29/100 pictures of Jensen Ackles

“When certain things get overwhelming, whether it being at home or at work, I just take the time off, which is something that I learned from my wife. She’s like, ‘look, I just have to walk away and count to ten.’ Especially when I’m gone quite often, I am gone quite a lot.  And she’s essentially a single mother for five days out of a week, and it’s tough, you know? So, it’s something she told that I have kind of used on myself. It’s just, ‘Walk away, count to ten. Collect your thoughts. Say whatever inspiring words you need to say to yourself and get back at it.” x


I had no cares. I was one of those kids: “If you laugh at me, laugh at me.“ I don’t have that censor, which is important in this business because you’re constantly told: “Gosh, you didn’t look very good. You don’t look pretty in that scene, or you didn’t do that right, or you’d look so much better if your hair looked lighter.” You really have to have tough skin or you’d end up like a heaping, crying mess all the time.