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Could the Queenie x female reader be where they go on a chic coffee date, and the the reader is absolutely smitten with Queenie, she finds it charming and they go to her flat that night and end up having sex?

Alright! This would’ve turned into a long ass fic, so forgive me for shortening it. I love time lapses….Also! Thank you, no one ever requests girl on girl and I’m like ‘someone give me it!!!!!!’

Imagine: Being smitten with Queenie.

She was bright, like everything beautiful in this world was. Her smile alone made you feel completely giddy and besotted with her. It was almost like a dream whenever she was around, because truthfully you had never felt anything quite like this before. Queenie was a breath of fresh air for you, and whenever her eyes glanced in your general direction your heart fluttered into a fit of longing. So, was it any surprise when she asked you to coffee that you could hardly respond? If it wasn’t for her natural talents to read people’s minds, you were sure she’d of just taken your silence as a no.

“So what’ll ya have, honey?”

You glanced up at the blonde, fumbling over your words as you tried to order. She just giggled sweetly, ordering your favorite for you and taking a seat across the table. There was on thought nagging you, but how to bring it up was the tricky part.

“Oh, of course it’s a date, honey.”

Your eyes widened, and you stared at Queenie in utter shock. “W-What?”

Queenie removed her pink scarf, folding it neatly and laying it on the table as she smiled warmly towards you. “Don’t worry, all people think what you was thinking when they first see me.”


She waved her hand at you, letting it rest gently over your own. “I liked you at the beginning too…” She bit her bottom lip, her cheeky smile making your heart beat faster. She was beyond beautiful in your eyes, in fact as she said, when most people see her it’s no surprise of the instant attraction.


“Hm? Oh!” She thanked the waitress for her coffee, and took a quick sip before answering your thought. “Yes, of course I liked you. You’re not like the others, honey.”

Your eyes met hers, and you felt that all too familiar blush spread across your cheeks once more. “Queenie…I-”


She giggled as she dragged you along the sidewalk, pulling you happily towards her apartment that she shared with her sister.

“Are you sure Tina-”

“Oh, she’s at work, honey! Besides, we can’t have men over, so it ain’t a problem!”

A smile stretched onto your lips, and you went along with it, because seeing her so calm and happy was contagious enough.

Queenie opened her front door, holding her arms out proudly as she gave you a short tour of her apartment. It wasn’t much at all, it was rather quaint yet you could definitely see the appeal.

“Well, whatcha think?”

“Its lovely.”

Queenie smiled, taking your hand and asking you to sit as she began to prepare a snack for you two. She laid a perfect pastry before you, setting two forks down as she eagerly awaited your response to her cooking.

“It’s amazing.”

“Thank you!”

You watched her with a smile, still a bit in shock of this whirlwind of a day. You never once expected to gain her attention, let alone her affections and yet…here you sat. She took a small bite of the pastry, powdered sugar sticking to the corner of her mouth. You chuckled a bit, bringing a hand up to wipe away the sugar.

“Here.” Your thumb brushed over her perfect pout, the white sugar sliding across and making for a tempting sight. It occurred to you then, how forward you were being, and you looked up at her face meeting her curious gaze.

You swallowed deep in your throat, debating your next move until Queenie smiled.

“You can kiss me if you want, honey.”

You laughed, still unsure if her abilities were a curse for you at the moment or a blessing. But, you slowly leaned forward, never leaving her gaze as your lips pressed firmly against each other. Queenie sighed into the kiss, her gorgeous eyes fluttering closed as she responded eagerly to your touch. It was unlike any kiss you had before, there was something more in it. Something completely powerful and perfect that it made you gasp.

Queenie’s lips slid against yours, her playful tongue tracing your bottom lip. You answered her request happily, parting your lips and allowing your tongues to glide across one another in the heat of passion.

“Come with me.”

Queenie reluctantly pulled away, standing up and holding her hand out. You grasped it, following closely behind as she tugged you into her bedroom. You noticed the small bed on the other side of the room, blushing when you realized it was her sister’s.


“Don’t worry, honey. She gets home late.”

Queenie locked the door anyway, turning around with a smile on her pretty lips as she pulled her coat off.

