queen; rose tyler

Dean Winchester was born in 1979

Hermione Granger was born in 1979

Harry Potter was born in 1980

Buffy Summers was born in 1981

Sam Winchester was born in 1983

Emma Swan was born in 1983

Oliver Queen was born in 1985

Rose Tyler was born in 1986

Daily reminder that I adore and worship the precious sunflower goddess of light that is Rose Marion Tyler

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the crown spoilers!

so i’ve just basically binged watch the crown in the past two days (not the best thing to do when you’re working the night shift!!) and noticed something in the 5th ep.

when elizabeth gives philip the green light to do what he wants for the coronation; with the exception to NOT to go overboard, he proposes to have it televised. 

you know what else had happened on that date?


i swear i was half expecting the whole world having their faces sucked into the tvs when the coronation was being broadcast in that ep.!!!


My ten point plan to marrying Morgana Pendragon
  • Step 1: Invent a time travel machine
  • Step 2: Time travel back to 2005-6 London
  • Step 3: Save the world, attracting the Doctor's attention
  • Step 4: Explain that my soulmate is Suffering and I must get to her
  • Step 5: Travel with Rose and the Doctor back to alternate universe pre-Roman Britain
  • Step 6: Train in magic
  • Step 7: Free Morgana from her imprisonment in a deep pit
  • Step 8: Show her unconditional acceptance and love
  • Step 9: Marry her
  • Step 10: Profit