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Drag Showdown S1/E3: "Hoedown Showdown" Review

The episode starts out with Danger feeling confident about being in the top for the first two challenges and the rest of the queens talk about how they weren’t expecting Kat to go home. My poor bby Glass is feeling very defeated and feels like she doesn’t belong in the competition, and I’m hoping she can gain the confidence she needs and kills the next challenge. The queens call out Danger for wearing things over her face in the past two challenges to hide her makeup and honestly I didn’t even notice. She reassures us she won’t cover her face this week and will still be in the top, hope she proves herself right. Ruby seems kinda bitter when it comes to Obscura, but I kind of see the points she makes. Porcelain Polly feels defeated as well, and she shouldn’t be, she’s been doing pretty good. Obscura says she’s gonna be less bitchy because people are complaining about it, and I hope she does change because I really want to like her more.

Onto the challenge:
These critiques are going to go by
“Kind of Funny”
And “Not Funny”
Because this is a comedic challenge about being in a county fair pageant.
This is in order of how they came out:
Twink Trash - Funny
Porcelain - Kind of Funny
Danger - Funny
Obscura - Not Funny
Ruby - Kind of Funny
Porcelain Polly - Funny, but kind of bitter…
Delilah - Funny
Salem - Kind of Funny
Glass - Not Funny

Runway Rundown: In Order
Category is: Cowgirl Couture

Danger - Toot, Bessie Mae couture
Delilah - Toot, Your denim is den..umm - Trixie
Glass - Boot, Glass plz step it up
Obscura - Toot, you had me at moo
Porcelain - Toot, Sexy Cement
Porcelain Polly - Toot, SCARECROW REALNESS
Ruby - Toot, loved the cow makeup
Salem - Toot, Cock a doodle do me
Twink - Toot, she’s beat again and that outfit😍
Also I totally toot Krystal Ball’s look, YAS Bitch workkkkk

Salem, Glass, and Porcelain Polly are the bottom 3 and Salem is saved by the skin of her fingernails. Twink is the winner and I’m so happy because she finally won a challenge.
The lip sync song is to “Lovefool” and I have rewatched this lip sync 5 times and each time, even though Porcelain Polly did good, I can’t take my eyes off of Glass. Surprisingly, Krystal eliminates them both and hopefully that sets a fire under everyone who has been coasting to step it up or else you’ll get eliminated, always be at the top of your game. I’m very upset and surprised to see Glass and Porcelain Polly go home but Krystal throws another surprise in and says she’s made a mistake. Maybe she didn’t cast someone because the cast was full, maybe she’s bringing back Kat, who knows?
2 more queens down, 7(?) remain.
Review for episode 4 will come out when the episode comes out :)