As a countdown to the @beyonce concert in Philly on Sept. 29th (I’ma be there, soooooo excited eeee), I decided to illustrate the 11 Chapters of Lemonade. I love that this story goes through not only the end of a relationship but also the healing process. I haven’t done an illustration series in such a long time so this was a definite breath of fresh air :) 

Misery loves company, but which among us was the misery who wanted company?                        
I had always been a lone ranger, looking for someone, you had always been surrounded by people yet alone                        
Your tiara was invisible but you felt its weight always,
My shoulders seemed drooped but my smile wasn’t a weighed down one.                        

They say the head that wears the crown lies uneasy but what if the head wanted to wear the uneasiness as a crown just because it was a crown.                      
I smiled, I smiled through it all but it wasn’t out of spite, I smiled because I could, even if it was fake                        
Fake was what seemed real to me,
After all, I saw you daily and I couldn’t once tell you were a product of your misery.
I only saw the glitters and the gold,
Who knew what secrets pierced you?                        

I was a product of my self preservation, I didn’t choose it, it chose me.
Was it the same for you as for me?
Did misery chose you as it did me?
Did you not want help or was it not given to you?
Were those your tears glistening mistaken for the shiny stuff?                 

When you walked my way,
And grabbed me to drag me in your life,
You didn’t once ask me, I didn’t once object.
I was in a trance, I thought this was my chance.
So I followed you quietly, and till this day I question,  
Did I walk in or out of Misery?

—  Collab with the beautiful, the bold @justscribbledwords 💓
First collab ever, she guided me patiently and I realized how much I love her.