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little details in fantastic beasts that i gasped/screamed at/loved:

  • at his macusa hearing they say newt’s older brother was a war hero
  • which gives me a totally different perspective on newt’s childhood and life
  • he’s the carefree, daring, wild younger brother who can’t fit in, living under the shadow of his amazing brother like how must that have affected his development as a person
  • (btw newt was friends with leta because they were both outsiders which makes my heart hurt)
  • worrying means you suffer twice” A PLUS NEWT A PLUS
  • also newt just like casually handing jacob heavy duty protection and tossing him into the fray
  • grindelwald snarling at newt in the interrogation room, wondering how albus dumbledore could possibly find this young unassuming man so amazing, so likable, so defendable 
  • (also i’m like 150% sure newt scamander was rubeus hagrid’s personal hero)
  • the necklace graves gives credence is the deathly hallows symbol aka gellert grindelwald’s claimed sign
  • i saw that lil flash and s c r e a m e d 
  • also i find percival graves and porpentina goldstein’s relationship so interesting
  • like they must have worked together as aurors
  • percival looks the sorriest when the president orders tina out of headquarters
  • and he comes downstairs straightaway to see her after that incident in the dusty macusa basement
  • and tina looks so betrayed when he shackles her alongside newt and jacob
  • what must their relationship have been like? mentor and mentee? close friends? colleagues? just something that’s been on my mind
  • aka “mother’s here” like can he be any more precious ?????
  • “wilds of arizona”. just…like i never thought i would hear that phrase ever lol
  • newt being dragged away in chains, desperately begging macusa not to harm his creatures, that they’re not dangerous, that they’re not dangerous, please don’t hurt them
  • queenie calling jacob honey
  • teasing her sister for being the careerwoman and tina looking embarrassed but proud
  • queenie casually strolling through macusa with the intent of busting her friends and sister outta there
  • trying loads of unlocking spells until jacob (bless his muggle soul) just kicks the damn door down
  • tina seeing her mother in the pool 
  • thinking about her relationship with her mother and how much she must have missed her parents, especially since they died at such an early age
  • newt begging tina to trust him, that he’ll catch her, and her visible hesitation
  • she must have had such a difficult life but is still so capable of love and affection and trust #porpentinagoldsteinisabamf
  • also that spell the goldstein sisters do to change their clothes like i need that
  • also newt’s small concession to fashion when he changes his fun bowtie into something a tad more formal
  • newt casually asking jacob how people trust him so quickly
  • that passing remark that people generally find newt annoying, like it’s so matter-of-fact, made me :’(
  • the tears in newt’s eyes when he’s saying farewell to jacob
  • jacob’s unabashed delight at seeing all these magical creatures and hearkening back to his wild days on the expedition teams in wwi
  • also can we take a moment to realize that jacob is a veteran and he’s probably seen so much grief and heartbreak and death and he is still so upbeat and helpful and purely genuinely excited at seeing new amazing things
  • and all he wants to do is open a bakery and make people happy like :’)
  • but they made us cocoa!”
  • jacob and queenie bonding over their grandfathers’ birds and mutual love of cooking
  • that little spring in tina’s step after newt asks if he can come back in person
  • not to mention newt’s lil pause on the gangway and that brief moment when he stands, contemplating, and then hurries away
  • jacob’s hand reflexively reaching for his murtlap bite as queenie smiles at him
  • that deja vu moment when newt bumps into jacob and leaves him the silver occamy shells
  • remembering and trying to help his friend fulfill his lifelong dream
  • every single second of newt’s erumpent mating dance
  • pickett blowing a raspberry after newt’s stern little talk about sulking

if you have more fun lil tidbits you caught, please add!! i’d love to see what you guys saw too :) 

Let us stop and discuss Queenie and Jacob a bit

While I am firmly on the TiNewt bandwagon forever, I may have accidentally beseiged @samanthadarcy about how awesome Queenie and Jacob are on many levels and I feel possessed to mention it here now.

Queenie was born ~1902, which means at the end of the war she was 16 and still in school, ostensibly.

So she comes back , graduates from school, and is **assailed** by all the veterans and their memories. And she can’t help it, because they’re all hurting.

And this is why Queenie is so gentle and tender with Jacob - she can understand what he’s gone through in a way that she’s never been through - and his perplexion at coming back late from the war (she would be 24 in the movie, Jacob was born between Tina and Queenie in 1900).

So he’s barely older than her but **he’s been to war** and she can’t help - literally and figuratively - about falling in love with him, because she can see how the war shaped and changed him, and he still does things like love pastries - PASTRIES - because of family, and good feelings, and they’re beautiful to him.

