life wouldn’t harm you either. You slowly opened the door.

“Peter?” You asked, whispering, not knowing why you whispered.

Peter turned around with a confused gaze and then looked at you. “You are not Aunt May. Or are you?” He came closer to you. You didn’t know what was going on but you could smell the alcohol in his breath. “Peter are you okay?” He lost his balance and tumbled while trying to get inside your house. “Look, I don’t know who you are but I need to get sober before Aunt May comes back home. Then you can explain why you are inside my house,” He laid down on the couch while you slammed the door, with millions of questions in your mind.

While you were heading to make coffee for Peter, you heard him scream from the living room. You dropped the coffee pot on the floor and ran to him. “What the hell?!” You yelled.

“This is not my house!” Peter yelled back at you. You closed your eyes, you were actually mad at him for scaring you for the second time this night but you couldn’t help and giggle how adorable he was when he was drunk. “Oh god Peter-“

“Shhh.” He held your waist with his one arm and put his finger on your mouth to shush you. “What?” You looked up at him, whispering. “I think someone kidnapped us.”

“What? Peter this is my-“

“Shh!!” He hugged you this time, your face was being hardly pressed by his strong arms into his chest. You finally got the chance to push him and finally breath something else than his charming scent of perfume and alcohol. “Peter, you are drunk and  I’m calling your aunt.” You weren’t actually mad at him nor you didn’t want to call his aunt but you also didn’t know how to take care of a drunk person especially someone you didn’t know well. “No no no no no!” He grabbed your arm and pulled you closer again. “Listen.” He closed his eyes and huffed. He scratched the back of his neck, messing with his hair, only leaving a more adorable sight for you not to be able to handle. He held your hands and whispered. “I need to tell you something.” You didn’t know why, maybe the loving gaze he had in his eyes while staring into yours, maybe the way he held your hands so tightly, you were very excited about what he was going to tell you. “I-I need to-“

“Yes?” You asked, not being able to handle your beating heart anymore. “I need to pee. And I can’t remember where our bathroom was. Can you help me?” You hit his shoulder and groaned. “I’m calling your aunt.” You were actually disappointed in yourself, not Peter. Thinking, he was going to say he loved you. Why did you even want that anyway?

“Miss! Hey! Why can’t I remember your name?!” He mumbled and sat on the couch, trying to remember who you are. You looked at him and dropped the phone to the couch since he literally looked like a puppy while thinking deeply although you were pretty sad about him not remembering your name. “Ha!” He shouted causing you to jump. “Third time this night.” You gritted your teeth and got up, came closer to him. “I remember where the bathroom is!” You turned back and screamed into one of the pillows, letting Peter probably pee in your parents’ room.

“I think I might be drunk.” Peter came back after minutes, sitting next to you in the couch. You nodded: “Just a little bit,” giggling. Suddenly Peter pulled your chin up and stared into your eyes: “Ya know.. y-you’ve been surprisingly k-kind toward me… Whatever but you are p-pretty nice… I also imagine you are s-secretly really hot under those clothes…” Your breath hitched, you didn’t know what to do to the sudden reaction of Peter out of nowhere.

“Also. I’m not that drunk Y/N. I decided to get drunk to make a move on you but then I got scared if I did something wrong. So I just acted like I was drunk, I didn’t imagine we would get this close.” You couldn’t help but giggle how silly he was. “Please tell me you didn’t pee in my parents’ room.”

“Please stop ruining my painfully slow pace of getting you closer to kiss you. You talking about pee is not helping.”

I’ve spent all day reading and watching YouTube videos in my room. I have eaten one bag of pistachios today. I have also had a metric shit ton of coffee. My life is organized chaos and I love it.


Live Queen Beryl interpretations

Seramyu 2003 / PGSM 2003 / Seramyu 2013


Seramyu 1993

“Oh,” you mumble, late one night in the comfort of the apartment’s queen-sized bed. You tuck in closer to Zen, breathing in his scent on his shirt before resting your lips on his neck. Zen blinks, slow and unsure, pulled from the edge of sleep.

“I get it now,” you say.

“Babe?” Zen whispers, instinctively tightening his arm around you, even in his groggy state. You exhale a quiet laugh against Zen’s skin, which causes him to squirm a bit.

“Are you trying to wake the beast?” Zen teases, voice husky from drowsiness. You look up at his face — at his disheveled hair and bloodshot eyes; at the smile on his lips, crooked, fond.

Soft, you think, basking in the tenderness with which he cradles you. And warm.

