20 Orange Street by Marc Belanger
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Newburyport, Massachusetts

John Calvin Owings House c.1896 #1 by Annette Carberry on Flickr.

The John Calvin Owings House, Laurens, SC, c.1896. 787 W. Main St., Laurens, SC.

Architect: George F. Barber & Co.

Mr. Owings was part owner of Owings & Bobo, a mercantile firm, as well as Mayor of Laurens from 1916-1918. He commissioned George F. Barber & Co. to design this gorgeous example of Queen Anne Architecture in 1896.

The interior includes oak paneling, staircase, latticework, and 12 fireplaces with glazed tiles and mirrored overmantels.

Listed on National Register February 12, 1978.

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ICE PALACE by Max Mann
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What a snowy weekend in April. Fleischmanns, NY.

Women In History: Queens and Princesses

69) The Musketeers’ Queen

Anne of Austria (22 September 1601 – 20 January 1666) was queen consort of France and Navarre, regent for her son, Louis XIV of France, and a Spanish and Portuguese Infanta by birth. During her regency (1643–1651), Cardinal Mazarin served as France’s chief minister. Accounts of French court life of her era emphasize her difficult marital relations with her husband Louis XIII, her closeness to her son Louis XIV, and her disapproval of her son’s marital infidelity to her niece Maria Theresa.


Watercoloring West Seattle for a complete Seattle Watercolor City Blocks Map. 🙌🏻
(Sorry my head covers much of what I am actually doing. I have to get so close to see those tiny blocks and I was really trying to not get so close to preserve the view! And, I’m not that great at making videos…😕)
That’s a wrap. I’ll be posting photos of the final piece tomorrow, as well as prints you can purchase in my shop!
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