Maleficent is a dragon who cursed an infant because she wasn’t invited to a christening, this woman CANNOT raise a child.

Queen Griemhilde is a conceited, vain witch who killed a 14 year old because she was prettier than her, this woman CANNOT raise a child.

Jafar hypnotised the sultan, got himself turned into a magician, a genie, just for power and forced a 15 year old to be his slave girl, this man CANNOT raise a child.

Cruella DeVil is a mentally ill woman whose affection consists of derogatory comments, blowing smoke in your face and never taking no for an answer, this woman CANNOT raise a child.

So, let’s say Evie, Carlos, Mal and Jay grow up on an island without magic, surrounded by murderers, thieves, people who did bad things, people who are proud of these things. Let’s say, they don’t teach them to be evil. Let’s say, they teach them ‘don’t let anyone keep you from what you want, you are a queen, a dragon, a genie, you are magic’. Ben has dreams about a girl with green eyes and lilac hair, of a girl who is different, something fae, and he remembers the fairy who cursed his father because he wasn’t kind, so he asks his parents to let some of the villain’s kids stay in Auradon. Show them goodness.

When they arrive, they don’t arrive in a tumbling mess. They don’t even get out of the car, and when the chauffeur opens the door, there’s a stick thin girl with long blue hair staring at her hands, a muscled boy who almost isn’t a boy anymore, rubbing the bands on his arms, the girl from his dreams, eyes glowing, a little boy dressed in fur curled up in their laps.
They aren’t used to magic, even though it is in their very cores. So they take time to get used to it, to learn to live with death and power under their skin.

They weren’t sent to get a wand for world domination. They were sent to get a wand for freedom. So it takes them longer to realise just what their parents did. It takes talks and family day and Queen Leiah screaming at the top of her lungs (‘Get away from here, do not touch my grandchild, my daughter will never be mine because of you, how dare you, how dare you?’) for Mal to realise that this isn’t about invitations and pettiness. It’s about a woman with hair as yellow as gold and lips that shame the red red rose, growing up poor, in a cottage, falling to her death at the touch of a spindle, this is about her mother talking about the raven with more fondness than her, this is about all the things her mother did, no matter the reason.

Evie still studies with Doug, and she hasn’t been taught to score a prince, she’s been taught to use her beauty, it is all men want, get rid of them before they get rid of you, do NOT die. So she meets with Doug at his house and Dopey stares at her and then he gets Snow White, who breaks down crying at the sight of this thin, beautiful girl with hair in a colour that has haunted her sleep ('what did she do to you, was it not enough for her to kill me, what has she done to you’) and Evie realises that her mother’s stories are not about men, they are about this woman, about her sister, who was 14 and beautiful and dead. And this is about her and all the bones she can count when she looks in the mirror.

Jay befriends the only other Arabian speaking children he can find, plays gurney, ruthless and self centered and for him, and one day Aladdin picks his children up and Jay does one of those backflips where he stays in the air for too long and it knocks the wind out of him. Jay doesn’t understand because of Aladdin, he sees a thief, who is like him, but it isn’t what makes him think, tourney does the trick because they are a team and the world does not revolve around him, he is not the center of the universe.

Carlos knows that his mother is wrong from the moment he is old enough to master critical thinking. She shrieks and hits and worships fur and he spends his days begging for scraps. There’s no magic in him, no rush he gets from crossing the barrier, so he helps his friends. They have always been his lifeline, so maybe now he can be theirs.

Okay something that have gotten me pissed when I looked through the Descendants tag was posts about how the Evil Queen only taught Evie unimportant stuff and that Evie would have a better life if she had been taught like school stuff. 

Alright let’s make one thing super clear. Grimhilde, The evil queen from Snow White is super smart. Because of this thing that’s going on that Grimhilde is just a vain woman that is narcissistic as fudge. Which she of course is but in the end she is one of the few villains that is smart


She has been studying everything from Astrology, Black Magic, Alchemy to Poisons. She have literally books about all of these things which she uses and reads.

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Evie x Harry || A Child of Two Worlds

summary; Evie never knew her father, her mother would never speak of him. What happens when he finds out about her? How do others react when they find out he is a pirate? An infamous one at that.

an; inspired by this post @eviarry. Tell me what you think and if I should continue?

