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Genji and Angela in an arrange marriage maybe?

Soooo like Princess Angela and the son of an Emperor, am I right?


Gency. AU. Fluff. Angst. Hurt/Comfort. 

One day. He only has one more day of freedom and of his own choices. Father says he should be proud, happy to be serving the clan as such. But as many times as Hanzo likes to label him, Genji is not a fool. The second son has very little value. A pawn to be married off in deals with other clans and empires.

The King and Queen sit across from them. Tall and graceful. Somehow, they convey respect without that air of fear. Their guards are of bright colors and small weapons. His eyes keep straying to the girl sitting at their side. Her foreign, blonde hair rare among his people.

The Princess.

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Change in Hair Color AU

Since the revelation that Pike’s hair changed color after her resurrection, I have this slightly AU idea in my head.

What if the change of someone’s hair color to white after a succesful resurrection always happens? A mark that you have passed through the Raven Queen’s domain, a reminder that you didn’t escape death, but just bought more time.

When Vox Machina first finds Percy, they think he must’ve died before (and in a way he has. Watching his family getting slaughtered certainly felt like it).

When Grog dies the first time, it’s not noticeable because Goliath do not have hair. After the second time it’s a bit more obvious if you look hard enough. The blue-ish, white beard he’s been growing has turned completely white.

When Vex dies, her white hair is a constant reminder of what happened to her. She might joke to Vax that now the can be told apart, but her throat feels tight. They don’t look like each other anymore.

They never find out what would have happened to Tiberius, if he had been resurrected. Would his red scales turned white, like that of the beast that killed him?

When Scanlan dies, he makes a joke that he truly looks like an old man now, but it brings home of how little time there is in this world and how much he has missed of that time spending with his daughter.

When death finds Vax, Vex jokes that they now look the same again, her throat still feeling tight.

Keyleth looks at her friends, already seeing the future and a handful of ghosts that will haunt her. But she will focus on them being alive, on Vax still being warm under her hands again and all of them shining brightly.

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“To begin with,” said the Cat, “a dog’s not mad. You grant that?" 
I suppose so, said Alice. 
"Well then,” the Cat went on, “you see a dog growls when it’s angry, and wags it’s tail when it’s pleased. Now I growl when I’m pleased, and wag my tail when I’m angry. Therefore     I  ’  m     m  a  d  .

Why Henry technically rules... everything

So Henry is heir to the following titles:

1.  Prince of the White Kingdom =  Snow White and Prince Charming’s Kingdom (Which I’ll call the White Kingdom here). Thanks to his being the biological grandson of Snow White and Prince Charming, son of their daughter, Princess Emma.  Though by technicality Prince Neal might have more direct claim to ascension. 

2. Lord / Duke: (maybe)  The Evil Queen’s domain (if she has any)

3. Prince title inherited from his adoptive maternal grandfather. Any lands and title he might have from his adoptive grandfather Prince Henry (whom he’s named after), and Queen Regina (His adoptive mother).

4.  Prince of The Dark Castle and it’s surrounding Dark Forest (thanks to his paternal grandfather being Rumplestiltskin).

5.   Prince of The Queen of Heart’s domain in Wonderland (as that was his adoptive maternal grandmother).   Now that Cora is dead that leaves her domain to either Regina or Regina’s adopted son, Henry.

6.  Prince of The Dark Realm (as his paternal grandfather’s mother, is The Black Fairy and ruler of The Dark Realm).  Though his grandfather, Rumplestiltskin and uncle Gideon have right to inherit first.

7.   Prince or even King of Neverland (Since his paternal great-grandfather was Peter Pan and it’s not at all likely that his grandfather, Rumplestiltskin would want the domain.

8.    Prince of Camelot (Via the fact that his paternal grandfather, Rumplestiltskin, pulled the sword from the stone and may technically should be it’s king).  Now that King Arthur’s dead this gives Rumplestiltskin and his family substantial clam to Camelot.

9.  Prince and heir to King George’s kingdom.  Since King George adopted Henry’s biological great-uncle James and later his own grandfather, David, father of Henry’s mother, Emma.  This makes Henry heir to King George’s Kingdom as there is no other before his grandfather, David (Prince Charming) and Prince Neal (Henry’s younger uncle).

