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pairing: reader x jimin

genre: alice in wonderland au, thriller

word count:1,060

previous read: hatter, rabbit

note: so it’s been a while since I posted a continuation of this, i was inspired recently thanks to some lovely people, I hope this next part is not too unsatisfying. as always feedback is greatly appreciated! tagging @ohsuga

There’s another twisted soul in wonderland, maybe a little more twisted than the hatter man. He often disappeared to reappear, announcing his games. With a goal to drive the so-called Alice insane.

He watched her closely through the days and nights, waiting to appear and give her a fright. He was a bit annoyed when the rabbit freed her and now that the rabbit was gone, it was time for him to meet her.

While she roamed the depths of the rabbit hole, his smile hauntingly followed, feet snapping a branch and causing the girl to turn around. That’s when his voice greeted her without a body to be found.

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themagnusbane  asked:

Okay, so I shall put quite a lot of Urls in this ask because goddamn there are so many people I want to be soft to. Firstly @nightfallgoddess because Ash was the very first person to ever follow me in this fandom and she always makes and puts up high quality shit (plus her distrust of CC is amazing!!!! Hahahahahaha). Next @latinalightwood because Ana's my heart, my queen, my love, my reason for existing, and the constant bringer of heartaches my way (did you see her last gifset? Wicked!)...

[ @nightfallgoddess ; @latinalightwood ]

… Then @ladymatt for being one of the first few friends I made in this fandom (Ana was the other first friend. Hehehehehe). Thank you so much for all the messages love, for always being there and for all the gifs you send me (I live for them!). Next up is @f-f-f-fight. Seph you radiate warmth and sunshine and goodness and so much fucking compassion. I feel honoured and blessed to call you a friend. Also those gifsets. Goddamn! Still waiting on that prince of hell one you promised us…

… then there’s @mel-iorn. Mel brings joy & happiness everywhere she goes. And it comes so easily to her, I’m in awe of how much of herself she gives. I also love her for all the Rihanna gifsets she finds & sends my way (keep sending them love!) and her Jimon fics (oooh so soft), & let’s not forget the shotgun Malec fic she wrote for your birthday Leo (that was some high quality shit!). @banelewis is the sweetest, most precious bean alive and should be protected always. Nana’s a blessing…

… and Nana’s gifsets are always on point. I still can’t forget her Magnus walking gifset. Bless. Then there’s my big brother @abloodneed. His writing never fails to take my breath away. Every single damn time. And when he makes his gifsets, I’m in awe, wondering if there’s anything Izsak can’t do? He’s like wonder man (really he is) and we’re all too damn lucky that he exists! So fucking lucky! @thelushfiles keeps bringing us fashion and sass, beauty and so much goddamn life I live!!!!!!!!

@amorverus. How can I use words to capture the iconic Maia? Her gifs are legendary. Her metas are legendary. Her sass is legendary. Her gushing about Magnus (including about his tassels) is legendary. Her wisdom is legendary. Her patience (gods have you see the anons she gets? Smh), legendary. Every fucking thing about her is legendary. It is why I call her legendary! @ronaldkipling is my paddie of life. She’s so focused & driven & supportive & inspirational & amazing & I loooooooove her…

@highwarlockkareena is a goddess that walks amongst us. She’s talented at writing, talented at giffing, talented at taking no shit from anyone, talented at defending Raj, talented at calling out shit in the fandom. Every single inch of her is fucking talented. She’s amazing :). Shoutout to @lukemagnus! Yayra’s my West African sister, sassy & gorgeous & thirsty & talented & amazing & so fucking kind & I love her to bits!!! The loyal parabatri supporter, it’s why she’s gets shoutout from them!

And then there’s @alecmagnu and @princemagnusbane. These two together make magic happen (hello to all the theories they got right and the ones the show producers should have followed. Smh. There’s no accounting for bad taste), and separately they’re powerhouses! I love how much they stand up for Latinx rep, how outspoken they both are, and how they’re not afraid to call out shit. Allie also makes the best gifs in the fandom and I’m in awe of her every damn time!…

shoutout to @magnusgoatee. She keeps giving and being so kind, like she legit woke me up with the sweetest kindest message yesterday & I was teary eyed & I floated on sunshine all day long! (she’s that amazing!!!!). She deserves all the love and the attention and her gifs always have me ghjghjghjghjghjghjghjg. I might not speak a lick of Spanish but the emotions she conveys in her Spanish songs gifs? A+. Huge love to @softshadowmoon because Wrye is remarkable, soft & makes amazing gifs & fics.

@lukegarrowayisamaincharacter is a blessing for this fandom. Master shitposter (I wish I had her mind), ultimate Luke defender (she blows my fucking mind), taker of no prisoners (have you seen some of the anons she gets and her responses? Bless!), originator of the most amazing HCs I’ve seen around, & ultimately a good, pure (not that pure. Hehehehe) soul that deserves the world! @capstevierogers finds ways to make me laugh & cackle all day long & boy does she bring much needed fun and levity.

shoutout to the triple threats @harmonization @bane-magnus @malectric. They make the best gifsets around, deserve all the love and good things & are 100% kickass amazing friends. They have the softest hearts, are fucking amazing to geek out about the things we have in common & always make my day brighter. And finally there’s you baby brother. Your drive, your spirit, your grace, your focus, your thirst ;). You’re so fucking remarkable, you take my breath away. Congrats on the 1k!!!!!!

holy SHIT noria that was a wild ride and what a list too, a lot of incredible people in there

and thank you so much noria if im this soft its because youre one of the people that inspire me to stay kind like damn i love you so much i just have no words god

rip everyone on this list good luck on stopping the tears anytime soon

let’s be soft, not that anything can top that but let’s try

Thorns Pt 3

Part 1 Part 2  Part 3 *android users please click here*


UPDATE: @kidzeroith @akiza-hades-rose @summer4skinny @violet-pyre *if you want to be apart of the update list just leave a reply here and you will be apart of it* 

Summary: To much shit is going down……. IS MC ALIVE OR NOT… (REAL SUMMARY) PART 1:  It’s been a year since the RFA party. MC and Jumin’s relationship was rocky because some demons were coming out. That didn’t stop the couple from continuing to fight for internal happiness. Jumin made the biggest business deal ever in the history of the C&R International Company, so of course, a party must be done to celebrate his achievement.  

I heard the main door opening and I heard footsteps running towards my master room. “ Jumin!! Are you okay!!” It was Seven. “Couldn’t be any fucking better” I hissed with a hint of sarcasm and sadness.

“Jumin… I’m sorry MC is go-”

I couldn’t hear what he said because all I heard was my heart beating rapidly. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. What did he say? Did I really wanted to know because if he said that word I’m going to lose it. I got up slowly and walked slowly to my fate. It had never been harder to drag yourself to open the door just to know if your lover has…..NO. It cannot be. God. Please.

I finally manage to open the door and I saw seven eyes looking dull. Please god….no. “What did you say” I managed to even give a whisper. He looked at me afraid of what was going to happen but he knew he had to tell me. He got closer to me and put a reassuring grip on my shoulder “ MC…….Im SORRY Jumin” he bursted into tears. I refuse to believe it. He MUST tell me because I refuse to believe her god took her away from me. I grabbed both of his shoulder and shaked him back into reality “ SHES FUCKING GONE JUMIN SHES FUCKING DEAD SHE WASNT THERE IN THE SAME ROOM AND YOOSUNG AND JAEHEE WERE CRYING EVEN MORE AND AND IM SOOORRRY JUMIN”.


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