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Have you ever really REALLY paid attention to the bass line in Millionaire Waltz? Cuz I have been listening to ADATR for 20 years and the other day in my car was just like, hm, I think I’ll crank the bass, I’m always so focused on vocals and Bri and OH MY GOD

If you haven’t done it DO IT turn up the bass all the way!!!

Anybody out there have that neat thing to isolate it and post it maybe?

Arrow 4x13

Oh. My God! Where do i start? Oliver cutting off Malcolm’s hand, Felicity turning her father in to the Police, Nyssa disbanding the League, Wow! My Brain is in shambles right now.

Lets start with Oliver and Malcolm, I personally think this was WAY overdue. Malcolm has done so many horrible things and i feel like he only gets rewarded. He killed his son and over 500 other innocent people and he got to go live it up on some remote island. He brainwashed his daughter into killing, her friend and brother’s ex and he got to be Ra’s Al Ghul, and those are just the major ones. And now he had a chance to do something right and he still made the selfish choice, he was willing to watch his daughter die, just so he could keep his power. And its so funny, that not one person wanted him to be speared, Oliver was the only one conflicted. I’d like to think that given the choice between my child (that doesn’t exist yet) and anything in the world, i will always choose my child. Malcolm says he loves Thea but so far he’s yet to prove it, He brainwashed her into killing someone she’s close to and that haunts her everyday. She chooses to deal with her blood lust in a productive way and he’s in her ear telling her to kill people and now he finally had a chance to partially make up for all the horrible and despicable things he did to her and he failed, miserably.

See how Oliver’s team rushed to his side? If he was to die he wouldn’t be dying alone and they would definitely go down fighting. So Oliver made the choice for him, and trust me no one saw it coming. I’m surprised, I actually thought the fight was staged, cause i did not expect Oliver to beat Malcolm so easily. But every step of the way, he held out hope and he held it out till the very end. And because of that Malcolm got to walk away with his life, and how did he say thank you? He served up Oliver’s son, a child, to Darhk. I guess some people are really better off dead. And i guess that’s what he expected when Oliver bested him, that’s what they all expected but, Oliver found another way, he took his power, by taking his hand, with the ring.

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For once he feels pain, a tiny fraction compared to the tons he’s caused. So there truce is over, the battle lines are drawn and they are on opposite sides once again, although I’m not so sure they were ever on the same side to begin with. Everything Malcolm does always seem to suit his own agenda. He was right in the thick of it with Vandal Savage and he was the one who brought him back to life and his exchange with Darhk looks as if they are very much acquainted and possibly in league with each other. So if he’s in the business of helping the likes of Savage and Darhk then he was never really on Oliver’s side.

Could someone PLEASE tell me why Nyssa kept calling Oliver husband? Didn’t anybody tell her that Oliver is engaged to be married to the only woman who’s ever truly captured his heart? Besides, she didn’t even wanna marry him, didn’t she try to kill him at their wedding? Now she’s all husband this, husband that, Oh, Oh and Thea is my sister-in-law, so that’s why you are holding her life for ransom. I particularly liked Oliver’s first response when she called him her husband though, his face was priceless!

Nyssa was really following in her father’s footstep there for a minute, holding Thea’s life hostage as way to force Oliver’s hand. Raging war on Star City, innocent people getting hurt, she took that page right out of The Ra’s Al Ghul’s play book. But then Oliver fought for her, gave her what was truly meant for her, And then she did a complete 180.She disbanded the League, all those assassins tossed out into the word, with no purpose, no reason to wake up in the morning. Cause lets face it the guys can’t just return to normal and go home to their families. I mean look at Maseo, his own wife had to put him out of his misery. So I’m not so sure it was such a good thing, but i think it was the right thing for her.


Not a lot of Olicity tonight, in fact they only had 5 scenes together of which they were only alone in 2.  Both our babies had hard choices to make tonight. Oliver had to decide whether or not he was going to finally end Malcolm Merlin (he didn’t) and Felicity had to decide what to do about her criminal father. But through it all i love how they lean on each other, no matter how crazy things get, they keep each other grounded.

