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Hello, ask-artsy-oncie, my name's Lucy. I'm a Once-ling who saw Trolls about a month ago. I went & saw it because of the Sound of Silence clip I found online, & thought to myself 'omgoodness, I have to see this movie'. I appreciate that Poppy isn't a princess just because it's a kids movie. Some films & shows have princesses even when there's no King or Queen. But Poppy is training to be Queen, an earned title. I really appreciate that. That, and Clint Eastwood. Yes. Just yes.

I’m glad you liked the movie…!

I’ve always been very pleased by the fact that DreamWorks CGI movies with female protagonists (Monsters VS Aliens, Home, and Trolls) never defaulted to the princess formula. This isn’t to say I hate princess movies, I’m just happy to see more variety. 

Even with Poppy being a princess on the road to becoming queen, this movie didn’t feel like it had a “princess formula”. Fuck, any romance in the movie that concerned Poppy was purely implied (the only romance that was grievously blatant was Gristle and Bridget’s) and she didn’t explore the disadvantages of being a princess and was more-or-less just treated like a normal member of society, the thing that made her stand out being that she’s the happiest troll ever born. When her role as princess becomes plot-relevant, it has more to do with the fact that she was inspired by what her father has done for their species as King and felt the responsibility and desire to follow in his footsteps.

It’s a princess movie without being a princess movie, and I like that :)

[Trolls] Chocolate

@strawberrysourdough made a comment in chat about what candy the various trolls like, I remembered the Troll 2 Troll about Vanilla vs Chocolate, and things snowballed from there. I dunno, it’s late. 
820 words, fluff and flirting. Post-Movie, Spoilers

“Yes!” Branch cheered as he uncovered his stockpile of chocolate, surprisingly untouched in the ruins of his bunker. “They didn’t eat it all!”

“In fact…” He paused, looking at the boxes. There were 25 of them, stacked neatly in a cube, only one of the boxes open, a few of the chocolate bars scattered around. One bar had the wrapper removed, a couple of bites missing from it. “They really didn’t eat any of it.” 

Which was odd. Trolls in general had a severe sweet tooth. And considering the extremely messy state of his formerly tidy bunker from the entirety of the Troll Village living in it for days, it was extremely suspicious. 

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Cloudy Skies, Cloudy Water chapter 1

Inspired by @ask-artsy-oncie promt here

Also thank you for all the lovely comments on the Prologue -  It really encouraged me to continue with this

Prologue | Chapter 2

Chapter 1

It was a day of bright autumn sunshine in Bergen town, and even brighter around the Troll tree. The last few days had brought cloudy skies above the townsfolk, but this hadn’t dampened moods, instead, the Trolls had shown the Bergen’s the fun of the rain, the enjoyment of jumping in muddy puddles and singing in the rain. Literally.

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when the platform finally stops moving and levels out, all of the trolls kneel before their new queen. poppy just blushes, turning her attention to branch, who smiles as he too goes down on one knee.

“my queen,” he says, so soft that poppy almost misses it. but she doesn’t, of course, unable to stop herself as she becomes overwhelmed with emotion, running over to branch, tilting his head up and kissing him right on the lips. some of their friends notice from down below, and the pair knows that they can hear cooper in particular whistling.

now branch is the one who blushes, cheeks turning a deeper shade of blue, even as he stands up again. poppy giggles embarrassedly.

“sorry,” she says. “i got caught up in the moment.”

“it’s cool.” branch says. “did you… mean it?” poppy smiles.

“maybe.” she says. branch smiles as well.

“good,” he says simply, before grabbing her by the waist, pulling her close and kissing her on the lips. again, their friends whoop and cheer from down below, and poppy just giggles when she pulls away from branch. branch’s eyes widen as if he did something wrong, but poppy just smiles and shakes her head before tackling him to the ground and kissing him again.

OK SO absolutely DO NOT imagine something mildly catastrophic happening to the Troll tree, like a limb getting weak and falling off, something like that. And of course no one gets hurt. But as the dust is clearing and everyone is regrouping suddenly someone calls out, “Hey, where’s Queen Poppy?” 

AND CONTINUING, DO NOT imagine Branch freaking out, running to the downed limb and frantically calling for her and asking where she was seen last, and trying as hard as he can to not to imagine the worst (but who is he kidding he was always the best and imagining the worst) all while desperately hoping that she’s ok.

AND DON’T THINK about him finding her, limping out of the dust with the little troll she had run back for when the limb first started collapsing (no troll left behind, right?) and running up and holding her as tight as he can, trembling and trying to not cry. And even when she laughs and tells him that she’s fine he still won’t let go because he honestly was so scared that he would lose her. 

ALSO DON’T imagine Branch checking her over for injuries and not letting her out of his sight for the rest of the day, making sure that she rests and has water and doesn’t hurt her leg more (But she’s the Queen and she has things to do so he just ends up carrying her around all day while she checks on everyone.) And at that night he just holds her super close and she just sighs and leans in becuase honestly she was pretty scared and she’s just so thankful to have Branch there. 

Signs as Emma Roberts characters

Madison Montgomery (AHS Coven): Libra, Taurus

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Chanel Oberlin (Scream Queens):   Aries, Cancer

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Jill Roberts (Scream 4): Pisces,  Aquarius 

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Nancy Drew (Nancy Drew): Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo

Poppy (Wild Child): Leo, Capricorn, Scorpio

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