“Your thoughts are going pretty crazy, huh, honey?”

She giggled softly, walking over to you and sitting down on the bed. She patted the spot next to her, and you obliged.

“Please don’t read my mind right now…”

You blushed, not missing the tiny grin she had on her face.

“Sorry…people’s thoughts are always the strongest in these moments.”

Your blush only intensified, but she rubbed your thigh in a comforting manner. But, the sensation of her touch made you ache, and all of this excitement and surprise just made everything seem so unreal and wonderful.

You inched closer to her, running your fingers through her curls as you kissed her softly.


Queenie sighed into the pillow, her long legs spread open as she tangled her manicured nails into your hair. Every now and then she tugged gently, gasping out your name as you licked around her wet center. She tasted heavenly in your opinion, even better than the finest of pastries she could make.

“Queenie…” You moaned out her name, your fingers working at your own clit as your tongue circled around hers. She was rolling her hips down into your mouth, trying to gain more friction against her swollen need, which you eagerly offered.

You lapped at her, grinding yourself down into your hand as the pleasure began to build. Queenie arched up, delighted at the attention you were giving her.

“Oh, honey…”

This wasn’t quite the first time you laid with a woman, but you weren’t exactly seasoned in it either. But, judging by the pretty woman’s gasps you ventured a guess that you were doing okay.

“Oh don’t you worry, honey…you’re doing wonderful.”

A blush crept across your cheeks, and you released her clit from your lips as you smiled up at her.

“Don’t read my mind.”


Hope you liked…lol it was fun to write!

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“When I was first auditioning, Queenie was a traditional bombshell. I definitely never would have gotten the role if that remained the main focus because I never saw myself as that,” says Sudol. “She’s soft and nurturing, and we need more female characters like that to show young women you can be feminine and that actually can be a strength.


I’m super emo for Credence Barebone
I’m team Credence deserved better

It’s You That I Hold Onto (Newt Scamander x Reader)

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✩ prompt: a lovely anon message a few posts back :) includes a jelly reader and an overprotective thunderbird

✩ word count: a fair amount idk man

✩ warnings: so sweet u could possibly get a toothache :(

It’s You That I Hold Onto

It’s a typical Saturday evening in the Goldstein residence (plus a few), Queenie and Jacob waltzing to sleepy crackling records, dappled golden mid-winter light on the wallpaper, the smell of something delicious wafting from the kitchen. 

Everything seems perfect to Y/N as she makes her way to the living room, her brilliant crimson skirt swishing rather gracefully about her waist, her hair (for once!) cooperating falling over her shoulders smoothly.

Queenie smiles at her, elegantly breaking away from Jacob to switch which record is playing, new music erupting from the golden phonograph.

“Would ya’ care to dance?” Jacob asks, giving her a rather sloppy grin and holding out his hand.

Y/N nods gleefully, enjoying the time with one of her best friends as the stout man spins her about the room, Queenie clapping to the music.

Newt’s eyes flick to the duo dancing gleefully through the living room, his gaze caught on the pretty woman in his arms. How that skirt shows off her hips-

He looks away immediately, blushing and mentally kicking himself for being “an absolute bloody creep.”

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The Jealous Hufflepuff (Newt X Reader)

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For this story, just pretend Porpentina is just Newt’s friend. If you don’t like that idea, don’t read it! I’m simply trying to give people some fluff for their hungry souls! Also just pretend Jacob never lost his memory of what happened in the movie. Lastly, sorry if I’ve posted like a lot today. I don’t care. I love Fantastic Beasts and I’m kidding, I’m not even remotely sorry.

Warnings: so much fluff, you might die. Read with caution. And maybe heart it, if you like it.

“Ever wondered if Newt gets jealous?” Porpentina said cutting straight to the chase.

You paused from drinking your coffee to look at your friend. “What do you mean?” You asked skeptically.

It was just you, Porpentina, Jacob, and Queenie. Newt said he was too busy to attend coffee, but they all knew he was highly introverted and probably needed some down time with his beasts. Whenever Newt wasn’t around, for some reason, the conversation was always on that strange nerdy, but adorable man.

