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i went on a drawing rage today and drew a lot n i happened to draw a lil seb so here it is 

sorry for not posting much!! ive been all over twitter its rly comfy there but ill try to post here more too!!


  • Me: I should do some work. Gotta a couple of things to complete.
  • Brain: Okay that's fine.
  • Brain: BUT!
  • Brain: Hear me out here...
  • Brain: Video games.
  • Me: Oh, that's a valid point brain thank you.
  • Me: *Proceeds to play video games and ignore all responsibilities until 1 am*
  • Me: Haha I'm in this too deep.

Dear child(ren),

Your mom went to high school with a girl who went and got pretty good at singing songs, and her band came to town, so we grabbed dinner and a Valley Queen show at South on Main with the McVays tonight. A nationally recognized musician has yet to emerge from among my high school classmates, but I’m only 17 years out of school, so maybe there’s still time. (My money’s on Matt Rakes.)


Little Rock, Arkansas. 3.4.2017.

Queen of the Valley Part 2: Theo Raeken and Void Stiles

This one is dark and violent! Part 1

Power. It was never something I knew I wanted. But once I got a taste of it, I became addicted, wanting more and more.

And power was flowing through me as I played with the arrow, dancing it teasingly around Malia’s throat, relaxing comfortably in my plush armchair.

“Well Scott,” I smile warmly at the werewolf, whose eyes were flashing red. “Isn’t this an interesting turn of events?”

“I mean I never saw this coming,” I said pointing to myself, “Did you Scott, did you see me turning into a-“ “Monster?” Liam cut in angrily.

Theo growled, advancing on the beta. I grab his wrist, “Wait, wait,” I said smiling.

“Aren’t we all monsters here?” I ask, letting go off Theo as I lay back in my seat.

“I mean Scott, I know you got your red eyes from being “true” and all but you’re not a very good alpha.”

I could see Void Stiles and Theo looking at me curiously from beneath their lashes but I knew exactly what I was doing.

“Aren’t true alpha’s supposed to save everyone? You haven’t exactly done that now have you?” I watched Scott shift uneasily, but out of the corner of my eyes I saw Lydia slowly trying to pull Malia away from my arrow.

“Uh oh.” I said with the same tone you would use on a five year old. I flicked my wrist and the arrow pierced Malia’s neck, just enough for it to bleed. Lydia jumped, backing away and I smirked.

“Anyway, my point is Scott, you haven’t really saved anyone. I mean not Aiden,” Lydia flinched at his name, “not Stiles,” I looked up at Void Stiles, smiling fondly at him, surprisingly he returned the favour. “Not even Allison.”

Scott’s whole body shook but I wasn’t sure whether it was rage or sadness.

“How did it feel Scott?” I ask, leaning forward, my elbows resting on my knees. “How did it feel to have her die in your arms?”

Scott roared, running straight towards me, fangs bared. Theo caught him mid swing, his claws so close to me I felt the air move around my cheek.

I looked at Void Stiles and nodded. He stalked up to Lydia, who backed up into a corner.

An arrow rose by itself from the floor, guided by my thoughts as it flew through the air and landed in Lydia’s leg.

Lydia let out what would have been an ear shattering scream if Void Stiles hadn’t caught her around the mouth.

Dark lines exploded on his fingers and up his hands as he took in the power of Lydia’s scream, completely draining her.

Once Void Stiles let her go, she collapsed, blood trickling from her ears.

“That feel good?” I called to Void Stiles, his eyes bright. “Oh you have no idea!” He shouted giddily and I laugh.

With a loud roar Liam charged at me. I pulled up one of the fallen arrows from the floor, and with on swift throw it hit Liam square in the forehead, stopping him dead in his tracks.

From the corner Scott screamed, clutching his own head as Theo struck him in the chest.

Blood trickled from Liam’s head as his knees gave out. I leant out and caught him, looking into his blue eyes rolling around in his head. “Heal from the sweetheart.” I whispered as I dropped his body to the floor. Dead.

Sorry Liam, sweetie!

I got tagged by @the-heart-alchemist

Rules: Using only songs from one artist answer these questions and tag ten people.

Band: Flogging Molly (literally just cause they are the only band I know the titles of songs to)

What’s your gender: Death Valley Queen
Describe yourself: Man With No Country
How do you feel: So Sail On
If you could go anywhere: Far Away Boys

Favorite mode of transportation: The Heart of The Sea

If your life was a tv show: The Worst Day Since Yesterday 
Relationship status: Wrong Company (lol)
Your fear: Don’t Let Me Die Still Wondering 

I tag: @tigerlilly-22 @savvymeme @nobyas @officeladythyme @okamitaretsu 

Main Challenge #1 - Dollar Store Couture

For their first main challenge, our 14 crafty queens were tasked with creating a complete head to toe outfit out of unconventional materials using their mini-challenge accessories as inspiration! Our guest judge this week is Amanda Westbrook! Let’s see how our girls did!

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