I want to stay.

“You’re ridiculous,” you reply, your grin lopsided to match his. He gives you a kiss on your forehead, and you nuzzle against the column of his throat. “I’m sorry I woke you up,” you apologize. “Go back to sleep.”

Zen hums his agreement, leaning his cheek against your hair. He is tired enough not to question you as his eyes close once more. You marvel at the rhythmic rise and fall of his chest for a little while longer before you, too, turn in for the night.

“Zen,” he hears you say, right before he drops off. “You’re my true route.”

It doesn’t make all that much sense to him, but he glows with happiness all the same.

Let Me Fix This (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: 42. “It’s midnight! Where the hell were you?”

47. “I hate you! I’m sorry it took me so damn long to realize that.”

Warnings: ANGST

Word Count: 939

A/N: The list of songs I suggest you to listen to while reading:

- Hurricane Arty Remix by Halsey, Soap by Melanie Martinez, New York City by The Chainsmokers

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Peter Parker had been wandering around his small apartment in Queens for more than an hour. He sighed and sat down to the nearest chair in his kitchen and shut his eyes. He felt like he was barely breathing. He was surely aggravated; there were two reasons why he was acting so acrid recently: the lack of sleep he got and her girlfriend’s lack of presence in their house. The things between them were so bitter for months now. Peter always came back to home with heavy wounds and he had been feeling extremely blue out of the stress caused him being Spider-man. Y/N on the other hand, all she wanted to do was to help her lover. She kept trying and trying until one day Peter showed her how livid he was. After that day, nothing was the same. Y/N was almost never at home, ignoring Peter’s calls. At first, Peter was just feeling down about the situation, he left her voicemails, begging for Y/N to come back in between his sobs. However, as the time passed, Peter lost his patience, the sadness grew to be anger. And tonight, Peter lost the last piece of patience he had when Y/N stepped into the house at 1 a.m. in the morning.

Keys crashing in the hall broke the dead silence in the small apartment. Peter got up from his seat outraged. He marched to the dark hall. When he arrived, the lights were on. Y/N was trying too hard to get her shoes off while Peter was staring at her impatiently, waiting for her to say something before he would break her heart without noticing. However, Y/N didn’t open her mouth; in fact she was visibly drunk, judging by her clumsy moves. When her shoes were finally off, she sighed and tripped towards to the living room without even looking at Peter’s face.

It was over. Peter couldn’t keep himself from yelling: “It’s midnight! Where the hell were you?!”

Y/N stopped in the middle of her way and turned around slowly. She smirked bitterly at him and didn’t say a word. Peter was someone else now. He was seeing red; he clenched his jaw and fist. Y/N was the opposite, she was annoyingly calm. Her (Y/H/C) hair was messy, her black tights were ripped by god knows who and there were small hickeys on her neck. Besides that, she looked miserable too. The dark circles under her eyes were showing how much sleep she got, her lips were chapped and her mascara was ruined by the tears that were falling down her face.

“You were with someone again, weren’t you?” His voice was shaking not out of anger out of heartbreak he felt.

Peter shook his head, with every minute passing Y/N not answering him, he got more frustrated. He furiously kicked the counter next to him causing the little angel objects Y/N got for their new house on the last Christmas to fall down and break. This action caused Y/N to jump; she was not waiting for that. “Answer me! I just asked you a simple question Y/N, where the hell were you!” Peter whisper-shouted, clenching his teeth, his eyes were dark. Y/N stared at the wall blankly, still not opening her mouth. “I’m done. I’m done trying so hard only for you to never even look in my direction,” Peter shouted.“

“Why do you even care now? Why don’t you just ignore me like you always do and leave the house?” Y/N yelled finally.

“Are you fucking serious?! I have been begging you to come back to our home Y/N! Why do you keep acting like this, do you enjoy torturing me or something?!” Peter was yelling uncontrollably, but this time his anger was long gone, he felt his heart aching more than ever. Tears were all over his face and he was running out of breath. He put his head between his arms, kicking random things.

“Stop,” Y/N mumbled, Peter obviously didn’t hear. “I said stop it Peter! I hate you! I’m sorry it took me so damn long to realize that.” Y/N yelled this time, Peter calmed down but still sobbing. Y/N shook her head, looking down at her feet. “I’m leaving,” she mumbled, quickly running towards to their bedroom.