“I was just curious. I heard Hufflepuffs are really loyal and patient. Sweet people, if you get what I’m saying,” Porpentina explained calmly stirring her tea.

“The people everyone loves,” Jacob concluded.

You kept your skeptical look on Porpentina. Where was she going with this? They all knew you had a major crush on Newt. It was kind of hard not to notice. You were a bumbling idiot around Newt! It didn’t help that Queenie kept reading your mind, and would always wink and smile at you. “Porpentina. What are you thinking…?” You said bluntly.

Porpentina shrugged. “We’re having this bet,” she started slowly. “Jacob doesn’t think Newt could get jealous, but I’m not so sure.”

You looked blankly at Jacob, who refused to look at you, and then back at Porpentina. “Seriously. What’s going on?”

Queenie blurted out in her soft voice, “We want to make Newt jealous.”

The heck. Make Newt jealous?! That sounded like a recipe for disaster! “Are you serious?!” You demanded.

“Look it’s not like he’s not a man, he has feelings and desires too, I’m sure!” Porpentina insisted strongly.

You blushed. Where was she going with this…? “Hold on—you aren’t… no, don’t you even dare, Porpentina…” you said in an almost strained voice.

Porpentina refused to look at you and continued, “You’re mad for him, honey. It doesn’t take Queenie’s mind reading to know it. And we’re curious to know how Newt feels about you.”

“It will be fun!” Queenie added on, smiling sweetly at you.

“FUN?” You mimicked. “This is a horrible idea! Please no!”

“We already made the bet,” Jacob chided, giving you a pleading look. “Prove that I’m right and he can’t ever get jealous. C’mon, help a guy out, Y/N.”

You looked flustered, looking at everyone. It was true, you were curious to know how Newt felt about you, but this was a little extreme. “How… hypothetically, suppose are we going to make him jealous?”

“Pretend that you and Jacob are fond of each other,” Porpentina said absentmindedly.

You looked at Queenie. “Ummmm… I don’t think that’s a very good idea.”

“That’s kinda what I thought…” Jacob said, also looking at Queenie.

But Queenie was beaming. She laughed musically, “Don’t be silly, goobers! I came up with the idea myself!”

“Yeah but still,” Jacob mumbled under his breath. “The only lady I really want is you.”

Queenie gave him a loving look and patted his hands. “I know, love. But do it for me. I know you have feelings for me, help Y/N out for me!”

“Okay, fine!” You shouted loudly, your face hot red. “When do we start?”

You walked closely to Jacob, giggling like an idiot. But the giggling was a horrible nervous giggle of apprehensiveness. This was so stupid.

The plan was really simple. You were pretending to like Jacob, and to make things a little more realistic, hopefully, Jacob was pretending not to be interested in you. Basically, now that you thought about it, making you look like a total horrible slutty adultery woman.

All of you were taking a walk in Central Park, talking about beasts and what other creatures they might find. However, Newt was strangely quiet, and only talked once the subject about beasts came up.

“Oh, dear, my shoe fell off,” you stated in a matter-o-fact tone. You clutched onto Jacob’s arm, hoping on one foot.

Jacob steadied you as you put your shoe back on, glancing up at Newt. Newt was expressionless, but smiled sweetly at you once he caught you looking at him. You felt a wave of complete guilt wash over you, as Newt just looked at you, smiling like nothing was wrong.

“Thanks, Jacob,” You said, more in a bedraggled tone than a flirty up beat way. You stopped giggling, but you didn’t walk away from Jacob, even though you wanted nothing more than to rush over and hug Newt.

There were a few more attempts later that day, but all of them failed. No matter what happened, Newt seemed calm and always smiled at you. But there was a sort of hollowness in his smile. More confused and less happy. You couldn’t really read his expression, but you knew something was wrong. He probably hated you. For flirting with Jacob, when Queenie wasn’t around. How horrible.

The more and more you flirted with Jacob, the more you hated yourself. You wanted to take up your wand and simply blow off your head. You couldn’t keep doing this to Newt!

You were helping Jacob feed some of Newt’s pets, giggling and talking quietly with Jacob. Jacob was nearly as worn out as you were. He was sick of this all, but Queenie kept insisting.

