reasons to love reboot chekov: a neat list 

  • hes seventeen and piloting a starship that alone should be enough tbh
  • just let that sink in for a moment 
  • s e v e n t e e n 
  • most people are in high school at that age
  • but pavel chekov has already been through starfleet academy training
  • which mean he must have skipped multiple years 
  • p a ve l ch ek o v is a ge ni u s 
  • and we see how fast he can pick up new skills i mean could u spontaneously replace the fucking chief engineer after having watched him work maybe a few times (mind u he was probably still kinda busy p i l o ti n g a s ta r shi p) the answer is no u couldnt 
  • ok now that weve got that covered, imagine chekov during his years of education 
  • chekov eagerly learning about everything, reading every book he can get his hands on, asking questions and occasionally even pointing out mistakes
  • chekov skipping a year, then two, until he is the youngest in his class by far
  • imagine how the other students react to everything he says, to every time he raises his hand with of course the correct answer or yet another extremely specific question
  • imagine how they must have avoided him more and more
  • because hes the weird little kid who knows everything and its as creepy as it is annoying and frustrating
  • and the further he got the more he hoped to find people he could relate to, who would understand him and with whom he might be on the same level
  • but instead he just got more isolated
  • so he retreated into his studies and told himself maybe at starfleet everything will change
  • and learned faster and faster so as to be done with school even sooner
  • maybe at starfleet there would be people like him
  • but when the time came, it turned out things were hardly any different at starfleet academy
  • so yet again he immersed himself in his studies because after that hope had been taken, all he had left was his dream of piloting a starship
  • and he got closer and closer and finally got assigned to the enterprise, the queen of the fleet
  • and this is where pavel chekov smiled for the first time in a long time
  • during his entire academic career its almost safe to assume that he never had the chance to find friends or even love
  • but on the enterprise, under captain james t. kirk, he finds a family and a home where he belongs and is completely accepted and valued for everything he knows and can do and for everything he is
  • and if ur not crying at this point then get out

do you ever cry because pretty much the entire enterprise crew found a home on that ship like they never had before, they were always somehow out of place, something always pulling at them because they were destined for something greater, and now they are all there on that ship and everything just fits and they are where they were always supposed to be and they found a home in the stars and in each other