Peter didn’t know what to do, he was speechless. He felt like he lost everything, he wasn’t feeling anything, he wasn’t hearing anything, he couldn’t even see anything. He blankly stared to the floor, breathing heavily. Few minutes later Y/N was back with two bags on her arms, she didn’t have a single tear on her face, even her make up was off, leaving her face purer than ever. “Y/N, please, I regret it all. I really do, I swear. Please, please- let’s fix this, please,” Peter whispered desperately, grabbing her hand firmly. Y/N shook his hand off and kept walking towards to the door. When she reached to the door, she looked at her apartment one last time, remembering the memories they had, the promises they made together. She shut her eyes, sniffed and opened the door slowly. She turned around and murmured: “Maybe- maybe it would have been better if we never met.”

When the door was shut, Peter felt like someone shot him in the head. He shut his eyes and sat down to the floor, leaning to the white wall behind him. He wasn’t crying, he wasn’t screaming, he couldn’t find the strength to move. The only thing he was feeling in that moment was the ache on his heart, like someone was trying to pull it off from his chest.

Colors. Part 2

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader; Tony Stark x Reader

Featuring: Pepper Pots

Words: 1724

Warning: age difference (of you consider it a warning)

Tags: @raversam @wonderstarstruck @arkhamsnight

Request: requested by anonymous:

“HIIIIII. I’m such big fan of your imagines especially Tony’s, I love them, you have so much talent! I was wondering if I could request something… so I hope it is not too creepy haha but could you do an imagine based on the video-not necessarily the song-“Colors” by Halsey? With Peter Parker being Tony’s son or something and Peter thinks you’re falling for him but you are actually in love with Tony and age differences and stuff, you know just kind of the video’s story, pretty please? Thanks ILY”

Notes: none

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PART 1 / PART 3 / PART 4

That night Peter convinced his father to let him drive one of his cars so he could take you home since you lived in an apartment in Queens and the subway wasn’t really safe at that time of the night. Both, Tony and Pepper, hugged you goodbye which made your heart race as you felt Tony so close to you, and at the same time it made you want to cry. Why did you have to feel this way?

You and Peter spent the whole drive talking about school and the people in it. You two were together in almost every single class, except History. He was your partner in Biology and also helped you in Maths since you were a complete disaster. Actually, you didn’t know how you would have managed to pass the class if it wasn’t for him.

“Thanks for the ride, Pete”, you smiled when he stopped out of your apartment.

“No problem”, he replied stopping the engine and turning in his seat to look at you. “So…” he chuckled nervously.

You knew what he wanted to talk about and it obviously made you feel awful. He was your best friend, he liked you and you were kind of using him to get over his dad. How could you do this to him? Every single part of you was screaming to tell him the truth, to spare him from the pain you would probably cause him, but you had never seen his eyes so bright and his smile so happy. Would you really have the courage to break his heart?

“Where are we standing?” He finally asked. Biting your lip you shrugged. “I know… we are best friends, and if this goes wrong it can be the end of our friendship as well but I know we can make it work”, he spoke looking straight at you. “We make a good team and I think we can make a great couple…if you want to”

You gulped and reached for his hand. Now it was your time to make the decision, knowing the consequences it might had. But you knew how selfish you were and you knew you could fall for Peter. It may take you a while but it was possible…right? Taking a deep breath, you leaned in, closing the gap between you two and kissing him slowly. You felt his hand on your cheek as he kissed you back and the smile appearing in the middle of the kiss.

“Is that enough?” You smiled a little.

“It will never be enough but it will do it for tonight”, he replied making you chuckle. “See you tomorrow?” You nodded with a smile and he pecked your lips.

With a sigh you took your bag from between your legs and got out of the car. Peter turned on the engine but didn’t leave until you were into the building. The house was dark and silent so you assumed your mother was already asleep. You lived with her since your parents got divorced five years ago and your father lived in Chicago. You used to visit once a month but that was all. Silently, you went to your room where you found your cat, Arya, sleeping on your bed. With a small smile you changed into your pyjamas and got into the bed with a sigh. How would all this go?

The rest of the week went by pretty fast. Your classmates weren’t surprised when they saw you and Peter holding hands down the aisle, since it was something everyone could see coming. But for you it was strange and you couldn’t help but feel guilty. Somehow, you managed to go through the rest of the week without thinking about Tony and focusing on his son who was your boyfriend now: Peter.

“So will you stay over tonight?” Peter asked leaning against the lockers while you took your Algebra book.

“Sure! I already talked to my mum and she’s ok with it”, you said as you put your History book back in the locker.