10.  Prince of Maurice’s Kingdom.  If you go by the Beauty and the Beast novel it was known as L'île à fortune (The Fortunate Isle).   Maurice is the father of Belle, Rumplestiltskin’s current wife.  This makes Belle and Rumplestiltskin Princess and Prince of Maurice’s Kingdom.  And both Gideon (Henry’s Uncle) and Henry are heirs to the kingdom since Henry is the son of Rumplestiltskin’s first-born son, Baelfire. Though Gideon might have a more direct claim since Gideon is of Belle’s actual blood and Henry was the son of Rumplestiltskin’s child from his first wife, Milah.

11. Possible high ranking status in Oz.  Henry’s adoptive mother, Regina (and also maternal step Great-Grandmother) has a sister, Zelena, who is actually The Wicked Witch of The West, who has periodically served as essentially matriarch of Oz.   This makes Henry, via his aunt, heir to Oz though his cousin, Robin has first claim.

Henry technically should have titles in at least eleven kingdoms.   When he said “I’m not a prince” in the show he wasn’t kidding. No.  He’s the potential emperor of The Enchanted Forest.

The only lands Henry may not have a noble title in are Cinderella and Thomas’ kingdom, Aurora and Phillip’s Kingdom, Arendelle, Prince Eric’s Kinbgdom, Agrabah, Merida’s Kingdom, Mulan’s original land (Enchanted Forest / Mist Haven equivalent of China), and Atlantica (The mermaid kingdom).

All hail Henry, Emperor of Mist Haven!


This jumped into my head overnight a few days ago. Set after 3.5. May not match up with the implications of the latest tweets.

“Aw, my room! My old digs!” Shitty declares as Lardo pulls him by the cuff of his sleeve through the doorway. “I’m gonna cry. Good to see you, old mattress. Hallo, old desk–”

“Shits.” He glances at Lardo and promptly loses the feeling of nostalgia. She is leveling him with a death glare. “I can’t believe you did that.”

“Did what?”

She gestures in a vague direction that probably means downstairs. “Got all up in Jack’s face.”

“Look,” Shitty starts, “he’s been–”

She rolls her eyes. “Shouting girlfriend at him. Jeez.”

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Winters of Wolves 2016 - 2017 Fic List

Baron Corbin. Reader who’s a bit more brash and strong-natured. Like- not afraid to speak her mind and snap at people but she’s not exactly like him. Think more Finn’s personality where she’s charming and fiesty. She’s not a Diva either- but she is a werewolf.

Summary: Where he could be rough, she was gentle. Where he was quiet, she was loud. Where they swore their paths dissected, they actually merged. If only they both weren’t too stubborn to see the forest through the trees.

Baron Corbin. Diva reader who’s really level-headed and there for others- like, kinda the mom friend of the group- who occasionally flips shit but instantly regrets it and kinda shuts the world away when she’s afraid of herself. Reader’s NOT a werewolf in this case.

Summary: In her mind, her worst enemy, the thing she fears the most, is herself. That anything she touches will turn to dust. Anyone that she loves will grow to hate her. Everything she wants will never, ever have. And Baron knows those feelings all too well… But for her? He’s willing to fight his fears, and hers, for a shot at a happily ever after.

Adam Cole. Reader accidentally learning Adam is a werewolf because he’s protecting her. Gentle reader who’s a bit more timid. Human non-wrestler reader.

Summary: He’s the cute guy in the condo next door. You’re just trying to start over- to go on with your life. You wouldn’t mind him being a part of your fresh start, but what you honestly did not see coming was him fighting your ex at 4 in the morning and sprouting sharp incisors and claws. Not every girl’s knight in shining armor is human though.

Adam Cole. She (reader) and he butt heads because they’re both weres but not both werewolves. So she’s stubborn as hell with him but around others she’s like… Really funny and calm. Wrestler reader.

Summary: Sometimes love makes you act a little bit stupid or a little bit crazy. In the former, Adam seems to forget how to breathe around you. In the case of the latter, you forget how to act like a dignified human being around him.

Marty Scurll. Dry/sarcastic reader who uses witty remarks to hide what she’s really feeling/thinking. Secretly has loved Marty for years but knows that they’d never work. Some angst. Werewolf wrestler reader.

