Highlights from Adelaide's instalive

- Francis is the love of Mary’s life.
- Her death is the saddest.
- Season 2, Episode 9 was the hardest to film.
- Torrance is so cool.
- She’s closest to Rachel.
- Favourite season is 4.
- She would have loved to have played Queen Catherine.
- She can’t pick a favourite lady out of Greer and Lola; Lola died out of loyalty but Greer was with her through it all until the end.
- She and Toby are definitely friends, she just doesn’t see him very often because she tends to see people in the same country as her.
- they have never dated. “Never say never, well I’m saying never” 😂
- She can’t pick between Claude and Kenna, she loves loves her sweet princess Rose, but she’s known Caitlyn since she was sixteen, so it’s a tie.
- She has no idea what happened to Kenna.
- She loves Eliza from the 100 and is proud to see her doing well.
- Least favourite part about Reign, the winters.
- She wishes she could have filmed more of Mary as a mother.
- She had no control over Reign being cancelled and cried hysterically after her last scenes.

Marissa Meyer's Villains
  • Catherine: I am heartless
  • Levana: Me too
  • Catherine: I literally have no heart in my body
  • Levana: My face is fake
  • Catherine: I ordered someone to be executed and I killed a Jabberwocky
  • Levana: I ordered my niece burnt alive and I forced my step-daughter's boyfriend to murder my step-daughter. Also I've killed hundreds and I'm an oppressive dictator.
  • Catherine: ...
  • Levana: But I still really love my people, y'know? Like I want the absolute best for Luna.
  • Catherine: ...
  • Catherine: Okay you win.
  • Levana: Hey I really love my people, don't you think a Hunger Games would make them sooooo happy?