Chapter 1

When he had heard of her, it was only to see if she could break the curse upon him and his crew, it took weeks before she would even see him. She made a game of it, after all, she liked to toy with her prey before she went for the kill. If he could catch her, she would give him an answer. If not, well it was amazing what she could do with her magic, even to an immortal.

In the passing weeks he had seen her rip the still beating heart from a man, slaughter an entire village, she ruled her lands with a iron fist and Barbossa found himself falling for her. Her ruthlessness, her strength, her blood lust and her beauty all called to him. For the first time in years he felt something other then numbness. He wanted nothing more then to show her exactly what she did to him.

Grimhilde, herself, had grown rather fond of the immortal pirate. The weeks had shown her the the depths of his character. Yes he was a pirate, but he was smart, he was ruthless, he was resourceful and was willing to do anything to get the result he wanted. She was intrigued and found herself wanting to see what else the pirate could do.

She generously gave him two things the night she finally let him catch her. Her game had grown stale and Grimhilde wanted to take the next step in their foreplay. The answer to his question and a small part of her heart.

They spent a night of passion together, Barbossa shown her what she made him feel and Grimhilde show him exactly how powerful she was. Barbossa was enthralled with the goddess that he had found and found himself worshipping her to the best of his ability.

It wasn’t until a week later Grimhilde gave him his answer.

While she was a very powerful sorceress, the curse on him and his crew was ancient magic. Not something she could break, maybe in a few hundred years, but unfortunately not now. Barbossa hid his disappointment behind a smirk and told her that he’d happily wait a hundred years if it meant he could be with her. She smiled up at him and pressed her lips to his, happy that he still wanted to stay.

Once his was sure Grimhilde was asleep, Barbossa returned to his ship and crew, leaving behind a bright red apple on her night stand and a note, that said he was sorry, but the welfare of his crew came before him and what he wanted. Onwards he went, heading for the next rumour that said it could help him and the crew.

Grimhilde awoke the next morning to an empty bed and the note. As she read it, she felt her heart harden. That small feeling of love she had felt for Barbossa, diminished every time she re-read it. She cursed herself for being weak and opening herself up to another person. It only lead to pain, she knew this now. Never again would Grimhilde let herself love another, there was no one out there looking out for her other then herself.


Years passed and the next time Barbossa saw Grimhilde, they had both been resurrected and banished to the Isle of The Lost like common riff raff. She caught his eye from across the market, and snarled in his direction. She turned sharply on her heel and glided towards to her castle, her guards in formation around her, her head held high, like he hadn’t crushed that little bit of hope she had felt for him.

It wasn’t the coldness in her eyes that drew his attention or the fact Barbossa knew if she still had her magic, Grimhilde would have obliterated him on the spot. No, it was the small figure grasping the Queen’s hand, skipping lightly to keep up with the Queen’s foot steps. It was a child, a small child.

Barbossa frowned, as the child turned around, feeling his eyes on her. The pirate’s eyes widen in shock, as he saw his own eyes staring back at him, on the face of a little girl. Mentally Barbossa did the maths in his head, trying to work out the last time he had seen the Queen. It shouldn’t be possible, he had been undead when he had been with her, but evidence of their tryst was staring back at him. Her eyes, the shape of her mouth all screamed Barbossa bloodline.

Barbossa couldn’t believe what he was seeing, and wanted to know if the little girl was his child, but he knew Grimhilde would never speak to him without trying to kill him. He watched the woman he abandoned all those years ago and her child walk away. He smirked to himself, as his mind forming a plan to find out the truth.