So even though he’s seen all this horror, and helped clean up Poland/that  front (which means at some point he and Newt could have been close to each other?), he’s still capable of immense tenderness. Even though he’s gone through everything **he still has his beautiful side** and THIS is what makes Queenie Goldstein so fucking spectacular, because she’s attracted to who he is inside and out, because she knows that he’d never treat her like an object, but as a precious beautiful person. 

And how can you not fall in love with that? You do. You fall hopelessly, fully, and entirely in love with it, and damn the consequences. Because there isn’t enough beauty in the world, and she sees it in him, and he sees it in her.

I want to talk about this little moment that means a lot to me:

This is the only point in the movie where Queenie shows any inclination towards confrontation. Before this word, she’s pretty consistently just a cute, clever legilimens. So why is it this one topic, whose school is better, where she looks like she’s about to fight someone?

Queenie and Tina lost their parents at a very young age; it’s not specified when, but they probably lost them either before or very soon after either of them started at Ilvermorny. They raised each other, got on each other’s nerves, worried about what was going to happen to them, and even doubted whether they would be able to attend Ilvermorny at all.

But they did. Similarly to Harry’s story, Ilvermorny raised them. Ilvermorny accepted them and gave them a home and a family when they had none. And Ilvermorny probably got them their jobs at MACUSA (keeping them in the same building so the two wouldn’t be separated, I’m sure) because no one else was going to. 

(It also took a lot of pressure off their lives. They were able to associate with other people and not depend on each other for everything, and the weight of responsibility was taken off of them. Think of Deathly Hallows, when Harry wishes to go back to Death Eater-ridden Hogwarts just for the sake of someone else being in charge.)

Ilvermorny was the first place where Queenie and Tina had felt at home and safe in years. Queenie is eternally loyal to it because they took care of her family, and though she knows that Newt does’t know about that, she can’t help but get mad at him for so blatantly refusing her home in favor of the school he was kicked out of. In her (probably correct) book, no school that kicks that guy out can be as good as a school that took her and Tina in.

Do I have a good ending to my Queenie ramble? I don’t! 

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Silence Is Gold

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Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Characters: Queenie Goldstein

Pairing: Reader X Queenie Goldstein

Notes/Warnings: Some pure unabashed fluff for my queen. Though I am indeed very sorry for Jacob, but this plotbunny just wouldn’t leave me alone.

Word count: 1,169

Imagine: Imagine Queenie Goldstein meeting you, an occlumens, and being intrigued by the fact that she cannot read your mind.

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Date Night (Percival Graves x Reader)

Percival Graves x Reader
Warnings: None
WC: 1124


Request:  Hey I noticed you wanted some prompts so maybe I can help!! Maybe do a first date with Graves and how he’d act and everything?


Note: Thank you so much for requesting! I hope you all enjoy this~ Once again, if there are mistakes, I’m sorry ;-; Feedback would be lovely ♥



You were walking to Madam President’s office when you spotted Percival Graves, possibly the man of your dreams. You gasped and lowered your gaze to the ground when he came up to you.

“Miss (Name), I would like to have a word with you.”

“I-I have to go talk to Madam President.” You pointed to the direction of her office. Percival chuckled and placed his hand on your shoulder.

“It will only take a few seconds, please, this way.” He insisted and started leading you to an empty hallway. When you two were out of sight, he faced you and silently observed you with a sly smirk. You could only stare at his rough, chiseled face…perfect. The redness of your cheeks becoming noticeable only made his smirk deepen.

You came to your senses and looked down at your feet. Percival let out a laugh, bringing you back to looking at his face.

“As a true gentleman, I would like to ask you out on a date.” You took a hold of your hand and kissed it lightly. If it wasn’t for the wall, you would have fallen to the ground in shock. Your mouth agape, eyes wide, and frozen body you couldn’t make out much of a response.

“I-I…okay. W-Where would we meet?” You asked, still in shock. Percival gave you a genuine smile before responding.

“How about I pick you up at your place and we go from there.”

You nodded at his suggestion and you were about to tell him where you lived before he started speaking again.

“Don’t worry about it, I know where you live. Tina told me.” He winked and walked away, leaving you to your own thoughts. It was confirmed he knew you lived with the Goldstein sisters. You straightened down your clothes and began to walk to your initial destination. It was going to be a long day.


The day went rather quick than you expected. You waited for Tina and Queenie in front of the building, hoping they don’t grow suspicious. You were so lost in your thoughts, you didn’t hear them talking to you.

