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Are you alright?

More than alright, I’d say I’m having a great start to 2014.  Thank you for asking!

What do you love?

Being alive and all the living things in my life.

What do you hate?

Trends and ignorance.

What are you listening to right now?

Wolfgang Strutz

Tell me what you do.

At this moment I’m still questioning that.  I go through this same question when I’m feeling the feels but I am a make-up artist, blogger, film enthusiast…aka I am a creator.

Sheena She: Queen of Anti-social - make-up artist, blogger, and analog photographer!

For quite some time now, months to be exact, I’ve been meaning to sit down with Sheena out of sheer curiosity! I met her through a mutual friend, and immediately, it was just something about her! A…

Time to time, I get featured on sites to sit down and talk about film. Thanks so much Starr!!  Really enjoyed answering the questions.  Enjoy!