First Lesson...Arrow prompt

Prompt: From @sabahuniverse 

A fic where Oliver teaches John Diggle Jr. archery with Felicity and John watching from afar. 

First Lesson

“I can’t do this, it’s too hard!” the younger Diggle whined as he threw the small bow to the lawn. 

Oliver shook his head slowly, bending down to pick up the gift he’d given him not even three hours ago. “John it take time and lots of practice.” He stated kindly as his nephew practically fell to the ground with a slight thud. 

“I told dad this was a bad idea,” he slowly grunted. 

Oliver sighed. “Why is that?” he asked softly as he came to sit beside him. He placed a comforting hand on his back and waited as he mulled over his next few words. John was so much like his namesake with his quiet demeanor and thoughtful presence. It made Oliver laugh when they were side by side. Digg would thoughtfully stroke his chin and his son would follow. They were mirror images of the other. He moved and so did his son. He laughed with his head thrown back and Johnny would do the same. Lyla said they were two of a kind always in tandem and never apart. 

Oliver’s own mulling was broken when the mini John finally spoke. “What if I never hit the target like you do Uncle Oliver? What if I never figure it out?” His voice faded slightly when he then asked, “What if dad’s no longer proud of me?” Oliver’s head fell as John pulled at the freshly mowed lawn. 

“Come on get up and take the bow.” His voice was stern but focused. His goal was simple. 

John looked over with fear. “No Uncle Oliver I can’t do it, I’ll just fail again,” he said as he echoed his previous words. 

Oliver grasped his shoulder and gave his a slight squeeze. “The first time I tried to use a bow I failed, and then the second time was no better. It took quite a few attempts until I was able to hit anything much less the target.” 

John looked up and smiled. “Really! But, but you’re so good now!” he exclaimed which made Oliver’s heart melt. 

“Yeah buddy I was horrible but with…” he let his voice drop, his eyebrows raised as he waited for John to answer. 

“Practice. But with practice you became great,” he finished as he moved to stand. 

Oliver grinned with pride, “Yes so are you ready to try again?” He asked in earnest as John once more touched the edge of the small bow. 

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