queen transcendent

Everyday is your birthday in the fifth house. It is a cosmic Disneyland that opens just for you.

Sun in the 5th house/Leo in the 5th house
The world is a stage and the performer is gracious, radiant, and absolutely transcendent. A Queen dancing on the rays of the Sun, the whole world is watching on

Moon in the 5th house/Cancer in the 5th house
A child walks under a white Moon spotlight, exquisite and enchanting, glowing with the sovereign of an heiress

Mercury in the 5th house/Gemini or Virgo in the 5th house
The word alchemist, wings made of sun, a painter of children’s fairytales with language, a pen that pops with confetti holding books full of colour and delight

Venus in the 5th house/Libra or Taurus in the 5th house
The lover dances on a stage, blowing kisses and swaying with the sun, releasing the bubbles of pleasure, music, and indulgence and seduction

Mars in the 5th house/Aries in the 5th house
A child emerges from a box of crayons ready to draw a world into this one, a woman flickers lights from her fingers, under a blaze she bedazzles with a fire twirling display

Jupiter in the 5th house/Sagittarius in the 5th house
Laughter radiates from the crackle of morning light, today is everybody’s birthday, it’s eating a marshmellow icecream cake for breakfast

Saturn in the 5th house/Capricorn in the 5th house
A guardian appears, one who swoops in to hold and love and protect those vulnerable children, a guardian emerges to soothe his own inner child

Uranus in the 5th house/Aquarius in the 5th house
A bizarre artist walks from his home, an abandoned church in the woods, eccentric portraits and paintings hang upside down

Neptune in the 5th house/Pisces in the 5th house
A circus performer walks and floats and contorts, every movement a display of bodily art and entrancing sensuality, she creates ambient music with her thoughts

Pluto in the 5th house/Scorpio in the 5th house
Beneath a pastel sea, swirling with hypnotic music and art, a spellcaster swims with a wand, every exertion of self is a creative display of godly magnificence


A woman of your kind does not exist,
Beneath the stars, nor across the seven seas,
Save for you, of course, my lady love,
Whose beauty beckons pagan lore and legends
Of nymphs and muses, naked, unashamed.
Your love and passion know no Christian bounds,
Together we’ve surpassed this very world!
We sail the river Styx, each time we lie
Together, teasing Hades with the scent
Of our impassioned souls. Dissolving weak
And lesser passions, the water strengthens ours.
This, my Love, is how the gods must feel,
When they drink of unrelenting pleasures!
Unrestrained by Earthly limits, my Queen,
We transcend the immortal, we’ve become
Something angelic and holy ourselves,
Held in contempt by those lesser gods,
Who could never reach such ecstatic heights!
Such rapture is unbeknownst to them!


Dialogue from a play I’m writing 

8 Reasons to Ship SQ

1. Swan Queen transcends realms. “True Love is the Only Magic Powerful Enough to Transcend Realms.”

2. Regina doesn’t ask anyone for help….except Emma.  "Just bring him to me.“ P.S. Emma certainly seems to be staring at Regina’s lips, doesn’t she?

3. Emma has trouble taking leaps of faith…except with Regina.  She won’t believe August, Henry, Graham, or anyone else about the curse, but she believes Regina.

4. Emma saves Regina from a fire. No one, not even the fairies, have ever cared enough to save Regina from anything, but Emma does.

5. Emma fights a dragon, saving Regina, untying her and taking duck tape off of her mouth. The classic knight/damsel in distress motif.

6. Emma stands up to her parents, who she has been searching for her entire life, to insist on saving Regina. "She’s not dying.”


7. “Enjoy my shirt because that’s all you’re getting.” You’ve heard that stereotype about dressing like your girlfriend? Emma and Regina take this to the extreme (screencaps for #7 from SwanQueen Humour 2 video by CWFan4Life)

8. There is no one who sets off anyone’s gaydar more than Emma Swan and Regina Mills.

attack-on-kushu  asked:

Maybe Touka doesn't want to bring back Haise's memories because she doesn't want him to remember all the tragic memories he had before, she saw him smiling and she doesn't want to destroy that smile. Even if it hurts her, she just wants him to live a life with no hurtful memories.

i’m just…so conflicted with feelings of pain right now.

i feel like it would be a toss-up tbqh. touka would see haise happy, and that would make her happy, yeah, but how long should he go living a lie, you know? i think she’d feel more torn than anything.

she sees haise, happy with his squad, and feels happy, but he’s still her kaneki in the end. i think she’d give anything to get back the kaneki who helped her and saved her, rather than just leave him as haise.

"Natural" (Frozen, K)

Rating: K
Words: 1,012
Pairing(s): Elsa/OC (mentioned), Kristanna (implied)
Summary: Elsa’s never been much of a natural with babies.

Notes: Prompt - Elsa’s first baby. Takes place in the same general ‘verse as Love Will Thaw. Joseff and Heidi are, of course, the Kristanna brainchildren of the incomparable frozenmusings. :) 

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Swan Queen Magic

Anyone noticed that when Hook encouraged Emma to use her magic against the snow monster she kinda failed; but when Regina did during the bridge scene in S3, Emma succeeded and even exceeded Regina’s expectations?

Swan Queen transcending realms with their magic, moving the moon and stuff but hey just saying. Love is the most powerful magic of all…