“Awesome”, he smiled widely. “Just one question…have you ever played tennis before?” He smirked. You laughed out loud and closed the locker. It wasn’t a secret that you weren’t into sports.

“Not much. A couple of times I think”, you shrugged. “But how hard can it be?” You asked with a smile as you two started walking to the class.

“Usually not much, but my father can get so competitive and make it harder” Peter explained.

“I see…well, he kind of likes me so he will go easy on me”, you winked at him. He laughed and nodded wrapping an arm around your shoulder and placing a kiss on your head.

You two walked into the class. As always, you wanted to seat at the back but Peter dragged you to the second row where he took a seat and signalled you to seat next to him.

“You’re such a nerd”, you laughed shaking your hand as you took a seat with a sigh.

He stuck his tongue out at you just when the teacher came in. Taking a deep breath, you opened the book of one of the subjects you hated the most. You tried to stay focus but it was just too boring and, actually, Peter was the one making you come back down to Earth in multiple occasions during that hour.

Luckily, it was the last one so once the bell rang you were all free to go home and enjoy the weekend. You were in a hurry since you were already a bit late to take the subway so you kissed Peter goodbye and told him you would call him as soon as you got home to tell him when you would be going to his house later that day.

You told Peter you would be at his house around 8 p.m. since you wanted to take some time to do some homework. But you couldn’t get yourself to do anything since you were starting to get nervous. You were about to spend the day with the Starks. With Peter, your boyfriend, his father, the man you had feelings for, and her mother. Maybe you could just take it as an acting exercise, like you were performing on a stage. That maybe would make it easier, or that’s what you wanted to believe.

By the time you got to the Starks residence you thought you had never been more nervous. Not even when you had to perform in front of a whole theatre a couple of years ago.

“Hey there”, Peter said when he opened the door. With a smile he kissed you softly before letting you in and closing the door.

Immediately, you looked around for his father and a part of you was happy when you didn’t see him. That would give you some times to prepare yourself.

“My father told me to take you to his lab, he said he wanted to show you Falcon’s new suit since he couldn’t show it to you the other day”, Peter told you. Oh crap. Goodbye to your preparation. “So give me your bag and I will take it upstairs, you know where the lab is, right?” He asked and you nodded with a small smile.

He took the bag from your hands and pecked your cheeks before hurrying upstairs. So you had to face him all alone. Great. Taking a deep breath you walked downstairs to Tony’s lab and knocked on the door.

“(Y/N)! So great you’re here, c’mon in”, he said unlocking the door. When you stepped in he hugged you quickly and guided you through the lab to the table where he was working.

“Wow…” you said admiring the new suit.

“You like it? Look, I had added some tiny guns on the wings so he doesn’t have to depend on Red Wing the whole time. And this…makes the wings invisible”, he explained you.

“Wow, Mr Stark, sounds…amazing”, you smiled and looked at him. “But what’s the point on making the wings invisible if Sam will still be seen?” You asked.

He stared at you and narrowed his eyes before placing a hand over his chin. You bite your lip since he had never looked at you for so long and it was making you truly nervous. With a gulp, you forced yourself to look away but you still felt his eyes on you.

“You’re right”, he finally mumbled and looked at the suit. “You’re completely right. It’s pointless…” he added.

“I think it’s a great idea, though, but… It would be better if there was a way of making all of him invisible”, you shrugged.

“You’re brilliant!” He exclaimed hugging you all of sudden, even picking you up from the floor. “Of course! You’re completely right and I have a great idea. That bird man will love this”, he said running to the other side of the lab.

You took that time to stabilize your breathing and your heart beat. Luckily for you, Peter walked in the lab just then which gave you a distraction. With a sigh you hugged him and snuggled your face in his chest as he hugged you back.

“You ok?” He asked against your hair.

“Yes, just a bit tired from today”, you said with a sigh.

“Then let’s go. We can have a hot chocolate and go to sleep. My dad won’t even notice you’re gone right now”

You turned around and saw Tony completely focused on his work. You had to admit that Peter’s words hurt you a bit but it was true. With a sigh you followed Peter out of the laboratory and went to the kitchen. He told you to sit down while he made the chocolates for both of you.

“My mother has insisted on us sleeping in different rooms but she still told me to put your things in the one that’s in front of mine so…” he took a seat next to you and gave you one of the mugs. “We can wait until they’re asleep and I sneak into your room”, he smiled.

“Sounds good to me”, you smiled at him. Sleeping next to him would definitely help you to take your head off some things.

“Awesome”, he said with a huge smile on his face.