Do people really tell Tara Strong this?

It’s horrible, I’ve spent so long reading fanfiction that I can’t read actual books anymore because it’s always about a girl who meets a boy or a girl who has to chose between two boys and I’m just like that’s great, but where is the gay. Fanfiction has ruined me

Because truly, when you sit back and get away from the leather and love of anti-heroes that we have in today’s culture, if you look at Tara, what did she ever do wrong? Nothing, all she wanted to do was protect her family. She truly got caught in the crossfire. She’s an innocent and all she wanted to do was protect her sons…she paid the ultimate price for it. If anyone did deserve it, I think it would be her, but that didn’t work out. Besides the boys, I don’t know who necessarily deserves a happy ending.
—  Theo Rossi on who deserves a happy ending