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So I had a dream, and I woke up and was like: I bet Benhardyismyangel could write the crap out of this. I dreamt that I had lived in the UK for a couple years, in that time Ben fell in love. We had some sort of disagreement which ended in me going back to my hometown to see family and friends to get away for a while. He shows up at my moms looking for me, wanting to apologize, our relationship was private, my family didn't know so we ended up patching things up and telling the family.

I’m SO sorry for taking so long to write this! I hope you like it💛💛💛

Ben x reader fight/reconciliation

  • You had tried so hard not to get angry.
  • Really, you had.
  • You had tried telling yourself that he had been super busy lately, that the movie was the centre of both of your lives at the moment. That this would all change.
  • But, it just felt like you were on a fairground ride that you couldn’t get off. Spinning round and round helplessly until you felt sick and dizzy but you still tried to tell yourself that this was fun. That this would all stop eventually.
  • You knew too well how much the movie meant to him, how much time and patience he had poured into learning to play the drums.
  • But, it was beginning to feel like if it was between you or the drum kit, the drum kit would sway the vote pretty comfortably. That you were being beaten by an inanimate object that seemed to be both sucking the life out of your boyfriend and also replenishing him.
  • You just felt completely and utterly lost.
  • And that’s probably why the argument had happened in the first place.
  • It had started as just a heated debate about time and work and then somehow progressed steadily into a full on shouting match, leaving you shaking with anger and him with his head in his hands by the window of your shared apartment.
  • It was supposed to have been a relaxed and enjoyable weekend together as a break between filming.
  • Instead, it had ended with you packing a small bag and slamming the front door so hard that the paint cracked like glass.
  • The darkness outside engulfed you, as you felt his gaze watching you walk down the street and turn the corner past the little coffee shop that you had so regularly sat with him laughing and talking. You had used to talk until the stars and foxes came out to play.
  • However, even though the stars were out now, they were not pretty or playful. Without Ben’s protective arm around your shoulders you felt nervous and alone.
  • You kept walking.
  • You heard footsteps behind you and turned, ready to talk and make up. Your stomach already felt like it was full of acid and your head was pounding so hard you felt as if you might collapse onto the pavement like a fallen angel.
  • But it wasn’t him. And this only fuelled your anger like gasoline to a match and suddenly you had gotten a taxi and were on a last minute single ticket to Canada.
  • You were finally going home.
  • A part of you wanted to phone your family before you had gotten to the house, but they would have all been confused beyond words. After all, you hadn’t exactly told them about your relationship with Ben yet (as it had only been 8 months together) and you were a pretty private person. Of course, after moving into the apartment with him you had hinted about your romance, but nothing more. (Only to get your mom off your back). You respected Ben’s wishes to keep both of you under the radar.
  • One evening, you had been lying in your shared bed, your head on his chest, and you had told him sleepily as he played with your hair that you wanted him to meet your family.
  • “I would love that”, he had replied, his voice tinted with excitement but also apprehension. He clearly had wanted to make a good first impression. Well, that hadn’t exactly happened.
  • As soon as you had knocked on the door, your mom opened it looking suprised.
  • And that’s when you had started to cry.
  • Everything was suddenly and chaotically pouring out, every held back emotion, the flight, every evening that you had missed him. It was as if a dam had bursted all over your moms top.
  • And the best thing about her was that she said very little, as she knew the best thing for you was just for her to hold you.
  • Ben knew this too, and had done this on several occasions.
  • You tried your best to push this thought away.
  • By the time you had told your mom you were going to take a shower, had cooled off and had gotten into a comfy top and leggings, you felt mentally and physically stronger.
  • And that night, after seeing your family (luckily your mum had clearly told them sternly not to push you) and after speaking to your best friend for over three hours on the phone, you decided that you were going to stay at home for a while to clear your head. You had plenty of clothes and you could work from home if needs be.
  • However, that didn’t stop you from sneakily checking your phone every couple of minutes and realising to your disappointment that he hadn’t texted you at all. Plus, his message badge was grey, meaning he was probably out at a bar or something.
  • You couldn’t even comprehend him having another girlfriend. Or even one day seeing pictures of him in the mail with someone else. The thought itself made your body swell with bitter jealously.
  • It has been hard enough keeping your own relationship under wraps, especially when meeting him on the set after long days. Luckily, the entire cast had been super understanding and sweet about Ben’s preference to keep things quiet.
  • God, you would fucking miss them all.
  • Even though you were a private person, it had sort of stung when two weeks before you had asked him if they could possibly ‘tell the world’ about them. I mean, you had only wanted to post an Instagram picture of the both of you holding hands.
  • But, Ben had been off about it and the matter had been closed.
  • Half of you thought the only real issue with your relationship had been the public eye. And you hated the fact that a problem like that could be denying you of happiness.
  • Again, you shoved the thought away and sighed instead.
  • Sleep. Sleep is what you needed.
  • So that’s what you did.
