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I’d really like to make more of these patches for you guys, possibly even have them available at ATLANTALE but Im not even sure if anyone out there aside from me enjoys them. So this is a test sale to see if there is even a public interest in such a thing… 

The fabric patches are machine washable, wear quite well and in my opinion look pretty bad ass in the style of classic grudge punk band patches. Attachable by safety pin to just about anything, or if you choose sew them on for a more permanent accessory!

Each patch is 100% hand made by me, From cutting the stencil, painting, to machine stitching along the outside edges- meaning each one is one of a kind and no two look quite alike.

☆I have 5 of each patch available. 


  • The Swapfell Sans is roughly 5′ at the widest point
  • the Underfell Papyrus patch is roughly 6′x6′
  • The Undertale Bros is 4.5′x7′

12$USD For one, 2 for 22$USD or all 3 for 30$USD!




★Shipping world wide!

Out of context fanfic quotes (Bloodborne + Dark Souls)

As the title says: out of context quotes from my BB fanfics and Daisy’s. I’ve added the name of the character who’s talking only when I thought it would make the quote even funnier. Enjoy :3

[Translated from Italian]

@bellringerkat ‘s

“Unlike you, I do appreciate the comfort of running water.” [Rom]

“Don’t look!”
“I am blindfolded, remember?”
“Ah. Right.”

“How was the seminary?”
“Boring. We didn’t torture anyone.”

”She and I agree on so many things that it almost scares me.” [Gehrman]

“Listen, I have a plan, okay?” [Laurence]
“Oh yeah, I see. And I remember well how your plans go. Last time a whole city got fucked.” [Gehrman]

“Don’t mind us. We are just a gang of wild-looking guys walking around with blood-drenched clothes on.” [Gehrman]

“My kingdom is nothing but a dead body waiting to be picked apart by worms and you, my dear, are the fattest and most hungry worm of the bunch.”[Annalise]

“Over my dead body will you name my son ‘Valdemar’.”

“I’m sure of it, Laurence.”
“No … no, you don’t get it. Willem will apologize to me on his knees. ON HIS KNEES, you understand? And he’ll say ‘Ah, Laurence I’ve always been so envious of your genius…’

“You look like a kid who just ate his favourite candy. ”
“Do I? But I haven’t kissed you yet…”

"Now, now we’re talking! What would I not do to that stud… and what I would not let him do to me!” [Someone talking about Ludwig and no, it isn’t Laurence]

“I am mortified.” [Patches]
“I would be curious to see to what extent. Bend. The. Knee.” [Annalise]
"I’m afraid you’ll have to untie me first, Your Majesty.” [Patches]

“So, should I wear something elegant?”
“As long as it’s not stained with blood, it’s fine with me.”

“I doubt she would be flattered to know that she’s more famous because of a gun than her debauchery.” [Maria]

“Nonononono. No. Don’t you dare, don’t even start, boss. I know what you’re thinking!” [Gratia]
“Good. Because I’m going to do it.” [Gehrman]

“Never a moment of peace!“ [Izzy]
"But if I just gave you a free afternoon!” [Gehrman]
“After two consecutive days of unpaid overtime work! IN THOSE DAMN CHALICE DUNGEONS!” [Izzy]

“I have evaluated all of my options and after careful calculations, I have come to the conclusion that I can’t wait to take off your clothes again.”

“Are you really the same man who just this morning beheaded a beast like it was nothing?” [Maria]
“I don’t know. Was he wearing exaggeratedly fashionable clothes? If yes, it was I indeed.” [Gehrman]


“I did try to kill you. I think we’re even.” [Aldrich]

“I’m pretty sure they got it all under control.”
“Oh, I’m sure they also did all those times the King almost got stabbed in the back!”

“You’ll ruin the carpet.” [Aldrich]
“I don’t care about the carpet! I wanna ruin THEM!” [Sulyvahn]

“This is "not enough” for you?“
"Old age, what can you do.”
“Condolences to the families of your lovers of youth.”

“You cannot really think to ask me-”
“Oh, I’m not asking.”

“You’ll find yourself with one head less one of these days.” [Maria]

“Come on boss, let him live !” [Gratia]
“I will when his actual life isn’t on the line.” [Gehrman]

Dark Souls III Bosses Official

Demon Souls Callback
Father Gascoigne
Kingseeker Frampt
Dang ‘Ol Bat
Sif with a Gun
My Dad and My Step-Dad
The Demon who’s really hard but in later areas will be a regular enemy
Phallic Looking Beast
Monster straight from the pages of Berserk
The Hollow Drake
Quinn Brother of Gwyn
Gwynevere’s Tiddies
Ornstein & Ornstein & Smough & Smough
The Rock
Minion Larry
Final Patches
The Queen Sized Bed of Chaos
Sethmcfarlane The Neckless
Capra Demon w/ 6 Dogs This Time
Boss with a Large Ass
The God Head
The Entirety Dark Souls Fanbase

Bloodborne… the (very) beginning!

Byrgenwerth Staff: Master Willem, Graveguard Dores, Groundskeeper Gehrman, Gatekeeper Edmund.

Kiddos: Micolash, Princess Annalise, Patches/Pavel, Mini-Maria, Ludwig, Laurence.

Yeah, Laurence is totally Willem’s son in my canon. The best part is that he doesn’t know. (Also, Gehrman standing on his two legs makes me happy.)