Oliver gave Felicity the idea to put her father’s sincerity to the test, a test which he flunked. She felt silly for having wanting to believe in her father, and his reassuring words were kind and soothing, he spoke from experience, there was nothing wrong with her hoping for the best. He in turn asked her advise on what to do about Malcolm. And normally Felicity is and Advocate for finding another way but tonight her torch was set a blaze and her pitch fork aimed at Merlin’s head maybe it was because of her own father drama.  “Maybe Thea and i could make T-Shirts, we could join a club.”

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I don’t know who writes Felicity Smoak Lines but oh my god, and the way Emily delivers them I think I’m gonna be laughing at that one fr a really long time. I absolutely LOVED how when Merlin was begging for death, he looked to her, like “Only if you’re ok with this babe.” No one elses opinion mattered in that moment.

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She was but he found a better way. Its not like she just wanted him to kill Malcolm just for the sake of payback, but if there was no other way, then she definitely wouldn’t be losing sleep over his demise. Malcolm had the choice and he chose wrong and although she was totally ok with Malcolm dying, it was pretty hard to miss the pride in her eyes when Oliver did what he did. Its like all the reason why she loves him has never been more clear.

Her face when he called Nyssa his wife? Priceless. He could have at least given her a heads up though, I mean if i were her i wouldn’t want to hear the man I’m about to marry calling another woman wife. And her face basically said as much.

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Crisis averted Malcolm lost a hand Nyssa disbanded the League. It was now time for Felicity to deal with her demon and that she did, she sent him straight to hell or prison, 6 of one ½ a dozen a the other.

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Now on to the highlight of my Night. Cause like it or not, all hell is about to break loose, Oliver is about to have his roughest battle yet, so i just wanna bask in the perfection of this moment, i wan to savor it for all the angst that’s ahead.

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This was So the icing on the cake, after escaping an all out assassin war by the skin of their teeth. After talking and some much needed reassuring

Oliver asked Felicity Once again to Marry him, so sweet and cute and her response was equally as cute. He obviously can’t wait to be her husband and i guess Nyssa calling him husband, repeatedly, really drove it home for him. He knows who he wants to be married to, who he wants to call wife and who he wants to call him husband, so he made the first move in the wedding planning process. I mean seriously a woman get proposed to and in a split second she’s picked a date, a venue and what will be served but not our beloved Felicity, she is not your typical newly engaged woman, She’s miss CEO by day and crime fighting Overwatch by night. Which is not to say she doesn’t swoon at the thought of being his wife or she isn’t excited about planning their wedding but between getting shot and all the bad guys, when would she have found the time. But its clear that Oliver wants to marry her yesterday.

Aaaww, look at that kiss, Oliver is the best version of himself with her. ’cept for when his baby mama gives him and ultimatum to lie to Felicity and he does but i guess that proved my point, a a good parent would do just about anything for their child, even lie to the woman you love.

OK peeps, savor this moment and strap on your seat belts because we are about to pull a fast (and furious) one.

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On the dawn of the wedding all hell’s about to break loose!! I personally can’t wait, because this is not gonna be like before, when he called it quits after the fist date. He asked her to marry him, TWICE, and they’re just about ready to do that but I’m guessing that’s when it will all hit the fan, when everything falls into place. So is he gonna move out? Is She? How will it be at work, will she still be able to be as professional like before? Is mama Smoak gonna come stay with her? all these questions, I haven’t the slightest clue how this is all gonna play out but I’ve never been more interested or excited to see anything in my life. And ya’ll might be wondering why I’m excited about Olicity breakup, Its because I’m not worried for a second about OIicity’s Endgame status.

Black is Beautiful 11- Queen Nanny

Nanny of the Maroons was born in Ghana in the 16th century. she went from being a free woman to being brought to Jamaica as a slave. The Maroons were groups of folks who fled slavery by escape or revolt and established their own societies, often in the mountains or the jungle away from the plantation. Nanny, along with many other Maroon leaders established small village strongholds; hers was known as the Portland Parish. She was known to be a great guerilla warrior and a strategist who organized counter attacks when the British tried to attack her village. The village came to be known as “Nanny Town”. It is in the north eastern part of Jamaica.It was destroyed in the early 1700s but not before Nanny could free hundreds (over 800) slaves. Today there are tours of the area she once ruled in Jamaica.