Yo! I wrote a thing. Remember when Cat fell out of a plane and Kara caught her? Yeah, it takes place during that. Obviously, I added some stuff.

Cat gripped the seat belt with a desperation she hadn’t felt in decades when an explosion wracked the plane. The fuselage door was ripped off its hinges and the wings disintegrated in a fiery blast, forcing the plane to plummet towards the ground like a giant, metal paperweight.

The sudden jostling threatened her tenuous hold, and letting go spelled certain death, but the twisting and jarring of the plane wrested her loose, and a gut-wrenching realization of impending death engulfed her.

Regrets flashed through her mind as she tumbled out of the plane, a moment eerily reminiscent of the time she’d been thrown off the balcony. The regret foremost in her mind was her lack of courage in telling Kara how she felt. Instead of revealing her feelings, Cat had run. She’d run with the excuse of conquering new seas, telling Kara to ‘dive’ when she, herself, had been too scared to follow her own advice.

The second? Well, the second regret that plagued her was allowing that woman to have the last word. I don’t confab. I command. Cat scoffed. Those words infuriated her, even now, as she hurtled headfirst towards earth.

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Children of The Gods Ch. 4 - Demigod AU [Jason Todd x Reader]

A/n: Here’s ch. 4! I hope you guys like it because I was a bit nervous to post it. The last chapter didn’t get as much action as I hoped and it kinda dampened my spirits. This chapter is a bit shorter and goes more toward the reader’s state of mind. Hope you love it and I appreciate any feed back loves! Thank you!
(Chapter 5 will have some action!)

Ch. 1 - Ch. 2 - Ch. 3

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Italicized = Dream


Upon returning to the campsite you found the others fast asleep still, not having been bothered by your absence. It didn’t take Jason long to follow in their footsteps and pass out leaning up against a tree. Though you couldn’t help but watch him and the others, and just think. Your eyes wandered from person to person, thoughts rushing through your head about the trials to come.

Are you cut out for this? These people are your friends and they trust you with everything they have. Trust you to lead them, to protect them. How could you protect them? You’re all in this mess because of your inability to protect Garfield, and now he’s with the Sirens. Scared and alone.

Sighing you ran a hand through your [h/l] hair. The ends snagging in your fingers. Taking a glance at the case that holds your father’s lighting bolt you think, ‘Maybe he’s right. This is something I should’ve fought on my own.’ Your eyes fall on Jason again, the moment you just had still ever present in your mind. What is it about him that changes things? You’ve met other offspring of Athena, some male and others female, but there’s just something different at work here. Perhaps it’s his story about being resurrected or something else entirely.

Though one thing you knew was now is not the time for these thoughts. You have a mission at work here, focus is key to success. Focus is what you will need tomorrow, and being tired hinders that. Laying back against your bag you stare up at the stars, allowing your eyelids to become heavy and eventually pull you into the addictive trance of sleep.

It was all dark. The only sound heard was a faint dripping of water droplets. You stood silent, the other sound reaching your ears being your own slow breathing. In and out, in and out. It’s calm rhythm never faltering. Where are you?

Staying still until torches lit out of nowhere, making your guard fly up higher. Hand reaching for the hilt of you sword, only to find it and all weapons missing. The torches led down a narrow hall, the only way out of the circular room you were in.

Hesitantly, you began down the corridor. Ready for any sort of attack. As you walked faint humming, almost singing, could be heard. The song was familiar, a lullaby your mother once sang to you. Coming closer to the humming, it grew into soft singing, luring you closer. The voice was almost familiar.

Coming to the end of the hall you entered a room. It was similar to the one you were just in, the humming being louder than ever. Turning around you saw the hallway gone, replaced by a solid wall. Looking into the room again, it had changed.

Your blood ran cold at the sight. Each member of your team lay bloodied, battered, and lifeless. Some with their eyes wide with terror, others with mangled limbs. It was truly horrifying. A cry seeped from your throat before you quickly muffle it with your hand.

The cry made the singing turn to laughter. “Poor little hero. Couldn’t save your friends, your mother, or your unspoken love. You were never cut out for this, I guess even the mighty Zeus can be wrong.” The voice’s tone was light and airy, a beautiful pitch and tone to it. Your gaze scanned each of your comrades again, stopping on the slight rise and fall of a chest. Eyes trailing up to see Jason’s blue eyes widened in terror. Rushing over you noticed the blood pooling around him. His eyes darted to yours, he heaved a breath “We.. Trusted.. You” gasping before falling limp. “No, no, no. Jason!” Turning you saw Kaldur next, coming to his side you shook him, “Kaldur! Please!”