  • Aries: Mickey Mouse, Jasmine, Moana, Prince Hans, Sherriff Woody, Dash, Yzma
  • Taurus: Belle, Prince Ferdinand, Kristoff, Winnie the Pooh, Syndrome, Hades
  • Gemini: Rapunzel, Peter Pan, Lilo, Kanga, Mike Wazowski, Elastigirl, Alice, Jafar
  • Cancer: Minnie Mouse, Cinderella, Nani, Piglet, Boo, Marlin, Ursula, Pacha
  • Leo: Pluto, Merida, Eugene Fitzherbert, Hercules, Jessie, Jack Jack, Gaston, Simba, Kuzco
  • Virgo: Elsa, Prince Charming, Jane Porter, Rabbit, Queen of Hearts, Lady Tremaine
  • Libra: Daisy Duck, Fa Mulan, Prince Eric, James P. Sullivan, Cruella de Vil, Queen Grimhilde
  • Scorpio: Pocahontas, The Beast, Tarzan, Owl, Buzz Lightyear, Maleficent, Dr. Facilier
  • Sagittarius: Goofy, Anna, Aladdin, Stitch, Tigger, Randall Boggs, Nemo, Captain Hook
  • Capricorn: Donald Duck, Tiana, Li Shang, Eeyore, Mr. Incredible, Mufasa, Claude Frollo
  • Aquarius: Ariel, Prince Philip, John Smith, Roo, Violet, Cheshire Cat, Scar
  • Pisces: Snow White, Aurora, Pinocchio, Christopher Robin, Dory, Kronk, Mother Gothel
Queen Grimhilde’s Glamour Jar For Intimidating Looks

You can carry this with you for whenever you need to have that “intimidating look,” ex.) walking down a dark street late at night. 

What you’re gonna need: 

  • A jar, particularly a smaller one
  • Storm water 
  • A thunderstorm 
  • Black glitter
  • Cayenne pepper 
  • Green food coloring 
  • A wine glass (for theatrical effect) 

Collect the storm water in whatever container is convenient, then pour it into the wine glass. Add the cayenne pepper, food coloring, and black glitter. Hold the glass and visualize the image you wish to project. Go outside and recite the following while holding the glass:

“I cast this spell on this stormy night, 

fill this glass with a ghoul’s fright! 

May my appearance turn them all away, 

keep those that wish to cause me ill at bay. 

A thunderbolt, to mix it well. Now begin thy magic spell!” 

Produce your best evil, witchy cackle, then pour the mixture into the jar. Just pull it out & shake whenever you need to feel intimidating. 

I don’t mean to come off as aggressive, but truth be told, I’m about to utterly destroy this interview with Dove Cameron. I am not doing this because I don’t like her, I’m just infuriated by this theory. I am a reader, and I read the prequel books before watching the movies. This stuff doesn’t align with the books, and I’m peeved about it. All my fellow Divergent and PJO fans know that when a movie doesn’t follow the books, WE. GET. MAD!

Let’s start with the claim that Uma and Mal’s rivalry is partially based around Harry. Here is where that actually comes from. Uma and Mal were partners-in-petty-crime when they were little kids, kinda like bffs. One day, the two wanted to prank Cruella De Vil by dumping sea sludge on her. However, the sludge spilled and Mal slipped off the dock. Uma initially laughs at the accident, but she becomes panicked as she desperately searches for her friend, who also can’t swim. Mal never actually fell off the pier. She appears behind Uma and dumps a bucket of smelly shrimp on her head. The smell of shrimp never went away, and Mal nicknamed her Shrimpy. Since then, the two were always in competition. (“from the sandbox to the doomball court”) Their 13th bday parties were even on the same day. “Mal always came out on top.” Uma’s fury intensifies when Mal is selected to go to Auradon and not her. Uma is envious of Mal because she always beat Uma, and Uma just wants to win. Their bad blood is based on a gradual one-sided battle and years of jealousy. Basing it on a guy belittles Uma’s motives and makes her look petty. She’s not; she has millions of reasons to hate Mal, and none of them are Harry.

