I think it makes a lot of sense, you know? I think it’s great. I think it’s been really cool to watch the development of you know, Regina being Henry’s adoptive mother and Emma being his birth mother and they started in so much conflict in season 1 and to see -  I THINK IT’S REALLY AMAZING TO SEE TWO STRONG WOMEN LEARN HOW TO HER ALONG SO WELL. I don’t think we see that a lot on television and I think that’s a really important thing that we’re watching.
And I think that Emma and Regina have a lot of things in common. They felt like outsiders in a lot of ways and you know, Regina helps Emma over the period of time of getting to know each other with discovering how to use her magic and all these certain things that she relates to her with…
Ultimately, you know, the - Regina having the darkness engulf  her first was terrifying because, Emma wants to make sure that Henry is going to have Regina in his life as well and so that’s an immediate threat to wanting to make sure that she’s not hurt but the darkness is also threatening everyone so, you know, THE SACRIFICE IS FOR REGINA but is also for everyone in town. So, it’s just that it went after her first and that THAT FRIENDSHIP HAS BECOME SO STRONG AND SO IMPORTANT that obviously it was an immediate and obvious decision for Emma to take action.

Jennifer Morrison’s answer at FTL3 about what she thinks of the sacrifice Emma made for Regina (x)

I am only posting this because people have been only sharing one small part of the answer Jen gave at the con and this should clear everyone’s doubts on where Jen stands with Swan Queen.

Jennifer was not dismissing Emma’s relationship with Regina when she said she also did it for the town. Because, now that you read the whole answer, you can see that Jen knows how important Emma and Regina are to each other.

I hope this clear’s everyone’s mind and that people stop complaining to Jen and saying that Lana is the only SQ supporter because as you can see BOTH are supportive and know the important of that relationship and how much it developed through out the seasons.