“No use little hero. They’re all gone. Thanks to me and you.” The voice giggled, feeling a finger run across your back. Whipping around you saw nothing. Another sound added to the voice, a heavy panting and growling.

“4 days left” the voice said as heavy footsteps came near you. The animalistic panting and growls almost right on top of you. “You’re running out of time.”

The noises stopped in front of you as you rose to your feet, as if an invisible beast stood there. Feeling the exhale of something blow against your face, a low growl accompanying it.

The voice giggled again, “If I were you, I’d wake up little hero… WAKE UP!” the voice screamed a deafening screech as the unseen beast roared in your face.

Jolting awake to the feeling of someone shaking you and yelling for you to wake up. Instinct took over as you pulled out the knife in the holster around your ankle and flipped the person on their back. With a knee to their chest you held the blade to their throat, all done in a single swift motion. Your breathing heaved as you stared down into a familiar face. Dick.

“Whoa hey!” He yelled, surprised at your attack.

Realization hit and you scrambled off him, backing away. Breathing still labored and mind reeling from the nightmare. “[F/n] calm down. Breathe.” Kaldur said placing a hand on your shoulder. Nodding you regulated your breathing, wiping away the thin layer of sweat from your forehead. “Dick, I’m so sorry.” Apologizing once having gained your head again. “It’s alright, are you okay?” Worry laced in his tone.

You nodded, “Yeah, yeah. I just. I don’t know what happened.” “You were yelling in your sleep” Kori informed you, coming up to the other side of you. “I was? Sorry, I guess it was just a bad dream.” Kaldur looked at you, concern showed in the way his brows furrowed together. Your nightmares were rare, and only happened in times of extreme stress, he knows that. You shared a glance with him, “I’m fine. Really.” He sighed in defeat before handing his head. Standing he replied “Alright.”

You nodded and stood up as well. Clearing your voice, you instructed for them all to pack up their things. As they did so you thought about the nightmare you just had. Who was that voice? What was that creature? These questions bombarded you all the way up to your moving out of the campsite.

You were silent again while leading. The entire team watching you carefully, wondering what had happened in that nightmare. Conner cleared his voice, “[F/n] do you know anything about this first trial?”

Looking back, you nodded. “Our first trial is to get the map that leads to the adamantine. We will face a creature called the Drakon Kholkikos, or the Colchian Dragon. A ancient watchful serpent of who used to watch over the sacred groves of Ares and protect the golden fleece. It’s known for the magical properties it’s teeth contain along with the fact that it is sleepless on its own. Making it the perfect guard. It’s a worthy adversary, keep your guard up and never give it an inch.” Instructing while spotting the entrance to the cave you must enter.

“Then our second trial will be to obtain a special sword that could help with our final trial. It’s said to be the sword of Theseus, the one used to slay the Minotaur in the labyrinth. It could be of use. In the second trial we will face the Chimera. But let’s cross that bridge when we come to it.” Explaining while looking at your group. “Do you know the third trial?” Roy asked curiously. You shook your head, “No, the trial is a mystery to everyone but the gods.”

“Now let’s focus on the task at hand, here’s our plan. Jason and Roy, you’re our best marksmen, use the bows to take care of long range attacks, but Jason be ready to step in with a sword if need be. Conner and Kaldur, you’re in charge of keeping its attention. Keep its focus. While you’re doing that Dick, Kori, and I will work on weakening and taking it down completely, there is a weak point below it’s head. Sound good to everyone?” Asking the entirety of the group. Exchanging glances they all nodded. “Alright, then let’s give ’em hell.”

recap of 5/20/17 SJM event

audio recording 1 (second session)/audio recording 2 (third (fourth) session)

She was presenting with Renee Ahedieh, so listening to them it might be hard to tell them apart. (Sarah talked a little quieter and so is a little more echoey/harder to hear.) But listening to their back and forth was really cool!

She didn’t really talk as much about her books as I wanted?? She talked more about herself, but it was a moderated panel, so that I guess was just what questions she was asked. Anyway, I tried to write out just about everything she said below for those without the time/ability to listen. Also, I only attended 2/3 sessions, but I believe @illyrian-bitch-queen attended all three, so you can ask her about the first one, or if she has anything else to add to these two!!