Summary: You loved him. You knew that he was it- your soulmate. A thousand years could pass and you would always love him. But you doubted that he ever, truly, could love you back.

Kenny Omega. Energetic, lively, happy reader. Like Bayley… But not afraid to tell someone to go skip a rope for being a jerk. Human non-wrestler reader.

Summary: On your first tour with NJPW you meet THE Kenny Omega. Tall, handsome, mega talented, mega werewolf Kenny Omega. He’s surprised you figured him out… and not running away screaming. You’re surprised that a lucky guess netted you not just a best friend, but also a boyfriend.

Will Ospreay. Calm reader who keeps to herself. Strong-willed and the first to dive in to help someone, but is always afraid of letting someone else in to help her. Human non-wrestler reader.

Summary: Some people swear that not everything that’s broken can be fixed. Especially hearts. Of course, those people apparently never met you and your way with helping others. Of course, in the end, the question remains: Who will help fix your heart?

Finn Balor. Happy, hopeful reader who knows that life isn’t always sunshine and roses, but is determined to not let her smile slip or the darkness take over again. Human non-wrestler reader.

Summary: Days before your wedding, and your fiancé has a confession to make that was impossible for you to brace yourself for. The question that lurks above you: Can you still love this man? Or do you fear the monster within?

TJ Perkins. Playful, flirty reader who is always smiling and on the move. Avid reader of various kinds of genres. Human, Diva, reader.

Summary: You supposed you were supposed to be shocked to learn that not only werewolves existed, but that also your boyfriend was one. However, your motto was “embrace destiny!”, and being with TJ was yours.

Noam Dar. Broken-hearted reader who just wants to be left alone… But still believes in fairy tales. Human non-wrestler reader.

Summary: The cute new guy next door seems to have his fair share of secrets… Ones that don’t make total sense… But also has a cute smile and a killer accent, not to mention a heart of gold that seems to be pledged to you. Slowly but surely, Noam wins your heart… And you discover a whole new world you had once dared not even dream of.

Adam “Hangman” Page. Strong-willed, kinda mouthy reader with a heart of gold and a temper too. Awful at reading people. Werewolf wrestler reader.

Summary: A part of you wanted to be with him more than anything, but… A part of you also believed that there was no way he’d ever see you as his soulmate. So you settle for friendship, letting yourself be courted by another- fooling yourself into thinking it’s love- not knowing that all along, with every breath in his being, he felt the same way about you. And he’s not about to lose you to his own insecurities.

CM Punk. Sassy, feisty reader who doesn’t believe in beating around the bush but does believe in romance taking time and being built on a friendship. Human non-wrestler reader.

Summary: Playing hard to get usually isn’t your game… But when your soulmate gets the dumb idea that he doesn’t need to do a single thing in order to win you over… Well, game on.

John Morrison. Patient, mature reader who has been burned before by love and is a little weary about trying again. Werewolf former-Diva currently wrestler reader.

Summary: It’s a slow burn, spanning a decade, three companies, a failed marriage, a failed on-again off-again relationship, and a whole lot of sleepless nights. 10 years before two stubborn souls finally stop running and instead start chasing.

Seth Rollins. Stubborn, saucy reader who knows in order to get what you want you have to work hard for it. Therefore, reader who’s got the mind of a wolf. Werewolf non-wrestler Reader. Human Seth Rollins!

Summary: You’re used to being the hunter, top of the food chain, queen of your domain. No one dares to disturb your kingdom for all who have tried have failed. And then there’s Seth. Somehow he gets past all your walls, all your defenses, and finds his way not just into your life… But your heart as well.

I’m coming along with a bounding pace,
To finish the work that Spring begun;
I’ve left them all with a brighter face,
The flowers in the vales through which I’ve run.

I have hung festoons from laburnum trees,
And clothed the lilac, the birch, and broom.
I’ve waken’d the sound of humming bees,
And deck’d all nature in brighter bloom.

For this is my life, my glorious reign,
And I’ll queen it well in my leafy bower;
All shall be bright in my rich domain;
I’m queen of the leaf, the bud, and the flower.

— Summer, by Anon.

Artwork: July, by Kelsey Garrity Riley.