It’s time to say a big ‘thank you’ and make a little follow forever

For all of you wonderful human beings following me here, I love each and everyone of you like family. My first ever post was when Beau Bennett scored his first NHL goal and that was more than two years ago. I am glad you like the things I post and I want you to know that I appreciate all of you.

Part 1: (mostly hockey blogs)

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You all make my dash exceptionally enjoyable so thank you very much.  

rosyreign  asked:


I’m going to make something on there. I mean, I have photoshop and paint shop pro, even paint but I just can’t pass up this grand opportunity.



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(I love all of you, and everyone else who follows me, thanks for the support!)


First off I need to thank everyone that followed me, because I’m not that interesting of a person and I spend far too much time talking about hockey players and stuff. I’m going to start off with my shout outs because I owe some people thanks for putting up with my personal shit.

Shout out to vivalabylsma for listening to me be weird for hours about my shitty taste in men and my rather questionable choices, hootieandthepenguins and bekindbecoolbeyou for listening to my problems, bitchimnotthirsty for understanding that I’m a hoe and totally okay with it, and a shout out to ahgoodthesea for just being really kind to me and welcoming and being awesome and a really solid supporter of everything good in the world.

People that talk to me sometimes:

My special bond with jordanstaalsmugshot over man-buns knows no bounds, Jan is a solid human being and I love her hockeyismyreligon, wildcaptainkuemper for recently befriending me and being wonderful and sweet and ILY okay!

People that are super awesome:

minnesotalove loves the Gophers and the Wild and is just the greatest, catcherdemko is sweet and wonderful and amazing, demkothatchr is the cutest cutie on the block and I love her to pieces, jasonzucker16 is so cute an wonderful and just so rad, itsajamesnealdeal is amazing and funny and cute, young-mullet-enthusiast is actually the sweetest person ever and doesn’t deserve any haters ever, state-of-hockey is wonderful and amazing, theonlysenseofpermanence we haven’t talked a whole lot, but you seem like an amazing human and I can appreciate that, goaliesticks is wonderful and sweet and kind, kuemperorsnewgroove my bae is bae, kuemperorpenguin thank you for being amazing, kirawords you’re the sweetest person, lazyandg ILYSM thank you for talking to me, lack31 so amazing, zoiebenesh I just found you but wowowowow, zachsfuckale I have loved you for 2000000009 years, xkathleenmarie so wonderful knowing that you are so amazing, captain-mactruck Thank you for being the follower that cracked the 300 mark!!<3, charlie3-bradley63 Let’s talk more than we do please?, virtanev you’re legit one of my original faves okay? So cute!, bruinsstrong thank you for being wonderful!!, beaubennetts wow beautiful human, blackhawkeyyou’re wonderful okay?, bruinswarrior thank you so much for being amazing, wildminnesota wonderful humans are perfect okay?, woes-of-a-hockey-fan ILY, queenofengelland I’ve followed you forever, eberlay wonderful person, eightyprovinces amazing, rolling-with-the-stoness You are so precious to me, thatcher-the-anteater You make me smile everyday, tuukkasaaask you are so wonderful thank you so much, undercoverlover34 Wonderful person, icedkaner hi lovely, ohmygally amazing human being that is amazing, officialhilaryknight you’re wonderful and thank you for running an amazing blog, paulmartinamericanhero You are so wonderfula and one of my faves ever and your love for paulie makes me so happy, patrices-bergerons well you are my babe and i cherish you so deeply, pksubban76 fave, a-bgally ILYSM, anawithanh Hi lovely, sunsetsurfsession I love your blog so much, shuffling-with-kaner WOWOWOWOW amazing ILY, savedbyprice ILY OKAY?, david-booth I wanna visit the other side of Canada so badly!!:), donthaveanickname you are incredibly adorable!, finnesotans ILY so much and you make me smile:), glassbanger21 wow amazing person, goal-horn-guru you just followed me and I appreciate that so much:), hockeysweaterweather thanks for following me !! ILY, hockeyplayersontinder thank you for being wonderful, hockeyimaginesblog you’re lovely, joakimnoahh Hi you’re amazing too, kanerbootyThank for the recent follow!! :), lucicbergeron wonderful blog:) thank for the resent follow!! marianyossa I also love your blog, marchy-smitty-bergy beautiful person, mrslupul19 wondefullll,

Seriously, I’m sorry If i missed anybody! I appreciate you all so much! I’ve made some incredible friends through this website and I love you all so much. If we haven’t talked a lot or ever My ask box is always open and I love to hear from you! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You’re all beautiful and wonderful and ILY<3!