This is important though. So many people associate their music taste with their own personal identity but… being a classic rock fan doesn’t make you smarter or more cultured than someone who prefers pop songs. And if you’re a classic rock fan, you shouldn’t feel ashamed for liking a pop song. Listen to whatever you want and don’t take yourself so seriously. Don’t be a music snob.

The Queen’s Spy- 4

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Chapter 4- Doctor Silva’s

Tavi could feel eyes on her as she crouched at the crossroads, scant out of sight of the Cog.  Didn’t feel like an unfriendly gaze, but a body never really knew, did they? She was in the midst of work and not in a hurry to look up, though, sitting in the grass with her legs around the awful barrel.  The sun had passed high and was starting to sink out of the sky, which meant she had to get a hurry on.

“Hey bunny, you all right?”

The voice was nice, at least, in that cajoling way people used to talk to little kids.  Pricked the dignity a bit, but wasn’t the worst way a person could treat you.  She glanced up from her potato, meeting a pair of friendly eyes in a ruddy-cheeked face.  Streaks of grey in her pitch-black hair, but she didn’t look that old, all told.

“Ain’t lost, ma'am.”  She said, politely as she could manage.

“What you carving that potato for?”  The woman asked her, curiously, resting hands on her knees as she crouched down.

Stains of flour on her split skirt, except where one might wear an apron.  That with the red cheeks made a clear picture.  A baker, then, of some sort.  She hadn’t seen a mill, so more than likely they got their flour from a train.  A train might bring flour, but not bread, so she’d have to be the baker. Even a barrel town needed one.

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So today was a glorious day because I got to meet the lovely Danielle Cormack who plays Bea Smith in Wentworth (aka Wentworth Prison). I cannot stress enough how sweet and down to earth she was. She seemed genuinely interested in what each of us had to say, gave really solid eye contact and was so open with all of us. It was a fun evening all round and it was great to interact with Danielle in such an intimate space in the heart of Covent Garden, London.

It was really interesting hearing her thoughts on Wentworth like *S3 spoiler* she thought that a main character should have been killed off in Season 3 because that helps keep the show riveting. *end of spoiler* I asked her a question about whether she had funny behind the scenes stories and she said that Nicole and Robbie who play Franky Doyle & Will Jackson on the show, were the main culprits when it came to pranks and there was one time that they played a prank with Robbie’s phone. During the Q&A, she also mentioned “Branky” and said that both her and Nicole were giving the fans what they wanted because some scenes between them weren’t scripted e.g. when Franky sniffs Bea’s hair and Bea said that shampoo was “Wild Orchid” because it sounded sexier when originally in the script it was meant to be pomegranate! She went on to mutter “damn Bridget” for getting in the way of Branky!

Whilst she was signing my S1&2 DVD cover & photograph, I talked to her about her own drawings on the show, how I found out about Wentworth and the fact that I watched Bad Girls when I was younger as opposed to Prisoner: Cell Block H. To top it all off, right at the end when I went to over to her to say thank you and goodbye to her, she said “Thanks Vesna!” and pulled me in for a big hug. She sure knows how to treat her fans and make us feel special. <3