Famous musicians talk about Queen and Freddie Mercury.


 People see me swinging around skyscrapers and they think I’m pretty special. But it’s not me. It’s her. It’s always been her.

Liza Soberano as Mary Jane Watson


Bess’ Questionable Taste in Music in 2015

Here’s the albums I’m looking most forward to in 2015, or just the artist I Pray To God puts out something in 2015.

1. Joanna Newsom, Literally Anything New At All Please I’m Begging You

2. Patrick Wolf, An Album Like The Bachelor or Lycanthropy

3. Marina and the Diamonds, Froot

4. Dan Deacon, Gliss Riffer

5. Vanessa Carlton, Liberman

6. Grimes, Anything Involving “Go”

7. Sufjan Stevens, A Concept Album About the State of Florida or The Planet Jupiter

8. Kanye West, The 3 Hour Long Spoken Word Album That Was Rumored But Never Confirmed

9. Lady Gaga and Liza Minnelli, An Duet Album I Would Actually Sacrifice A Limb For AKA If Tony Bennett Is Good Enough, Why Not Liza? AKA I Want Gaga To Cover “Mein Herr” AKA I Want Liza To Cover “Speechless”

10. Joanna Newsom, Maybe If I Put Her Twice, She’ll Listen To Me


Liza’s 3A-2T at a practice for Bavarian Open