frankie cocozza last night!

well first me and skye took a 2 hour journey to get to nottingham and when we did get there we got lost! hahaha, we was just driving up and down parliment street because oceana is in a really awkward space :(

well yeah first we werent by the stage but these girls decided they wanted to go to the loo or whatever, HA! thinking their mates were gonna keep their spaces ;) me and skye quickly ran to their spaces and we was right up the stage!! 

finally half 9 had come and frankie came on with his beautiful self! doing his little leg movements round the stage ;) oh i love him! he sang you know im no good, fill my little world and a team ;D and he turned around and he smiled right at us!! then at the end when he was running round hitting everyones hands, i held both my hands out and he held them!! :D 

then the security guard man was like do you wanna come and meet him? come come! we was like the 4th couple to go and meet him!! 

oh my gosh. this is my favourite bitt!!!! when we saw him, i shouted frankie and ran so fast towards him and he put his arms out and i SQUEEEEZED him so hard and kissed him on the cheek and i touched his hair!!! 

he went “you alright?” i didnt reply but skye said yeah. then he tapped me on the back and said and “what about you? you alright as well?” i was in so much shock i just casually said yeah thanks like he was just anyone hahaha! 

then we took the picture and i hugged him again and i whispered in his ear “i love you so much!” then he stupid security man was like next please! :’(

and then i was holding his hand while i was walking. omg we like let go slowly, it was like a proper love story ;) 

then i like dropped on the floor, not fully but like knelt down if you get me when i was walking away and he was just doing this little smile at me. OH MAA GAWDDD!

so yeah now he is my boyfriend and i can say ive kissed him, hugged him twice and he held both my hands XXXXXXXXXXXXXX