And I’m thinking ‘bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways
Maybe just the touch of a hand
Well, me - I fall in love with you every single day

And I just wanna tell you I am (x)

100/365 Days of Outlaw Queen

34 Days Until Arrow Season 4

Wow looking good boys, looking good. Except for dig’s head gear I don’t know how I feel about that. I’ve heard people say he looks like Magneto which I have to say I kind of agree with. Anyway he still looks badass, they both do. The next thing they release better be the trailer. 

i was going to use this thing as a new theme template because i am the king of all angst but you know what. I think chris stepping up to take a bullet made an amazing cover up for all of the bullshit that goes on onto my blog. the meme queen by day, ship trash in the afternoon, and angst junkie by night– it only makes sense ofc.

but i digress. i dont know how to do those cute hover messages bc im a dink, but i just want to @ you all, that youre pretty cool and thank you for being my pal through this weird ??? angst??? meme experience??? esp. everybody that knew me on victoria. yall have seen some shit lmfao.

from banging the gong, from homo milk, from hayden pastries, to CAH, to beep-bonk, please come to church with me

and without furthur ado, SUCC! SUCC! SUCC!

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I had a crazy TWDG 400 Days Theory!

Okay, I know this is totally out there and could never be a thing; but hear me out!

Nate’s a representation of the typical bandit and thus a figment of the character’s minds in their story. Be it born through loneliness, fear etc. Bare with me; I’m working with what I got, okay?

So let’s start with Eddie/Wyatt. They’re being chased by a guy - most people don’t even notice it - but it’s Nate. Really though, it could be anyone. There’s no focus upon who the chaser is - just that he’s a bandit. So, it could be anyone.

Now let’s get the Russell’s story ‘cause this is what I’m going off primarily. First of all, I know - Nate winds the window down and gets the walker to attack Russell. Which totally debunks the theory, but let me just have this moment.

Take this, for example;

Russell is on the road, alone. He’s been alone for god knows how long and has miles to go before he’ll get to where he wants to go. Now when you’re that lonely - your mind plays tricks on you. What if Russ stumbled across a truck? But in his mind, a truck pulls up beside him? From the get go Russell is antagonistic toward Nate and vice versa. Nate represents everything Russell is not. He’s care-free, trusting, rebellious and psychotic. This is almost like Russell seeing another version of himself; a side to himself he doesn’t want to bring out into the open. He denies Nate every chance he gets and he backchats him like crazy. 

Nate is like the bad side of Russell that’s slowly being bought out by his own madness, his own loneliness. Get this; like, Nate goes on about that chick Russell knew back at his camp. He asks if they got together etc and persists with his comment. Maybe Russell liked that girl a lot but didn’t have the guts to tell her/do anything about and Nate is almost like that niggling side to him asking why he didn’t get with her in so many words.

Later, Russell and Nate find themselves at the gas stop and Nate doesn;t cover Russ; it’s almost like Russell is just running himself and nobody is backing him up ‘cause there’s no one else there. Russell imagines Nate covering him later and manages to build ip the courage to attack the old couple out of desperation because his bad half encourages him to do it.

When they get into the diner and there’s that argument lingering of should we or shant we kill them. This is Russell arguing with himself, he imagines the old guy berating Nate when most of his attention and anger is focused upon Russell. 

If you choose to stay with Nate, Russell kills the old couple but can’t face what he’s done and thus stands there in shock while his imaginary friend - of sorts - tells him to look at all the shit he’s got and that everything will be fine.

However, if you choose to walk away; you leave the old couple alive and leave your bad half away for now. It’s like breaking free of a bad part of yourself you always wanted to rid of. Now, when you leave; you hear the gunshot. It could be Russ imagining what he could’ve done. He grimaces cause he’s disgusted with what he’s becoming.

Finally; nobody mentions Nate at the end. Russ says he was with a psycho, but nothing else. Where is said-psycho. Why hasn’t Wyatt compared stories?

I don’t know guys, I’m mumbling. I think about weird shit when I’m on the loo. 


It looks like Queen Letizia is really happy to go back to work. On her second day after coming back from her summer break, she had two audiences in Zarzuela Palace one with “What reallly matters” foundation and other with the Spanish Federation of rare disease. She chose a purple Felipe Varela skirt and a Hugo boss blouse. 

I think she’s smiling a lot, looks like she’s happy to be back! (September 3, 2015)