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Evie was being super dramatic and pushy about being fed, as she always is after I wake up because she knows I feed her after sleeping, so she was pawing at me and grunting and groaning and being overall demanding. I stared at her for a long while and then she just up and does her “beg” trick without being asked, like “Pretty please, feed me???”
I died laughing a little.

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This episode is what happens when amazing female characters are ruined for the sake of a boring het ship because shippers just couldn't accept that one of the 12438768457263485648 het ships on TV didn't end well. So, thank you, Hoodies, for being part of the reason why Regina's character is irreversibly destroyed. I hope those 30 seconds before your couple was sent off screen were worth it.

HOOOODIE ANONS ARE BACK!! And you still don’t understand anything. Neither about the show, Regina, Outlaw Queen or my blog. And just for the record… my main ship is Mayor Queen. Look at my precious Queens instead of annoying me. Goodbye dear.

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