  • Shamefully, as soon as woke up the next morning, you sprang to your phone and checked everything. He hasn’t texted or posted anything.
  • You were to say the least relieved.
  • The rest of the day was spent relaxing and checking your feed, anxiously expecting to see pictures of him. You didn’t know why you were so worried- you knew deep down he would never intentionally hurt you like that.
  • Then, at 7:00 PM, whilst you were blow drying your hair, you got a text message.
  • Come outside.
  • Your breath stuck in your throat and your body rattled with shock.
  • Another text came through startling you again.
  • Please?
  • You ignored your brain, and after slipping on a casual dress and making yourself look respectable, you made your way downstairs.
  • After whispering to your family that you needed privacy outside (and of course shutting the curtains) you opened the door and cautiously went outside.
  • You had never felt so sick in your entire life. Leaning against the brick wall was Ben, his eyes wide and hair ruffled. His stare was almost predatory, his eyes devouring.
  • “Hi”, you said weakly into the silence.
  • “Do you have any idea how long it took me to get here?” He asked, his voice low and throaty. A smile tugged at your lips, he sounded like a pissed little boy. And you had to admit that he looked absolutely adorable in the fading light of the day.
  • “Why did you come?” You replied instead, trying to keep your voice strong. At the question, his face paled and his stance changed from endearment to hostility. He was looking at you as if you had never met before.
  • “Why do you think? As if I wouldn’t?” He said back, his tone hard. His voice was not at a normal range, but instead fluctuating significantly. You knew him too well to realise he was clearly upset and stressed out of his mind.
  • “That fight was-“.
  • “Stupid and entirely ridiculous”, he finished. You look down at that, your legs clearly shaking with nerves. More silence.
  • “You look beautiful”, he says softly, making you flush.
  • He knows exactly what he’s doing.
  • “But what about the movie? The filming? Ben, please don’t tell me you’ve left them all in the lurch to come here?” You say, your voice rising with worry.
  • He looks at you for a few seconds, his fingers pressed tightly against his mouth in thought.
  • “No, I told them I need a few days. It’s fine, they can cope. And as if I would be even able to work with this going on, and as if I wouldn’t come after you”, he replies, his eyes big and startlingly green.
  • “But why did you come?” You whisper again, your eyes beginning to feel watery. You still couldn’t believe he was real, it was more likely to you that you were dreaming.
  • You couldn’t believe he was here, and that he was looking at you in that pining way which made your stomach flip.
  • He steps closer to you, his body langauge upset and confused.
  • “Because I’ve realised how wrong I have been. I’ve taken you for granted these few weeks, and I didn’t stop to think about how you are feeling with the filming and the long hours. I don’t deserve your forgiveness, but I am truly sorry. I’ve been a idiot, and I meant nothing of what I said in our fight yesterday. I’m just completey stressed about the new songs I need to learn, and I took it out on you and that’s unforgivable. But, you need to know that I love you more than anything and if I had to choose between this job and you, I would choose you every single fucking time”.
  • Your heart practically exploded in your chest, and before you knew it you were in his arms and you were kissing him like he was a gateway drug.
  • You didn’t know how to be without him.
  • You didn’t even want to know how to be without him.
  • You break away, your hands splayed on his chest. You look up at him, and he is looking down at you as if you are a miracle of nature.
  • “I’m sorry too. I shouldn’t have said those things either. I didn’t mean them at all. I just was scared that you were falling out of love with me or something-“, but he cut you off with a press of his lips to yours.
  • “Never think that. I love you with everything that I am, and if there is a life after this I will love you then”.
  • Tears were leaking now, and he wiped them away gently, his hands on your back.
  • “And you know that I got that line from a movie?”
  • “Yes, I know”, you say back, smiling.
  • “And do you also know that you look beautiful, and that you always do?”.
  • You laugh against him, happy.
  • “Well, it doesn’t hurt to be reminded”, you reply, reaching up to kiss his cheek.
  • You wish you could stay like this all night, just you and him supporting one another up and watching the stars come into the sky. But then you remembered your family.
  • “I should probably go and tell my family I don’t need to stay”, you say whilst unattaching yourself from him.
  • “Oh, I forgot to say. I think we should tell people about us”, he says simply making your mouth fall open slightly.
  • “Ben? Are you sure? I mean, I completely understand why you didn’t want to at first and I would still get it if you wanted to lie low for a bit longer”, you reason but he shakes his head and takes your hands.
  • “I don’t want to waste anymore of our precious time trying to dodge the cameras.” He pauses. “As long as you are ok with that?”
  • “Yes, of course I am”. You felt almost giddy, like it was Christmas and you were a little girl again.
  • “Also, it’s about time you change your Facebook status from it’s complicated to in a relationship”.
  • “Hey, I liked that!”
  • “You could change it to engaged soon”, he adds wistfully.
  • You lightly hit his arm and scoff at him.
  • “Don’t get ahead of yourself Hardy”, you joke back.
  • (Although deep down your nervous stystem was hyperventilating with adrenaline).
  • He laughs and takes your hand, squeezing it for reassurance.
  • “So, can I meet the squad?”
  • “They are a super nosey”, you warn.
  • “Well naturally”, he replies making you grin.
  • You open the door and step into the silence, your family all staring at the pair of you in the doorway. You look at Ben, who’s looking like a mixture of panic but also excitement.
  • “Guys, listen up. Meet Ben”. You pause, gathering your thoughts but also so you could turn to smile at him.
  • “He’s my boyfriend”.