Jacob said he was going up to check on Queenie who was cooking dinner for them. “I’ll be right up, Jacob!” You giggled. It sounded like a sickly giggle though.

Newt had been silently watching the two of you, while petting a salamander. You were alone with Newt now. “Y/N,” Newt said softly.

You turned to Newt, refusing to look at him. “Yes?”

“Why… are you…” he stumbled over his words, frowning hard. “I don’t understand.”

You began to walk to the ladder which took them back to the real world. “What do you not understand?” You asked slowly, not wanting to know the answer.

Newt fidgeted with his fingers nervously, figuring out how to explain it to you. He followed you and said, “Well… it’s just that… what you’re doing, I don’t think it’s right.”

You squeezed your eyes shut. How were you going to explain this? You hastily made your way to the ladder. Once you were back into the apartment, Porpentina could help you explain it all. “It’s not what you think it is.”

“No. It’s exactly what I think it is,” Newt said sharply and boldly. “It needs to stop.”

You were almost hurt by the way he said it. Newt was always soft spoken, and sweet. But he sounded stern and almost angry. You walked a little faster. “Please, Newt, you don’t really understand,” You whimpered.

You began to climb the ladder, but Newt tried to gently grab at your hand. “Y/N,” He said softly.

Newt grasping at your hand, made your face blush and your mind went something along the lines of JFDKLAFJDSIOP NEWT IS HOLD MY HAND HFDSKLAFJALJFKL. With that sudden realization, stupid you lost your balance and fell off the ladder. You let out a high pitch squeal and you fell onto Newt, sending the both of you onto the ground.

He let out a, “OOOF!” as you fell on top of him.

Tangled up, you hastily apologized, completely erratic and nervous. “I’m so sorry, Newt! I didn’t mean to fall on you!” You sat up, still sitting on Newt and gazed down on him with an embarrassed look.

Newt looked back up at you and gently put his hand on your face. “Y/N… what’s going on?”

“I-I’m sorry,” was all you could say, as stupid hot tears filled your eyes. “I didn’t want to hurt you!”

Newt propped himself up, his other hand still on your cheek. “What’s wrong, sweetheart?” He asked, looking concerned.

Your heart skipped a beat. He called you sweetheart. You frantically wiped away the tears. “It’s just that… I didn’t want to make you jealous, but it was Porpentina’s idea.”

Newt blinked a few times, then he raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean, make me jealous?”

Uh oh. You said it. You hiccupped and said, “Uhh… why don’t we just go up and eat dinner?”

What stopped you from getting up off Newt was Newt gently pressing his lips against your forehead. Then he moved his lips to your mouth, kissing innocently. He then breathed quietly, “Is that was you wanted?”

“Making you jealous or the kiss?” You murmured quietly. His thumb was softly stroking your cheek, and your heart felt like it was going to explode. AKA heart attack and you would just die. Embarrassing and depressing if that happened.

“Both?” He concluded, rubbing his forehead against yours.

You smiled contently, breathing in the smell of cloves and hay. “Yeah. I think so…” was all you could say. Sounded stupid, but you were basically in a trance, so who cares.

Suddenly three heads poked out from the suitcase opening. “That’ll be six weeks of pastries, Jacob,” Porpentina mused, looking down at you and Newt. You were still sitting on Newt, and looked like you weren’t in a hurry to get up.

Both you and Newt looked up at them. Newt laughed, but you were less forgiving than Newt. You glared up at them, and barked, “Seriously, you guys?” Then you turned to Newt. “Were you really jealous, Newt?”

Newt snaked his hand around your neck and said, “I was absolutely dotty for you.” He pulled you in for another kiss.

Queenie laughed and said, “Look at them, Jacob! Aren’t you happy for them?”

Suddenly, a thought burst into your mind. You were a little bit angry. Maybe more than a little bit. “Queenie…” you said in a low growl.

“Yes, dear?” she asked curiously, smiling down at you.

You glared at her. “Did you know Newt fancied me already?”

Queenie smiled innocently. “This was a bet to see if Newt got jealous, pie-dear. You never asked me if Newt fancied you.”


The end!