queen's ground


He tells her the moment she steps foot in the palace. 

The words fall out so easily, ‘I know.’

She roams the grounds. A Queen jailed in a palace. It nearly brings laughter to her lips. She fills Aphrodite’s temple with a thousand curses. Men will die from the work of a vain Goddess, but then isn’t war sprung from the will of woman?

He is hard, worn down by the weight of battles yet to come. Hector. The name rolls so easily off her tongue.

The fires below them keep them both awake.  ‘They are calling me Helen of Troy.’ she whispers, ‘I used to be Helen of Sparta.’ The betrayal is burning down her throat. He glances to her for a moment, and under the moon, she almost thinks he is handsome. ‘Perhaps you are simply just Helen.’

Death has clung to Troy. A firm clasp around its walls and along it’s shores. Death takes all men regardless of the flag they bear.  She felt his soul the moment it passed to Hades. She leans against the banister, his brother’s breath on her shoulder. ‘Man dies for the gods, why would you be any different?’

‘You forget,’ she takes his lips to hers, ‘that I am no God,’

‘I am merely a Woman’   | for @archistratego  | L.H.Z

Betrayal Part 2

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Part 1 is here

Part 3 is here

Pairing - Robb Stark X Reader

Wordcount - 2735

Warnings - Swearing, mature themes. 

Author’s Note - Not my gif credit goes to the creator. (Y/F/S/N) - Your first son’s name. (Y/S/S/N) - Your second son’s name. (Y/C/H) - Your color hair There can be a part three to this if you guys want it. 

“Robb I am with child” Talisa screamed at the top of her lungs, Robb looked up from (Y/S/S/N). (Y/N) stood frozen like a block of ice. She is with a child. Robb’s child. Jon burst through the tent opening, (Y/N) remaining completely still, tears silently falling down her face. Jon saw the heartbreak shining in her eyes. 

“What have you done? Brother, do you have any idea to how lucky you are? You have a wife, a queen that worships the ground you walk on, that barred you, two incredible sons, that will one day make great kings who will be remembered throughout time. Is this how you treat your wife and children? By fucking a noble whore. (Y/N) deserves better! You’re a failure of a husband and a father!” Jon wrapped a fur around (Y/N) shoulders before wrapping her in a tight embrace. (Y/N) couldn’t move, frozen in place. Jon’s heart broke at the sight. He called for one of the men, they appeared immediately. 

“Prepare the Queen’s tent. Make sure her bed is prepared as well as the Prince’s” The man left immediately. No matter what Jon tried, (Y/N) wouldn’t respond until Saphire moved to her side rubbing her body against her leg. (Y/N) gripped her fur, when a sound of thundering little feet came ever closer towards the tent. (Y/N) snapped out of her trance, as she hastily wiped her tears away, pulling away from Jon’s embrace. The arrival of (Y/F/S/N) had planted a smile on her face, it seemed genuine, but Jon noticed the pain behind it all. 

“Momma, you never said we were going to see Daddy” (Y/F/S/N) exclaimed, (Y/N) crouched down ruffling her son’s dark brown locks. 

“I told you, you would like the surprise. Why don’t you spend some time with your father, while I go write a letter” (Y/F/S/N) didn’t need to be told twice before running over to his father. (Y/N) refused to look at Robb instead made her way over to Talisa. 

“You are not permitted to be in this tent with my sons present, so leave” (Y/N) walked out of the tent, with Jon following behind her. Sapphire turned, a growl irrupting from her throat, (Y/N) smirking in response to her loyal companion’s hatred for the women. 

As one of the guards lead (Y/N) in the direction of the tent. She noticed Catelyn walking in her direction? Did Catelyn know about Robb’s affair? When Catelyn noticed (Y/N) she looked surprised. 

“(Y/N), my dear. What are you doing here? Your shivering. Let’s get you inside” Catelyn wrapped her arms around the young women, moving her towards the tent that had quickly been put up for the Queen. Even the men thought it was strange that their Queen had her own tent. But they respected their Queen so they never questioned it. As (Y/N) walked into the tent, she found a chair before taking it, moving her head in her hands as sobs surged through her body, unable to control it anymore. Jon crouched beside her immediately, rubbing her back. Catelyn gave Jon a look of disgust, but Jon was too concerned with (Y/N)’s well-being.

“My dear, what is wrong?” Catelyn asked, (Y/N) looked up shaking with emotion. Had Catelyn known? Had Catelyn known about Robb’s affair? 

“Did you know Did you know that Robb was fucking a noble whore” (Y/N) asked completely composed. Jon took (Y/N)’s hand in his rubbing small circles on the back of her hand. 

“You were never supposed to find out. Since you and Robb were children, there was an agreement that you and Robb were to wed. Nobody could have expected you to fall in love. I knew that the information of Robb’s affair, you’d be destroyed” The answer given by Catelyn infuriated (Y/N) 

“So how were you going to explain when Robb came home with a bastard child? You look surprised. Talisa is with a child. My husband’s child. I thought of all people you would understand! Am I not enough? Does Robb not love me. What am I supposed to do?” (Y/N) stood up her heart visibly shattering into a thousand of pieces. Catelyn had never seen (Y/N) look this way. 

“You have to accept it!” Catelyn replied. 

“Like you did so graciously. You never accepted Jon. In fact, you advised me that putting Jon in my counsel would destroy Winterfell. After everything he has done, he’s protected me and your grandchildren.So how do you expect me to accept it” (Y/N) looked at Jon remorsefully, but Jon understood. Rob was lucky he was king otherwise, Robb would be getting a beating right now. 

“(Y/N) it’s something you have to do” Catelyn advised. 

“Get out! Don’t you and dare try and give me advice that you can’t follow yourself” Catelyn agreed, leaving her with Jon alone. Her thoughts full of imagines of Robb and the noble whore together, did Robb not love her anymore? 

“It’s going to be okay (Y/N) Your get through this. I’ll help you, whatever you need” Jon wrapped his arms around (Y/N) kissing her forehead, rubbing her back as the tears flooded through her once more. She didn’t want to cry anymore, but she couldn’t help it. 

That night she cried until she fell asleep on Jon’s chest as he whispered soothingly into her ear, running his hand through (Y/C/H). 

But as soon as the sun rose, he was going to have words with his brother. He was going to make sure Robb was aware of truly how special his wife was. 

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Fic in which an old enemy steals Bulma's invention to subdue and kidnap Vegeta and Bulma rescues him with cooler weaponry. P.S. I love love love your vegebul fics :)

“Let him go or I’ll take you down so hard that your great-great-great-great grandchildren will still be picking up the pieces.” 

It’s not her best line, but there’s a countdown in the blood trickling from the corners of Vegeta’s mouth to the floor below where he’s strung up. She’s not about to run out the clock trying to come up with something better.

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The only thing I enjoy more than arranged marriage AUs is Peter getting what’s coming to him. <3


I’ve always wanted to try out this Green Arrow Chili Recipe, and I finally did so last Sunday.

For any of the ingredients I didn’t have, I mostly bought them at Stater Bros., including all of the chili powders. Cooked in a crock pot on Low for almost 8 hours, dropped the beans and brown sugar in the pot about 6 hours in… and I don’t have Tabasco nor did I want to buy any; but I do have Tapatio (and also Sriracha) on hand along with chips (instead of Saltines). Added onion on top in the end.

… And it’s not as hot as this picture would like me to believe. Actually, it was pretty mild without the hot sauce. I mean unless the “Tabasco to taste” was Ollie dropping the whole bottle in, I can’t imagine this kind of reaction lol. Still, p good.