Netflix and Chill
  • Regina: Zelena I have a day off!
  • Zelena: Fantastic.
  • Regina: Want to come over for Netflix and Chill?
  • Zelena *stunned*: What?
  • Regina: We can watch Netflix - Emma introduced me to it, it's amazing.
  • Zelena: You do know what Netflix and Chill means, right?
  • Regina: Hanging out whilst watching Grace and Frankie?
  • Zelena *smiling*: Call Emma...she'll explain it.
  • Regina: Why can't you explain it?
  • Zelena: Because you'd rather Netflix and Chill with Emma...trust me.

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My friend got me shipping wendys and dairy and they see dairy queen as the nice quiet girlfriend while wendys is the loud sass girlfriend im going to cry this is rlly cute and stupid

Hello welcome to the fast food fandom where this savage girl apparently has a girlfriend wink

I based of DQ from that Inuit girl that once was added to the sign, then i tried to mix (or ended up anyway) old and modern version of the outfit asdkal