“(Name)! Hello?” Tina waved her hands in front of your face and broke the trance you were in.

“Oh, I’m sorry. How did it go today?” You tried to change the subject. The two sisters gave you a puzzled look and waited for an explanation. Before you can even say a word, Queenie beat you to it.

“Oh wow, she’s finally going on a date!” She smiled brightly and hugged you.

“Queenie! I told you stop reading my mind.” You whined and huffed. She giggled and tightened her grip on you.

“Oh darling, you’ll have to tell us more when we get to the room!” Queenie and Tina started rambling about their day as you three walked to your home.

Just as the door closed behind you, they sat you down with expectant eyes. You sighed and explained to them in detail what happened between you and Percival.

“No wonder Mr. Graves asked where you lived.” Tina shrugged, getting up to starting her dinner.

“Alright, honey. We have to get you ready for your date! We can’t let you go with these clothes, do we?” Queenie pushed you towards your room, and went straight to your closet. She ransacked your closet and finally found the right dress.

“Oh, I love this one! Try it on!” She threw it to you and left the room to for you to change. You stared at the dress with bewilderment, but put on the dress anyway. You weren’t sure how you looked, but hoped it was the right look. Queenie came in the room right away, and inspected you.

“Oh my, this dress is wonderful. You look stunning in it. Mr. Graves is going to love it!” She cheerfully exclaimed. The rest of the hour she fixed your makeup and and hair, letting out small elated reactions.

“There! You look lovely, (Name). I think it’s about that time he’s here. Shoo, we don’t want to see you until the late night.” She winked, and pulled you out the door. You didn’t even have time to bud goodbye to Tina before she closed the door on you. You sighed and started walking down the stairs. The butterfly in your stomach wasn’t helping your nervousness. When you opened the door of the house, the first thing you saw was Percival’s back. He heard the sound of the door and turned around to see you. He instantly gave you a brilliant smile, melting you right there and then. His eyes then moved up and down, taking in your appearance. His smile faltered and he was left speechless.

“You look…gorgeous. That may be an understatement.” You never thought you would get see a day where Percival Graves blushes. You looked down, flushed red. He walked towards you, and offered his hand.

“Let’s go, m'lady.”

You took his hand and you two walked hand in hand.

“W-Where are we going, Mr. Graves?” You asked.

“Call me Percival, we’re out of work now.” He chuckled and continued, “We’re going to my favorite restaurant, would you that be okay?”

“Of course, Mr-ah Percival.” You quickly responded, turning red from your mistake. He dismissed it and kept walking. You two arrived at the restaurant and it was rather, fancy. A waiter sat you both and brought you wine.

“Are you disappointed I brought you here?” Percival asked, pouring some wine in your cup. He was good at hiding his emotions, but you noticed the nervousness in his eyes. You smile warmly at him and shook your head.

“Absolutely not. I just never experienced such a place.” You muttered, looking only at your fingers. Percival felt warmth inside him, he really liked you and he hoped you didn’t think this was all a joke.

“(Name), I took here to tell you that I like you. I was nervous and didn’t know what you would think. I hope you understand my feelings.” Percival gazed into your eyes with genuine adoration. You stared at him in awe, you couldn’t muster out a word. He really likes you.

“P-Percival…I really like you, too. I’m just surprised you asked…me out. I’m just…me.”

A wash of relief took over Percival’s body and he took your hand.

“Of course it’s you. A wonderful, smart, and kind person. I wouldn’t have picked anyone else.” His words hit you like bricks. No one has ever told you such genuine and kind words to you.

The next few hours consisted of talking about each other and eating the delicious dinner. The whole night, all Percival could do was admire your enthusiastic talk about your favorite things, and he couldn’t help but smile.


Newt Scamander x Reader

Request by: Anon! “Can you please write an imagine where the reader is talking to queenie about newt and she starts babbling about how adorable she finds his hair, but newt can’t help but eavesdrop? Then he confronts you about it and just fluff ensues? Thanks a bunch”

Words: 1, 010

A/N: I think I love writing fluffy imagines c:


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Queenie drank more of her cup of tea, she fancied coffee but when it came to you, she always stated that your cinnamon tea was better than anything else in the world. She was probably being kind, but she made you feel pleased.

“I can´t imagine to how many places he has traveled.” You said with excitement, and Queenie just raised one of her perfectly drawn eyebrows. “What is it?”

“You seem too fascinated by him.” She answered quietly, leaving her white cup on the table. “And don’t you dare to say I´m wrong, I can read your mind, darling.” The blonde woman smirked with delight, while she watched you tremble and blush.

