People always shoot down my ideas and I’m sick of it. Two sentences in and everyone’s already shouting, “What the fuck that’s illegal,” or, “You can’t do that,” let me talk dear god!
—  Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, as if she acutally told people her ideas
Pls read

Everyone who is tired of gay characters being included in tv shows or f**s as you call them just go fuck yourselves. Piss off! You heteros get so much hetero rep per show!

We get 1 gay couple in 20 shows that too not necessarily good representation(most of them die) and it gives us happiness to see us being represented, it makes us feel validated and makes us feel amazing about being who we are but it seems to bother you.

What is your fucking probelm? You enjoy your hetero couples let us ship our lgbt couples in peace! Please!