Making amends | Darcy & Paige [LB]
  • For the longest time, Paige and Darcy didn't like each other. They still didn't. But for some reason they got the bright idea of making some sort of amends with each other. That was a start at least in being able to tolerate each other. Seeing that they'd be seeing a lot more of each other. With this pending amends in the works, Paige had changed out of her grey sweatpants, opting for a dark wash of jeans. Then changed into a coral colored t-shirt. Topping it off with a black blazer with black booties. She looked in the mirror at her appearance seeing if she needed to reapply any of her makeup. A minor touch up of her lipgloss, Paige finally found herself suitable to leave the house. Walking down the stairs and out the front door she set off on her destination of Darcy's house. One would say that it was crazy for them trying to make amends and Paige would agree. What could it hurt though? Getting to Darcy's house, Paige rang the doorbell and patiently waiting for Darcy to answer the door.
We'll get through this together | Marco & Paige
  • Paige had gotten off her computer and finally made her way to packing an overnight bag. To say that she needed the time away from her house was an understatement. She felt like she was about to crack any minute. She couldn't control her emotions anymore. Paige either wanted to scream or cry out her emotions but she never did. All she did was stay awake, never finding herself asleep. With her overnight bag packed a sigh escaped her lips as she headed downstairs and out the door. To be honest Paige just wanted this whole thing to be over with. Stress was something she never handled well and usually snapped. Walking to Marco's house she had time to think about things. What would happen to her if she didn't get any sleep soon? Sure she was eating with no problem. Sleeping was the issue. Oh well. The walk wasn't that far at all and when she arrived at the front door; she knocked on it before letting herself lean against the door frame. Standing upright was getting difficult even.
Getting to know you | Paige & Liberty
  • Paige as of late became a social butterfly more than normal you would say. She just needed something to keep herself from going insane. That's what it was. She was going to hang out with Liberty Van Zandt of all people. Of course Liberty had heard things about Paige from JT. It wasn't wrong to try get to know someone who you've gone to school with forever. With herself all bundled up in her fleece jacket as well as her wool scarf, Paige made her way over to The Dot. Surely she could've driven over but the fresh air would do her some good. All she wanted today was something hot to drink, yummy food, and light conversation. She could manage that couldn't she? As she arrived at The Dot she walked inside finding a table that was near the window. While she waited for Liberty, Paige was going to simply people watch. It was one of the things that she did while waiting patiently.