“It´s just…he´s the type of man I admire, that’s all…” Your beautiful friend laughed loudly, making you feel even more embarrassed.

“Of course, because you admire his intelligence and not his looks. You are obviously not thinking about his eyes or his fluffy and flawlessly curled hair…” Queenie mumbled mischievously, eyeing the room silently.

“Queenie!” Now you exclaimed, with a fluttering sensation in your stomach. It was so strong that you felt that somehow the content of Newt´s case was there.

“Oh, come on, I´m your friend. Almost your best friend!”

“Well, maybe he was beautiful eyes…” You eyed the blonde woman in front of you and she sighed not really impressed. “And his hair is cute…I mean, the little curls and all…he kind of looks like a small brown rabbit…Or maybe not brown, just brownish and blonde…or-or strawberry…”You rambled. Queenie couldn’t stop chuckling at your shyness, when she finally stopped giggling she decided it was alright to ask you a difficult question.

“So you like him? Is that it? I was hoping for a little more of information.”  Huh, such a gossipmonger.

“Um, I, I like his hair…yeah, only his hair.” Your friend shook her head, moving her blond locks in disapproval. A pout appeared on her lips but the glint of enjoyment in her eyes never disappeared. “And his eyes are sparkly too…so you can add them to the list…”

“You, little liar.”


Later that night, you found yourself in an awkward situation. All of you were having dinner but the table was more silent than usual. Newt didn’t began to babble about his beasts, Jacob was busy flirting with Queenie –as always- and Tina dedicated her time to watch you with a knowing smile.

“So, so Newt, anything new?” He jumped a little, letting go of his spoon and looking at you as if you were some stranger. That kind of unsteady conduct wasn’t common in him, at least not around you. Before you could ask if something was wrong or if he was feeling bad, he answered illogically.

“Yes. No. No that I- Uh…I mean-” The freckled and quirky man trailed off, directing his gaze to his case. “If you don’t mind…I would like you to come with me…and visit my…my new friend…” Tina bit her lips, probably containing a smile and you nodded slightly, confused by the strange behavior.


When both of you silently entered his work room, Newt walked strangely to one of his shelves and you waited till it seemed he wasn’t really doing anything.

“You said you would show me a new creature.” You commented, trying to get him off his train of thought.

“Actually…I…” One of his hands reached for the back of his neck and the other one stayed pressed on the wood of his desk. He wasn’t looking in your direction at all, and that kind of worried you a lot. “I lied.”

Now you were extremely surprised.

“Why would you…?” Unconsciously, you stepped closer to him, trying to reach out for his arm but not actually touching him. “Hey, what is it? Did I say something?”

“Umm…you actually did…but…but not in the bad way…I´m the one who eavesdropped…”He mumbled the last part of his sentence a little ashamed, glancing at you by the corner of his eyes. You couldn’t really see his eyes, but you could see his ruffled hair moving around.

“What do you mean by that? I don’t remember saying…” Oh, but then it clicked. “Oh god!” A gasp escaped from your lips and a crimson blush covered your entire face. You could feel the heat spreading around your skin.

“I didn’t want to, but…but Queenie waved me to stay there…I just…I was curious…”He was expecting you to scold him but you couldn’t do anything but stare at his back with mortification. That evil blonde…

“Curious?” It was the only word that came out of your mouth, you were too alarmed to say something that could break the tension.

“Yes.” Newt raised his face, and directed his gaze to the ceiling. You almost sensed his nervousness. “I…I yearned for a glimpse of hope…because, you know…when you love someone…you just want to hear them say that they fancy something about you…” And now you where speechless, what were you supposed to answer?

“…” For a second, Newt thought you decided it was okay to run away from him, but that negative thought disappeared when your arms encircled him from behind. “I kind of love you too…or something.”

“Or something?” He said feeling concerned, the freckled man didn’t want you to feel forced about anything.

“I´m rambling, you idiot, it´s your fault.” Your hands where wrapped on his torso, so he covered them with his own by instinct.

“Can I kiss you?” The pressure of your hands increased a bit, making him smile widely.

“Stop asking question, I can´t think straight.”  You muttered, afraid of rambling again. “So kiss me already.” You heard him chuckle and felt him turn around to face you, leaving your hand encircling his waist and your chin against his flat chest.

Even if you didn’t want to admit it at the moment –just because it will make you shyer around him- his eyes became your favorite thing in the whole world. His lips, the second, who could resist that softness? That tenderness…

And his hair your secret love.