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The panels of the bodice and the false bodice at the top of the Christine Elissa skirt in that Gina Beck gif are lined up SO PERFECTLY it makes my head spin. Now- what am I seeing in that beading that seems to be coming off of the back of the bodice? Did she miss a few strands of beading putting on the bodice or is that always there?

Ain’t it perfect?!?

Also, the Rachel Barrell/Robyn North/Gina Beck costume era is one of my favourites in West End. Love it.

You are right about the beads on the bodice back. Most European versions have strings of beads going over the shoulders, and then doing an extra curve at bodice back to make the costumes interesting from all angles. You can see it better in these photos of Robyn North and Rachel Barrell:

This is not something seen on for example the World Tour and US bodices, where the beads are concentrated on the shoulder area:

It doesn’t make a huge difference, really. The back is usually covered by the wig anyway, and the US ones also have the decorative back lacing. But still, I love getting a glimpse of the beading in the back, and it’s quite in sync with Maria Bjørnson’s “sculpted from all angles” philiosophy. Very cool you noticed it!

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What do you think of Gina Beck's Star Princess Dress that she wore in the phantom trailer with Ramin Karimloo? I really Like it.

I like it well enough. It has a more pleasant shade than the current one, nicer beading and much more classy decorations over the bust. Only think really bugging me about it is how cheap the skirt material looks, and how humongously big the puffed sleeves were:

But Gina Beck could dress in rags and dirt and still look splendid, so…


Gina Beck - I Wish That My Life Were Like A Musical