Patient dormitory, Building 25, Creedmoor State Hospital.  While much of Building 25 consists of corridors with individual seclusion rooms, there were also several large dormitories such as this one.  Able to accommodate dozens of beds, the low partitions would also allow orderlies and nursing staff to ensure that patients were not brawling or harming themselves.  Meanwhile, the large number of windows ensured that the building would be light and airy.

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Hey y'all! I’ve been posting about starting a YouTube channel for years! I finally now have the courage to start that journey and I want to take you all along with me! One of my main reasons for creating the channel is to inspire and help girls and guys who have my same complexion feel beautiful, but I assure you this channel will be for everyone.

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https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCobDcavxnlrh4LMjty2BMXQ (or by clicking the link in my bio) and I will putting videos out very shortly! These videos will range from makeup, fashion, and tips to social justice and politics. Thank you!

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So my birthday is coming up, and I know a few of my followers know when it is.
If you know when it is, please dont wish me a happy birthday. I’m being 100% serious I hate my birthday and I’m already upset that it’s approaching.


Paule Ouedraogo


I will never understand those who don’t ship things. Like what do you do just like a couple on a tv show or movie and be like “they’re cute I hope that happens,” and then it’s ambiguous or doesn’t happen and you’re like “oh guess I was wrong. That’s the end of that then” and don’t obsess over it for the rest of your life?


Ale’s entry for Character Design Challenge!

I discovered that Naoko Takeuchi took her inspiration by the Greek Myths, so I re-imagined Neo Queen Serenity as Artemis, goddess of Moon and Hunting, and I portrayed her as a winged goddess with bow and arrow!

Hope you like her :)

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