50 Days of Elizabeth Queen♛ Day 1
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What’s this?
For Agnes
Oh, it’s beautiful
You’ll find your time with her goes by too quickly. That’s why cuckoo clocks are perfect. I don’t really care what time it is. I just want to hear the birds sing. 

The camera shows Bucky and Paul Hollywood facing eachother across Bucky’s bench with identical poses, arms crossed over their chests, equally menacing glares directed at eachother in some sort of Baking Stand Off. As Paul starts to lift an eyebrow in an obviously daring manner Bucky raises his own eyebrow parroting his nemesis, otherwise not moving a muscle neither to breathe nor blink. Out-stonewalled Paul is the first to break form. Obviously annoyed he turns away thrusting his arm out at the last second to snatch a piece of chocolate from Bucky’s bench. Bucky lunges across the counter to stop the chocolate thief but Paul swings his hip away and darts off screen. Bucky looks at the camera and growls. The camera shakily moves away and they cut to the next scene.

Mel comments, “Watch it Paul, the Sarge never misses.”

The Holtzmann-Rogers Plan of Action    

by @krycek-asks

Ghostbusters! And the Great British Bake Off! And Shrinkyclinks! This fic is amazing, cute and charming. I laughed so much and @krycek-asks is a delight for keeping up with me and my constant awfulness. Go read it, it’s perfect!

And you know, how there are these amazing GBBO Illustration in every episode showing the contestant’s creations? Yeah well, it was always my dream to make them. So… if you ever need a new artist: consider this my application, GBBO team :D

Upcoming Kdramas - May
  • Ruler: Master of the Mask - May 10
    • Historical, Romance, Melodrama, Political
    • MBC - 20 episodes
    • Yoo Seung Ho, Kim So Hyun, Myungsoo (L), Yoon So Hee
  • Suspicious Partner - May 10
    • Romance, Comedy, Law, Thriller
    • SBS - 20 episodes
    • Ji Chang Wook, Nam Ji Hyun, Choi Tae Joon, Nara
  • Lookout (a.k.a Watchmen) - May 22
    • Action, Crime
    • MBC - 16 episodes
    • Lee Si Young, Kim Young Kwang, Key, Kim Seul Gi, Kim Tae Hoon
  • Third-Rate My Way (a.k.a Fight for My Way) - May 22
    • Romance, Comedy, Life
    • KBS - 20 episodes
    • Park Seo Joon, Kim Ji Won, Song Ha Yoon, Ahn Jae Hong
  • Circle - May 22
    • Mystery, Sci-fi
    • TvN - 12 episodes
    • Yeo Jin Goo, Gong Seung Yeon, Kim Kang Woo, Lee Ki Kwang
  • My Sassy Girl - May 29
    • Historical, Romance, Comedy
    • SBS - 16 episodes
    • Joo Won, Oh Yeon Seo, Lee Jung Shin, Kim Yoon Hye
  • Queen for Seven Days (a.k.a Seven Day Queen) - May 31
    • Historical, Drama, Romance
    • KBS - 20 episodes
    • Park Min Young, Yeon Woo Jin, Lee Dong Gun, Hwang Chan Sung

Sun is inherent royalty, the Queen inside, in hebrew ‘son’ means in the nature of, we are divinely in the nature of our sun sign

Aries: Queen of the Battlefield charging in her chariot against every resistive force
Taurus: Queen of Pleasure evoking every rapturous natural sense in divine ceremony 
Gemini: Queen of Knowledge as she hangs her little legs off her throne made of books 
Cancer: Queen of the Night she stays awake in the night as her kingdom is transformed. Until sunrise watching over her sweet children as they sleep
Leo: Queen of the Day the natural heir to the throne of the zodiac kingdom 
Virgo: Queen of the Mineral World radiating the wisdom of nature flowing through her hands 
Libra: Queen of Justice writing the laws of the land with ink dipped from intellect and intuition
Scorpio: Queen of the Underworld the sweetheart of Hades guarding the treasure locked in the safe of the unconscious like shes done it for centuries
Sagittarius: Queen of the Earth her kaleidoscope eyes and mind flying her into every point of the compass where another throne is shielded in nature 
Capricorn: Queen of the Heavens as she guards the kingdom from her midheaven star, the highest palace in the land, the secret residence of the sorcerer 
Aquarius: Queen of Intuition intercepting thoughts from beings from past, present, and future time and delivering them to her kingdom 
Pisces: Queen of the Spiritual Seas rising the tides as she wakes and taking them with her as she sleeps



- Am I too late?

- No. You are not late at all.

- Was it very hard? I am very proud of you. You… did very well until now.

- I knew you were waiting for me. That is how I managed. I knew you were always there for me. I also… did what I had to.

                 Now… I will stay at your side. Now you can rest in peace at home.

                                                   I am finally h o m e.

                               I love you. I love you. I love you. Husband.

                                                 Just once is enough.

