Actor Shia LaBeouf’s livestream protesting the presidency of Donald Trump has been shut down again — but this time it’s by his choice.

“We have taken the stream down after shots were reported in the area,” he explained Thursday morning on Twitter. “The safety of everybody participating in our project is paramount.”

The USA TODAY Network has reached out to the Albuquerque Police Department to confirm the gunfire reports.

The project, titled “He Will Not Divide Us,” moved from the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, N.Y., where it launched on Inauguration Day, to Albuquerque’s El Rey Theater earlier this week due to concerns about violence and safety at the original location. (Photo: Timothy Clary, AFP/Getty Images)

Oh, you broken boy.
Take another drink.
You’ve picked your poison,
now put it in your veins.
Make yourself a new man.
Flood your blood
with liquid courage.
Watch it tilt the heavens back
into your hands.
Take a flame to it;
watch it dance and watch it burn.
Rise from the ashes it makes of his ruins.
The King is eclipsed and
The Queen will rule.
—  Alcohol is a weapon of the broken
Voltron on Instagram headcanons

Because my friend and I sat down and made a bunch of them so here we go

• Allura is on stuco and she’s always posting pictures of the decorations for the next school dance
• she maintains a study account for everyone in her grade to use as reference
• she’s always doing super cool shit like waterskiing or skydiving on the weekends so her posts about them make everyone jealous
• she’s the one who has followers from every school in the district
• probably runs a photography account too
• her bio has something about the sports she does, her school, just basic information
• fashion queen, she runs an outfit of the day account

• coran is a mess of memes and selfies
• shirtless pictures and flexing pictures because he loves himself so much
• much ranting about his parents and the world in general conspiring against him
• he tries to learn to skateboard and fails the first time around, the video gets posted and gets thousands of likes

• shiro posts study pictures too
• he also pulls all these crazy do-not-try-this-at-home-kids stunts like making flame throwers out of aerosol cans and posts videos of them
• he’s the one who tries to teach coran to skateboard, has like two skateboarding pictures on Instagram
• he swims and posts pictures with his entire team
• also on stuco
• has “#shallura” in his bio (im sorry but I’m trash)
• he’s in band and he always live blogs their band concerts and field trips on his story
• everyone mainly just follows him for the pictures of his pet cat, she’s fluffy and gorgeous and she’s named sky and she’s dark stormy grey
• altogether doesn’t post too often

• Hunk definitely posts food recipes. I know we’re all fed up with hunk being characterized with just food but he definitely posts food recipes.
• he’s a complete computer science genius and posts homework help for his classmates too
• majority of his photos are of Lance hacking his account and spamming selfies
• has a shitty science pun as his bio
• he reviews Netflix shows with Lance

• Pidge is part of Instagram royalty; they’re queer, they hack, and they game
• they’ve got thousands of followers for their video game cheats and tips videos
• they meme with Lance a lot too, so Lance gets popularity on Instagram through them
• they post one picture of this giant stash of soda and chips captioned “gamer fuel”
• they post another one right after it of this exquisite gourmet salad captioned “hunk took my gamer fuel away and replaced it with a meal :(”
• they put playthroughs up on their story every day
• they talk shit about every single person in their school by using pseudonyms for them, and everyone guesses who they’re talking about in the comments. No one ever gets to find out if they’re right or not.

• Lance just flat out memes, he runs a spam account and a main account.
• he runs both a dc and a marvel fan account, even though he does like D.C. Better
• he writes movie reviews
• on his main account there’s a lot of selfies of him with girls, him with his friends, him with his family… he just loves people and everyone is always tagged
• has the most followers after Pidge. Like allura, he’s the one who people from all across the district follow.
• he swims with Shiro on the swim team, and bitches about practice every day
• attends every social event ever
• plays the piano because I personally love this headcanon, he posts a video of him attempting to play the death waltz and it goes practically viral
• he learned to skateboard from shiro and now he can’t get enough of it
• he posts pictures of Keith glaring at and/or flipping off the camera a LOT
• complains about homework all the time
• his bio is something about space, but he never really posts about it because it’s more of a private fascination that just makes him happy
• he loses his mind over fish and spams pictures of them whenever he has a chance to

• keith is following only Lance on Instagram because Lance made his account
• he has exactly one (1) picture on his Instagram. It’s of his feet up on the desk in front of him, crossed at the ankles, black and white filter, captioned “rebel”
• the first two comments are Lance, one says “first” and the second says “why are you like this”
• his bio reads “Lance is the best” but he deleted the app after Lance made him download it so now it’s just up there permanently and everyone thinks Lance and him are a thing
• it also has something about him running track and what school he goes to
• his profile pic is Lance with Keith’s face in the background, smiling, but it’s the only smiling picture of him on the internet because whenever Lance tries to take one he immediately glares at the camera

a moment of silence for my anxious ass that ended up working today.

Snow White: Scene Five

Snow White played by @sirussly

The Evil Queen played by @egdramaqueen

Snow White: ~Some day we’ll meet again, and away to his castle we’ll go. To be happy forever, I know~

*From the shadows of the forest, The Queen emerges. Snow White gasps, and the Queen chuckles; sinister*

Queen: Are the little men not here?

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anonymous asked:

GET THE FUCK OUT OF EVIL REGAL FANDOM! You Hoodies are annoying idiots and all you do is support offensive narratives. You contribute nothing to this fandom. Nobody wants to listen to your whining that your godawful ship is dead. Go away. Move on to another show, character, whatever. You're like a shit stain in this fandom.

“…And I encourage you to support one another. Unity is the most important. Any bullying, or segregation, separation, whatever. Fighting between ships — whatever.  I don’t support any of that. … There’s just no room for it. There’s a lot of other people in the world doing that, let’s not bring it here, please.” – Lana Parrilla (at about the 4:47 mark, if that doesn’t autostart there)

The Queen seems to feel otherwise. But have a nice day.


Royal Tiara Challenge 2017

Day 23: Favorite Fringe Tiara

Queen Noor’s Diamond Sunburst Tiara

I had a hard time narrowing this category of tiara’s down since fringe tiara’s tend to all look the same after a while. Which is probably why I chose Queen Noor’s tiara as my favorite, it is truly and completely unique. Unlike most other fringe tiaras, the Diamond Sunburst Tiara has multiple peaks which creates the wave or sunburst effect. The rays are composed of varying sizes of diamonds aswell, giving the piece it’s rich texture. It’s a completely new take on the fringe and I love it. 

hifftn  asked:

I wanted to say thanks for "Actions have consequences". It was fantastic, better than I have hoped for. You've done a great job, from building the tension and anticipation to the glorious, glorious smut. I love it. 12/10 would recommend!

Thank you, hearing that from the smut queen makes my day instantly better! ❤ I’m so happy it surpassed expectations. It better have done, it took me nearly three weeks to write lol. Oh and a super big thank you to @whatdoyouexpectthistime for all your help and inspiration/distraction. Madam Pommytights - the adventures. Is now on the table to be written after I recharge, of course.

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On the third day of Queen Mathilde’s visit to Laos, the Queen visited the a community based pre-school in Kang village (Saravan Province), Laos on February 22, 2017. Queen Mathilde, honorary President of Unicef Belgium, is on a four days mission in Laos.