queenâs english

as a welsh person i want you all to accept that W is a vowel because honestly it makes pronouncing acronyms so much easier. wlw becomes ‘ooloo’, wjec becomes ‘oojeck’, love yourselves and stop giving us shit when we tell you welsh has 7 vowels. english actually has 15 vowel sounds but because y’all only use 5 letters you have to rely on a spelling system devised by satan


“Either or both can be arranged. My parties are intended to please all.”

AU where Hannibal is a business tycoon, and Will a business columnist. Both seemingly hating each other’s guts, but secretly crushing on one another. In a ritzy, elitist party thrown by Hannibal, a humble Will looks out of place and lost. And Hannibal comes to the rescue.


(Where Bucky panics if he can’t find Steve next to him when he wakes up in the middle of the night.)


he is tuxedo mask I don’t believe it

أَبداً تَحنُّ إِلَيكُمُ الأَرواحُ
وَوِصالُكُم رَيحانُها وَالراحُ
وَقُلوبُ أَهلِ وِدادكم تَشتاقُكُم
وَإِلى لَذيذ لقائكم تَرتاحُ.


“Only God knows, how much my soul’s missing yours,
being with you were always the relief to me.
Our hearts can’t wait to see you;
nothing pleases us but being with you.”