Queen for 7 Days - history

Historical Background to help understand Queen for Seven Days (2017 KBS)

Queen for Seven days 7일의 왕비 (2017 KBS) is based on the Korean legend about Chima-bawi (치마바위, meaning “Skirt Rock”) of Mt. Inwangsan (인왕산, 仁王山).

In 1506, King Yeonsan (연산군 燕山君, 1476~1506), the most notorious tyrant in the history of Korea, was deposed in a coup led by ministers. (* For understanding the course of history, you’d better go watch Rebel : Thief who stole the people 역적 : 백성을 훔친 도적 (2017 MBC)).

The rebel forces flocked to the private residence of Prince Jinseong (진성대군 晉城大君, 1488~1544) in order to enthrone him. However, the prince was about to kill himself, thinking that his half brother (King Yeonsan) finally sent armies to kill him.  In the life-threatening situation, his wife Lady Shin dissuaded him to commit suicide and said like this.

“If the armies are coming here to kill us, their horses’ heads will look toward our house. If they are to protect us, the tails of their horses will face our house.”

The prince saw the direction of the horses as he was told, and realized that they came to protect him. Finally he opened the gate and found himself becoming the 11th king of Joseon dynasty, King Jungjong (중종 中宗 (1488~1544), and his wife Lady Shin became Queen Dangyeong (단경왕후 端敬王后 , 1487~1577).  

However, Lady Shin found herself in danger no sooner had she become the Queen. Her father, Shin Su-Geun (신수근 愼守勤, 1450~1506), was killed during the coup because he tried to protect the tyrant no matter what.

In fact, Park Won-Jong 박원종 (朴元宗 1467~1510), one of the rebel leaders, had suggested Shin Su-Guen to participate in the coup together, asking “Which is more precious to you? Your younger sister? Or your daughter?”. 

Shin Su-Geun’s younger sister was the queen of King Yeonsan, and his daughter was Prince Jinseong’s wife. So he was placed in an extreme situation to choose between the two.

His sister was widely admired as a wise and virtuous queen. Even the tyrannical king respected his wife’s brave and sincere plea. Shin Su-Geun thought although the tyrant was hopeless, the smart crown prince born from his virtuous sister could be their new hope. So, he refused to join the coup, saying that he couldn’t betray his brother-in-law for the sake of his son-in-law. 

And that’s why he got killed by the rebel forces.

The coup was successful. Prince Jinseong and Lady Shin was unwillingly crowned as King and Queen. However, the coup leaders didn’t want the woman whose father was killed by their own hands to remain as a queen. 

Lady Shin was deposed and kicked out of the palace just 7 days after her coronation, and the puppet king didn’t have any power to protect her. The pitiful lovebirds were forcibly torn apart by the political strife. At that time, the king was 18 and the queen was 19.

King Jungjong (Prince Jinseong) couldn’t put his beloved wife out of his mind, even though so many beautiful daughters of the ministers were given to him as royal concubines. In the pavilion of Gyeongbokgung Palace, the king was staring blankly at Mt. Inwangsan with a sigh everyday.  

After hearing about the king’s grief, the deposed queen hung her red skirt she was wearing at the palace on a rock of Mt. Inwangsan, in order to attract the king’s eyes. It was like saying hello to her husband “I’m here. I’m OK. Don’t worry about me”.

The king noticed her message, and never forgot the memory of his wife even though they couldn’t meet again. ( Some folktales say that the couple secretly met again just before he lay on his deathbed at the age of 56. )

The royal couple’s sad love story was passed down through generations, and people started to call the rock of Mt. Inwangsan  "Chima-bawi (치마 바위, meaning “skirt rock”)“.

The love triangle with King Yeonsan, Prince Jinseong, and Lady Shin is a pure  fiction of this drama.

Inspired by this post, (source: @gallusrostromegalus) I’m going to feature the same vague reviews on anime I may or may not have ever seen

Naruto: Loud child, running meme, and woman get taught how to ninja by pervert the ninja

One Piece: Pirates of the Caribbean but with super powered teenagers

Dragonball Z: Family condones child abuse in order to stress force a Chosen One

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Egypt is an extremely well-executed marketing gimmick and never actually existed

One Punch Man: Like Captain America and Bucky, except happy

BLEACH: More swords than Naruto, less skeletons than One Piece. Somehow shittier than both.

Jo-Jo’s Bizarre Adventure: Family line produces Chosen One, villain attacks Chosen One, entire family line is eradicated, Chosen One cries new family into being, rinse, repeat.

Sailor Moon: Face blind pansexual queen somehow saves the day without recognizing a single one of her friends

FullMetal Alchemist: The good news: defying death gives you super powers; the bad news: It’s Not Worth It

Black Butler: A daddy kink, but in reverse

Hellsing: Bram Stoker’s Actual True Vision

Madoka Magica: There was a little girl who had a little curl right in the middle of her forehead. And when she was good she was very very good, but when she was bad she was …primeval


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