queen of thorns


In her youth, Olenna was engaged to a member of House Targaryen, as it was “all the rage” at the time; it was her sister Viola, whom Luthor Tyrell was expected to marry. The night before Luthor was to propose to Viola, Olenna snuck into his chamber and seduced him; the thought of marrying a Targaryen and his “ludicrous silver hair” did not appeal to her.

Me when I finish reading a good book
  • Me:NOOO!!! It can't end that way!!
  • Me:WHY!!!!!!
  • Me:I don't know what to do with my life anymore
  • Me:*is an emotional wreck*
  • Me to a friend:Here read this book
  • me:ok i only have money for 1 book
  • me:*grabs 6 books*
  • me:i'll just not eat or something