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Ikon as a girl group hehe

lame girl group name lol ikonia (sound nice i think) i tried coming up with female name equivalents (sorry they suck) thankyou for requesting, hope you enjoy! have a good day/night!

Jinhwan - Junghwa

  • motherly unnie of the group
  • has the most aegyo
  • has her 4d moments 
  • “i had a dream of was eaten by a cosmic fish lol”
  • has a sexy aura to her on stage which drives guys crazy

Yunhyeong - Yura

  • this girl need to calm on lipbalm/lipstick addiction
  • charm point, her full lips
  • this girl is often mistaken for being the maknae
  • can be shy but can also slay anyone’s life
  • “hi” ^^ eyesmiles that can kill a man

Bobby - Becci (Jiyeon)

  • okay this girl is suuuper weird
  • has many social media accounts and post half selca’s and half derp videos
  • many male groups know her as being freaking weird but also a bro 
  • silly off stage collecting plushies and sleeping
  • on stage, a rap goddess that will cure the world of evil

Hanbin - Hwayoung 

  • leader of the groups
  • very hard working often has the ice princess aura around her
  • famous for her on/off stage persona
  • on stage, super cool and hip hop queen
  • off stage, trips over her own feet 
  • she is super shy around boygroups so much she freezes up giving the impression that she does not like them (netizens give her plenty of shit for it, does she care??? nO)

Donghyuk - Dae (lame i am sorry)

  • the biggest dork ever lmao
  • snickers and snorts when she laughs
  • her high notes make her popular on male websites
  • she loves speaking her fans online, korean and international
  • “thanks for supporting us guys~”

Junhoe - Juhyun

  • she’s hot and knows it
  • for some reason when i think about her the word spicy comes to minds lol
  • is a model for make up brands and cf’s
  • her glamorus body make her well known amongst kpop fans
  • powerful strong unnie aura
  • but is really still a little kid and a baby

Chanwoo - Chanmi

  • her visuals are on par with other top tier visuals
  • was child actress and was pretty well known
  • her aegyo makes many boy groups/guys swoons
  • many male idols have confessed to her but she declines as she knows her unnie’s will destroy him lol
  • cute and sweet aura