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Satisfied 2.0
Satisfied 2.0

I mixed the original Satisfied (Renee Elise Goldsberry, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Phillipa Soo) with the Satisfied from the Hamilton Mixtape (Sia, Miguel, and Queen Latifa) and this was the result, god bless.

Lets Talk About Julies Greenroom

Julie Andrews has a new show on Netflix that came out this month called Julies Greenroom. Its about a group of kids (muppets) who are a part of an acting group with Julie as their mentor. Each episode has a guest star who also teaches them about theater!

Spike- black kid with an afro who has a word bank and writes big words Julie uses with definitions down so he can use them later
Fiz- Latina who actually has like 3 last names lol she also has curly brown hair and lighter brown skin
Peri- Unspecified asian (im only on episode 1 lol) who is the theater queen aka rachel berry lol shes adorable tho
Hank- white kid with a disability that has ended him up in a wheelchair
Riley- baby gay, she has glasses, uncombed red hair, a blazer, doesnt want to act wants to be in tech, knows about plumbing lmao
Hugo- A geese/duck bc as Julie says “the theater never discriminates”
And Julie has a helper named Gus (not sure what the race is im guessing white?) He is super cute and chill
Julie- omg of course she kills it. She sings too!!


I went to see les mis at the queen’s theater yesterday bc I was in Londonand  and it was AMAZING i cried so mUCH. SO MUCH. Enjolras and Grantaire killed me. I saw the show last year with a different cast and it was already intense but this time… They really show their relationship and it’s TERRIBLE I CRIED SO MUCH. 

A while ago, I went to see the Frozen Musical at the Hyperion Theatre in California Advetnure. I gotta say, it was pretty amazing! Anna was great, but unfortunately I didn’t get a lot of her on camera.

What I managed to capture was Elsa’s dress change in Let It Go. And it’s soooooooooo wonderful. Plus the shoulder roll as she looks at the audience!? I died.

I have the full finale on video too so I might post that later, but I wanted to share this with those who haven’t seen it and don’t mind spoilers, those who have seen it and want to see it again, and those who can’t see it because they’re too far away.

Enjoy this poor quality video haha.

Don’t remove caption or repost without my permission. Thank you <3


Found some rare pictures online this morning. The Arion theater in Middle Village, Queens was the biggest inspiration for The Odyssey Theater in Penn Zero. Actually… more Iike the memory of it, as it was hard to find pics in 2011 when we were developing the show. My Dad was projectionist there and I spent a lot of time watching movies, hanging out in the booth, eating popcorn and drinking too much free soda. I saw Raiders of The Lost Ark 4 times in a row one day, from inside the booth. The Lobby was similar to the Odyssey and the place had a similar, if less ornate Art Deco style. We looked at other early 1900s-mid century movie houses too, and the RKO Keith in Flushing, Queens was also an inspiration. But the memory of this place (which closed in the 80s) was my biggest inspiration.

Also I think that’s my Dad’s brown dodge illegally parked out front in the top picture, circa 1976.


The Hamilton Mixtape will feature Chance the Rapper, Sia, Usher, Queen Latifah and more

Get ready Hamilton fans, because the historical hip-hop Broadway musical is getting remixed. Lin-Manuel Miranda is working on The Hamilton Mixtape, a series of covers and remixes of songs from the hit musical — and has already lined up some big names. The rap, rock and pop stars you’ll hear in addition to the four above.