Midnight ranting is always fun and I decided that since I haven’t posted in a while due to my new job, why not do a little midnight ranting after my shift, about my new job? :]

Stop by, try all the yummy food (of course the desserts too!), & hell, why not stay for drinks too? ;]

its never easy.

“It’s hard to be the heartbroken but being the heart breaker isn’t so easy too. If you believe in something, fight for it. This world wouldn’t have such a rich history if people didn’t fight for what they believe in. Giving up shouldn’t be an option when it comes to love. If you give up so easily, then you shouldn’t be in love in the first place. Make sure the person you love not only knows that you love them, but that they feel that you love them.”

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Queenie ❤s Cafe Dulce 


I miss Kona =[

Living with Boys..

Living with all boys is great - most the time - because I feel safe at night, I can burp and cuss without them passing judgement, and there’s always cold beer in the fridge =] BUT there are a couple downfalls to living with all boys: their lack of conscious awareness to keep toilet paper in the bathroom at all times, I have to remember to put clothes on when I leave my room, and definitely can’t walk around the apartment in just my chonies because that would be a w k w a r d …for everyone. LOL. But I guess its a fair trade?