“Everyone has an obsession with everything now…”
Over the 40-plus years of her career Wilton has been in constant demand, but there has never been anything even remotely like the worldwide juggernaut success of Julian Fellowes’ Downton Abbey. Her reaction on reading the first scripts was clear, she says. “I didn’t think it was outstanding. I thought they were very good scripts, rather wittily written, by somebody who certainly understood his subject, which was class.”

Downton’s downside is that it has pushed Wilton and her fellow cast members into the world of increased, and sometimes intrusive, press exposure. As for today’s obsession with celebrity, she says: “Everyone has an obsession with everything now, it seems to me. Everything seems important for about five minutes and then people forget about it.”

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"Windertime Sadness" A++++ idea, run for president and make it happen

I’ll make Lana my Vice President and Lady Gaga the Queen of Everything. I could never run for president though! I’m English - and don’t you have to be born in the US to run for president? Dw. I’ll suggest it to Obama next time I bump into him ;o)

  • What kind(s) of character(s) are you thinking about making? So far Wally West (I know; it’s weird) and Sirius Black, though I have about 0.5 plans for both of them because I wanna wait and see how they interact with everyone else’s characters!  I really want to make Boromir at some point and have the most kickass family plot ever with him and Faramir and Eowyn and Aragorn!!!  And I guess Denethor can come too… cause some problems for the dream team.  Probably Diana Prince, my queen, my lifeblood, my everything, at some point because I love her more than I love any actual person!  Too many ideas, dudes…
  • Who are some of your favorite face claims? I’m actually terrible at face claims so I mostly end up complaining to Sam about how I’m terrible at face claims and then the perfect person pops up two minutes later and I have no idea who they are.  But then suddenly they’re my favorite person.  So that’s my process.
  • What are you most looking forward to with Tremors? ALL THE PLOTTING.  I can’t wait to see the drama between BGC and literally everyone else.  It’s gonna be so super rad!
  • What’s your favorite thing about RP? Meeting people and coming up with really cool plots with them!  You never know what the other person’s gonna come up with and sometimes they will completely surprise you and your plot ends up in a totally different direction as a result.  Collaborative writing is just so much fun and I love reading and appreciating other people’s work.
  • What is the difference between a raven and a writing desk? I am so disappointed we went with Poe instead of Kafka that I’m not even answering this question.  Bite me.
  • Would you be in favor of an “open thread prompt” list and/or a thread roulette sign up? Duh.
  • What kind of plots would you like to see on the site? FAMILY PLOTS PLEASE AND THANK YOU.  Literally every kind of family plot in existence.  Also ~secret divergents~ who try to hide their abilities who get found out in some way.  Maybe an undercover BGC person who pretends to be psychic or something to infiltrate a gang of divergents?  Either way I want lots of tension in those plots.
  • What’s your favorite thing you’ve seen so far? Everyone who’s posting in the tag!!!  Y’all are great!

But when I was about 12, I was working on The Horse Whisperer. I’d made probably five or six movies at that point. I was doing a lot of really emotional work - but I remember finding that place of realizing, “Oh, wait, I can manipulate this thing that I’m doing.” I could start to see the colors of the scenes and to understand the nuances of what went into giving a performance. It was this realization that acting was more than just this natural thing—that it was something that you could craft.


“When Jeff said it [3B] was going to be more psychological, that’s much more interesting for me, personally. It’s my taste. Also, it’s fun to play that. Psychology was going to be my minor in college. I’ve always been really interested in the human mind, which is probably why I’m an actor. So, that was really fun ‘cause I knew I’d be very challenged.”


Anon asked: Favorite Minor Character from Dragon Age - Queen Anora

↳  “I am the daughter of Ferelden’s greatest general. Who do you think truly ruled this nation for the last five years? Cailan? I am what this country needs, not an untrained king who does not even want the throne.“