I hope it was ok! I love you!!! @crazedcatcuddler 💙 Also, @blueasthepacificocean 💕🙏 Remember anyone can send a request!! (I love getting them 😂)


NYC Blue Light

On the evening of 12/27/18, New Yorkers were shocked when a bright blue light lit up the night sky in Astoria, Queens. It was followed by a strange/loud hum. 

At first there was the sound of a boom followed by a bright white light that turned yellow and then ultimately blue. The NYPD stated that the incident was a result of an electrical fire at Con Edison and that it was simply a transformer exploding and not of extraterrestrial activity.

I’m pretty sure that someone got super-powers last night.


“My middle name really is perseverance. I’ve always believed that I had talent, even when I felt like a very inferior sort of person… I spent a lot of time living my life feeling that I wasn’t worthy. But even then I knew that I had something special, and maybe that’s what it takes. Maybe people need to have that kind of particular core driving them… I felt I had talent.”

Happy 87th birthday to Rita Moreno, trailblazing artist and living legend! Here she is in Loomis Dean’s 1954 photographs for LIFE and in the present-day, as gorgeous and glorious as ever.


♡ Marie Antoinette occupied the Queen’s Chambers and was bound by the official rituals of her position such as: the getting up ceremony, elaborate preparations, grand court audiences, public meals at the royal table, etc. She had a less intricate and ceremonial lifestyle growing up in Austria, which caused her difficulties when adjusting to Versailles’ complex etiquette. Marie very often sought refuge in her Private Chambers at the Petit Trianon, bestowed on her by Louis, or else on the premises of her Hamlet, surrounded by a coterie of close friends. Evidently, the Queen longed for personal happiness and a more private life. ♡