All I Ask of You; Gina Beck and Simon Bailey.

I really love Gina’s delivery of “What was that?” Unlike any other that I’ve seen as of yet. She is the definitive Christine for me, in every way.

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What do you think of Gina Beck's Star Princess Dress that she wore in the phantom trailer with Ramin Karimloo? I really Like it.

I like it well enough. It has a more pleasant shade than the current one, nicer beading and much more classy decorations over the bust. Only think really bugging me about it is how cheap the skirt material looks, and how humongously big the puffed sleeves were:

But Gina Beck could dress in rags and dirt and still look splendid, so…

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I saw Gina Beck 6 times, and every time I left the house dissapointed. I felt she overreacted and downplayed in the completely wrong scenes - constantly on throes of orgasm in MOTN and way too restrained in WYWSHA or PONR. Not to mention she was wildly uneven vocally, and still to this day I wonder what made her so famous or special. I'd like to be enlightened! (:

I think I know who you are, haha. Let’s just say that though someone is universally loved, it won’t mean every single person will like him/her, or appreciate the same things other like. Take popular Phantom performers like John Owen-Jones, Katie Hall, Sierra Boggess or Hugh Panaro. I know of people who seriously dislike them, for various reasons. They see some aspect of the performance as more important than others, and will end up disliking a performance who goes against this or who delivers the “wrong” details in the “wrong” places. This is not to say they’re wrong in feeling like they do, but their preferences is based on other “checkpoints”. 

To explain how I don’t mean this in a negative way, I’ll use myself as an example. I’ve come to prefer more eccentric performers throughout the years, especially for the Phantom. This means I’ll sometimes find an otherwise very good and very smooth performance dull, because they don’t have the little extras and the mannerism I’ve started appreciating. This is MY problem. Not the problem of the performer, not the problem of the general audience. 

Without being too opinionated on this, I think you might have experienced this with Gina Beck? As a major fan of hers, even I have to admit her MOTN was totally out of the water over the top. I just wanted to block out that scene. But I totally adored her portrayal otherwise, such a warm and sympathetic Christine, and so loving towards both her leading men. I also remember she was quite magnetic in TOM, looking so happy to perform and played around with the cadenza like she was conducted by Mozart himself. And such a genuine horror in the rooftop scene. To me she really made the role come alive. 

Voice wise I found her wobbly early in her run, and a lot more secure and powerpacked later in her run - pretty much how I feel about Sofia Escobar.  

Well, this turned into somewhat of a rambling. I’m not saying you should change your mind. But I’m saying that your preferences for Christine didn’t harmonize with Gina Beck’s portrayal, whereas it harmonize with the general “phan” - which is why most people seems to love her, while you don’t. I don’t necessarily think anyone is “wrong” in this.

Only thing people are wrong about in Phantom is if their dream leads would be Uwe Kröger and Katie Knight-Adams… 


Gina Beck - I Wish That My Life Were Like A Musical

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Hello there- I remember you(I think it was you) posting a photo set of Gina Beck in Hannibal. Sorry to be a pain but do you happen to have the link to it? And there's also a brilliant photo of her in 'STYD', on the floor behind a mask looking fearful; may I ask if you happen to have that too? So sorry for being bothersome; I'm afraid my only access to Internet in on my phone which makes searching v difficult!:/

Definitely sounds like this photo! The original is a bit bigger, but this is the best scan I have at hand. 

Here’s the Gina Beck Hannibal photoset: