queen's riders

Omg I finished it!! This took longer than expected but its done. This was actually meant to be part of a bigger painting with the four main girls from eos but Im going to try and do them separately and later join them together. More art coming soon. BTW Thank you for a 1k followers!!!

Character belongs to @sjmaas

This painting will be available in my Redbubble if you would like to purchase it. 

Happy Holidays everyone!!!!

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What do you think about Rapunzel and Eugene's age difference? They get married 3 years later, I think??? By this time Eugene is probably 29 or 30 while Rapunzel is in her early 20s.

Eugene does not have a canon age. He is not canonically 26. That’s the going theory based on a comment about them using 26-year-old models when they were working on designing him, but Byron Howard himself said that he always thought of Eugene as 22-23. Maybe they’ll give him a canon age in the series.

But, even going with the theory that he’s 26, the age difference doesn’t bother me. They develop their relationship for years before they get married, and they are clearly a very healthy couple. The older you get, the less an age gap matters. Has anyone asked Arianna and Frederic what their age difference is? Arianna looks younger than him, to me (though it could be that stress and genetics aged him prematurely).

Both Rapunzel and Eugene are adults, and even though they met before she was technically eighteen, the romance began on her eighteenth birthday, so she has been an adult by modern American standards for the duration of their relationship.

I had my first trip to Disneyland two days ago which was amazing. I bought a sketchbook there instead of the autograph book so I could fill it in with sketches for the characters to sign. Didn’t get all of them though ;/

I’m still sad I didn’t get Rapunzel and Flynn to sign theirs. :’D

I want to get some color on these once uni cools down a bit.


Art 2 project. Code name, “Full Metal Alice project”: Part 3

Ok here it comes, the event no one was waiting for :3 here is were i came up with the idea of the project “Full metal alice”! Essentially i thought it would be cool to combine the elaborate transformations of sailor moon, cool armour of kamen rider, abstract landscapes from fantasy stories but still retain the characteristics of the original illutrations of alice in wonderland. I think this well work, I made a scrap book to give me some ideas, there is some really good art people have made for all these genres so i have plenty of ideas to work with.

Once again @rustnut and @mandersdoodle making great models. Now i have my white rabbit and queen of hearts i just need to make the rest of the crew out of the rest of the life drawing class, were only ment to make one character but screw it i want a whole squad :3 hope this process has been intresting so far.

I think that one of the most important thing about the hair growing back is the fact that they are THE PROOF for the king and queen that Rapunzel is their daughter.
Can you imagine how many girls presented at their door telling them they were their daughter (yes like Anastasia sort of thing).
The hair really mean that she’s the little BLONDE girl who was kidnapped 18 years before.

Rider (Medb)

Queen of Connaught and the archenemy of Cú Chulainn. She was said to have had five husbands, one of whom was the King of Ulster. She was also famous for starting the Táin Bó Cúailnge (Cattle Raid of Cooley) to steal his prize bull and her voracious sexual appetite.

She rose a great army, but was opposed by only one man, Chulainn. Using her daughter as a prize, Medb sent many heroes to kill Chulainn but all were defeated. In the end, she managed to steal the bull and made a hasty retreat. For many years, Chulainn would appear before her, killing her pets and handmaidens.

Humorously, she died whilst bathing in a pool when her nephew, Furbaide slung a piece of cheese at her head after she had killed his mother, her sister.

The Irish Goddess, Medb Lethberg who ruled over intoxication and sovereignty is also thought to be her.