  • If she was in the Hunger Games, she would be the one who would work on pure “in your face intimidation.” Told a story about how in college she was crazy competitive in her badminton class that she had to take, while everyone was like “…. we’re just here bc we have to be”
  • Renee (and Sarah joining in) went on a rant about the inherent misogyny in the term “strong female character,” bc male characters can just be male characters, as opposed to having to make that designation of “strong.” Particularly discussed how much they loved Buffy (the character and all the other characters in the show) because of how many different types of female strength it celebrated. Also said that Katara is similar in that she doesn’t sacrifice love of fashion/clothing for badassery.
  • Talked about how she cried in front of Tamora Pierce when they met (they were on a panel together) because of how important Tamora Pierce was to her personally and also in opening up the industry to female-led fantasy novels. (”We stand on her shoulders”) 
  • Dorian would be the one with the largest instagram following, because he would have all the shirtless book/bed selfies and dog photos and such. Rhys would also have a huge following, but it would be less cultivated, not really selfies, but would post a lot of pictures of Feyre’s work, with a glimpse of “his eight-pack” or “a muscular thigh.” Aedion would be the one with all the workout selfies. 
  • Just turned in second to last passthrough for ToD, in which she looks specifically at the sentences, grammar and style and such.  
  • (At the end of the first session/first recording, Sarah devolves into freaking about about the hot South Korean bodyguard, which Renee mentioned. I hadn’t heard of this, but it’s here for those interested.)
  • Fave YA OTPs: Karou/Akiva from Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Shazi/Khalid from the Wrath and the Dawn, and Alina/Darkling from the Grisha Trilogy
  • How she chooses names: sometimes she just likes the sound/look of it, sometimes she looks up names that mean “’hot sexy warrior’ in Greek” 
  • Would go back to the Library of Alexandria for a day if she could
  • Favorite fictional villain: Umbridge from Harry Potter
  • Moderator: “What do you do in your spare time?” SJM: “I don’t have spare time” (continues that jk, she mostly just sits on the couch wrapped in blankets, watching TV. Won’t shower for days at a time.)  
  • Met Alex Skarsgard. Shook his hand. Immediately turned around and licked her hand. (I felt the second hand embarrassment at this one lol.)
  • Last parting words to her fans: make every day count, enjoy being you, never let anyone put down you and your interests or dreams or ideas. Live in the moment. Seize the day.

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I just finished ACOWAR as well. And holy crud muffins, I think Sarah ripped out my heart and stomped on it. Then she put a cute lil bandage over the remains.

I know!!! I can’t remember ever crying so much at a book 😭
But I forgive Queen Maas for all of the heartbreak because I just love her books so damn much!!! ❤
ACOWAR was just incredible! Xxx

Imagine life under a new Curse in season 7…

Regina and Killian are a bickering married couple. They remember being in love, but now are constantly at each other’s throats.

Regina is cheating on Killian with Maleficent.

Although he suspects his wife is unfaithful, Killian sticks around and tries to make their marriage work. He feels the echo of a true and epic love deep inside his heart, and not knowing any better, believes these feelings to have been for Regina once upon a time…

At the bar where Killian works, he develops a friendship with a regular patron named Adam (Rumplestiltskin). Both men have known love and loss and abandonment in their lives and bond over their similar pasts.

GIVE ME dysfunctional Hooked Queen with all the sass

GIVE ME Dragon Queen that parallels Mary Margaret & David season 1

GIVE ME a Captain Crocodile bromance

GIMME GIMME GIMME Captain Swan just under the surface, the subtext of every moment of Killian’s life


all your gods are teenage girls:  persephone, goddess of spring and queen of the underworld

Once upon a time there was this show...

It’s about a girl named Emma Swan

Her parents, Snow White and Prince Charming

Emma’s son, Henry

The Evil queen, Regina

and Rumpelstiltskin

and all the people they met along the way

Snow and charming sent Emma from their world to ours to save her from a curse set by the Evil Queen

So that one day she could save everyone.

She got lost along the way. But thanks to Henry, the truest believer, and a little help from family and friends, she found her way. And she won.

But there was more to be done, more evil coming from fairy tale realms.

And Emma defeated those too. Along with a little help.

Along the way the evil queen became not quite so evil.

A crocodile learned to love.

The orphan girl from the Enchanted forest fell in love too.

And so many other characters, certainly too many to name, showed us a great many things, good or bad.

Once Upon a Time there was this show about an orphan girl from a story book. The story lost its way sometimes, as many stories often do. But like Emma, it found its way back.

“Believing in even the possibility of a happy ending is a very powerful thing”

Thank you for letting us hear the story you had to tell. It was nothing short of a great one.


A Oncer