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can u pls tell me more about jason todd hating oliver queen

Okay so we know Oliver Fucked Over™ Roy, right? And of course Jason knows that. So he just, really hates Oliver. Like really really hate. Imagine the following scenario:

  • Bruce, who doesn’t know about Jason’s hatred towards Oliver, inviting both of them for his birthday party. There’s the league, his kids, his kid’s friends… the whole bunch.
  • Twenty minutes into the party, Bruce is telling Oliver about some mission he has done recently, when his… friend… looks behind him and suddenly goes rigid, and just. Starts sweating. Mumbling curses under his breath. Looks like hes about to drop his glass of wine and make a run for the nearest exit.
  • Bruce looks over his shoulder, to see what the hell got Oliver like that and-
  • It’s Jason. Jason, who’s looking right at them, smirking, and Bruce can hear the Jaws theme on his head, getting louder as his son starts walking towards them, in the same way a predaor would approach its prey.
  • “Here we go” he thinks grimly, imaginarily bracing himself for whatever Jason is gonna start demanding him now, but-
  • Jason completely ignores him, and instead focuses on Oliver. 
  • “Queen, didn’t know you were invited!” Jason says, a smile too saccharine to be real “Are you here to convince Bruce to throw Damian out, or something?”
  • “Jason, nice seeing you around” Oliver replies dryly, and looks down at the glass on his hand, as if he was just realizing that wasn’t enough alcohol to survive this conversation.
  • And then what happens is what Bruce was sure Stephanie and Tim would call “““The Drag of the century”””
  • From his clothes, to his hair, to even some tabloids articles, Bruce wasn’t sure how Oliver hadn’t drown on his wine already.
  • Just as Jason started asking if that was a bald spot, oliver dear?, Bruce felt someone stand next to him.
  • “Are you here to defend your husband’s honor?” Bruce asks, lowly, grateful theyre a few feet away from Jason and Oliver.
  • “Im here to enjoy the show” Dinah corrects, taking a sip from her glass of champagne, smirking as Oliver throws her a pleadingly look. “Your son is a force to be reckoned with, you know that, right?” 
  • Bruce smiles slightly. Oh how he knows.
  • That day, Bruce learns two really important things.
  • 1. After hearing the way Jason talked to Oliver, he was sure his son didn’t hate him as much as he had originally thought.
  • and 2. He didn’t feel ashamed to admit he would throw oliver under the bus anyday if that meant all that hatred and bitterness wasnt directed at him, thank you very much. As a matter of fact, it had been almost therapeutic to hear jason be that angry towards someone that wasnt him. Maybe he would invite him and Oliver over more frequently.

How dare you speak to me in that way before them? How dare you talk across me as if I were a child? -I did no such thing. -Oh, no? Well, you’ve sorted this, you’ve sorted that. You and Sir Robert, you and the Duke, and all without reference to me. -Victoria, I thought you’d be pleased. -I will tell you what you thought. You thought that I was a woman! To be petted and passed over and ignored...