Requested by: mylovelylittleobsessions 

Forever 21 rhinestoned plates bracelet

Forever 21 etched woven cuff in Gold/Black

SheInside solid irregular cape chiffon shirt in Purple

Mood statement polished gold and black crystal stick necklace

Fashion Union beige lace corset bustier dress

Charlotte Russe sueded uber platform pump in Dark Purple

Mango half moon earrings

Topshop foldover waistband maxi skirt in Black

My roomie is planning on cosplaying Super SailorMoon for SakuraCon, and I want to make something to go with her. Which of these stunning ladies do you guys think I should go with? It’s the sane base for wig things, I have a good base pattern for Nehelenia, and Jo has a ton of leftover yellow Shantung I could have for Luna… It’s a tough choice! #sailormoon #cosplay #queennehelenia #luna

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