Now let’s talk about Evie. Actually, let’s talk about their whole gang’s origins. It started as Mal and Jay, the worst kids of Dragon Hall and partners-in-crime. Carlos was a runty nerd in school, and Evie was the new girl. She was castleschooled (homeschooled) her whole life because when she and Evil Queen were banished when they she was a kid. Why? Because her birthday party was the same day as Mal’s, and everyone went to Evie’s. Mal was upset, so Maleficent banished the Evil Queen and her daughter to a lonely castle. Bottom line, Mal started out hating Evie. When Evie goes to Dragon Hall, her first friend is Carlos, and neither are too keen on being evil. One day, Maleficent asks Mal to retrieve her dragon eye scepter from the Isle of the Doomed, and Mal hatches a scheme to make Evie grab it and fall into a death-like sleep. Thus, the rotten four is born. Mal brings Jay and invites Evie who brings Carlos. However, Mal develops as a person over the journey and saves Evie from death by grabbing the scepter herself (She only sleeps for a few minutes because she’s related to Maleficent). Bottom line is that Evie was not some replacement for a kicked out gang member. Uma was never apart of Mal’s gang because it started long after Uma and Mal’s rivalry began, and Evie was one of the original members of the gang anyway. Suggesting otherwise puts majority of Mal’s character development to waste and disregards her relationship with Evie. Also, Uma was never in her gang, but she constantly tried to join. Mal claimed she wasn’t big or bad enough, but she was actually threatened by the presence of leader who might just be as evil as her. Thus, the rivalry intensifies. Again, Uma has plenty of reasons to hate Mal.

The part saying Harry and Mal were each other’s first loves makes next to no sense. The evidence for this lies more in the first movie. First, Evie says Mal never had a boyfriend. Next, Mal says that there isn’t really dating on the Isle, just gang activity. Finally, she tells Ben that she doesn’t know what love is. Saying that Harry was Mal’s first love makes illegitimate Ben’s efforts to help Mal learn how to love. It’s Mal’s discovery of love that enables her to develop as a character and defeat her mother. Dating Ben was supposed to be what transformed Mal, and implying that she has loved another before makes her development in the first movie almost meaningless.

Now for the part about Harry getting dumped and joining Uma’s gang. Uma doesn’t get a crew until after the events of the first movie because she concludes that she needs one to beat Mal’s gang. Uma is described as Harry’s longest friend on the Isle, meaning he knew her before he knew Mal. And yes, THEY ACTUALLY SAID FREIND!! When they were young, Uma started ordering him around, and he let her(Gil was there too, but he drifted away and came back when he found out they needed a crew). When Uma says she wants a crew and a ship, she makes a bet with Harry. The winner is captain and the loser is first mate. Ya’ll can figure out who won. Anyway, Harry was always friends with Uma, and he joins Uma’s crew because he wants to, not because of a silly rivalry between former gang mates and a broken heart. There is no mention of a distaste for Mal on his part. In fact, when Uma is hell-bent on getting a crew so she can beat Mal, he wants her to lighten up and have fun with him by causing mischief or something. He doesn’t care about the kids in Bore-don; he just cares that Uma’s upset. The idea that Harry joins Uma’s crew in spite of Mal downplays Harry and Uma’s friendship.

In glorious conclusion, this theory makes a mockery out of the books written to support the movies. Why bother having Melissa De La Cruz write them if you’re not going to agree with the story line? I feel like the actors and directors should read these books so they understand their characters’ motivation. I mean, didn’t Dove Cameron do a promotional video for Rise of the Isle of the Lost? I thought she read it!

I’m not doing this in spite of Dove’s relationship with Thomas. Their personal life is none of our concern, and as a fandom we need to respect that. However, her story does harm to the canon in the following ways: it bases Uma and Mal’s years of tension on a guy and petty gang drama, it turns the beginnings of Evie and Mal’s relationship into a mere replacing of someone else, it turns Ben’s role as Mal’s reason to be good into a lack luster second rate, and it makes Uma and Harry’s relationship based purely on mutual hatred for Mal.

Their backstory is nice, but I ask that they keep their personal life and professional life separate. I really liked the books, but this makes them pointless. If they’re going to force this onto us, don’t expect me to believe a word of it. It lacks evidence from the written text, puts De La Cruz’s work to waste, and shoots down loads of character/relationship development.

Thank you for your consideration.

Far off places, daring sword fights, magic spells… princesses in disguise!✨👑✨


The Queen by disneylori

I get really happy every time I watch Descendants and realize that the Evil Queen is actually really proud of Evie.

Like when they find out Mal is wearing a dress designed by Evie at Ben’s coronation she immediately jumps up and says “that’s my Evie, that’s my daughter” and I just really like that because it showed that at least one of the villains really love their kids and were proud of them no matter.

It also symbolizes that just because sometimes people are bad doesn’t mean they aren’t bad parents.


Holy hell, the original version of the Disneyland Snow White ride did NOT fuck around.