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u know, there's a rrreeaalll wisdom in not taking things too seriously. as long as you know how *YOU* feel about something, you should be able to enjoy whatever you want for whatever reasons without having to defend or deny it to anybody. i'm not talking about every*thing but i am certainly talking about a frikken television show. namaste.

we get it, you like ru paul’s drag race, that’s not my problem. oh actually it is, like directly, because you’ve probably yelled “Yaass Queen Slay” out loud to me from across the quad of my college campus lmfao get outta here you fucking nerd

aAA never posted her here i cant believe this, but meet La Reine ! shsl Magician ! she’s part of a Magician (s)Quad that’s chess-themed, as her name entails, she’s the Queen of the Quad. she changes her looks constantly in order to fit the theme of her magic tricks and exploits, using her ‘’magic’’ for the benefit of others and rectifying the stereotype that all magicians are con artists and scams.

Sooo after talking with @omgsamchap last night about attitude turns (yeah bc why the fuck not) and whether or not they’re difficult, bc they might not necessarily look impressive, I feel like making a post about them. 

The diffcitulty of attitude turns/pivot is that it generally takes you years and years of practice and technique to get a good position and I rarely see good ones in WAG, bc they don’t have time to focus enough on ballet technique.

My favourites in WAG are from 

- Deanne Soza :

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bc her back leg has a pretty “round” position and is not on the side like say Lieke (still love you) plus she manages to keep her hips rather square and has a nice alignment with her shoulders

- Morgi Hurd :

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same qualities as Deanne /now kinda waiting for a Semenova ;) but there’s no rush

- Kseniya Afanasyeva :

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her back leg is a tad too much on the side but she manages to bring it to an horizontal axis and she has a nice relevé

- Ksenia Semenova

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kinda similar to Afan and what’s also nice is that both don’t bring their shoulders too far back as they settle to turn

- Olivia Cimpian also has a nice one which could be improved even more, but I can’t find a gif

NOW, MOVING ON TO RG, where pivots and turns are more important than in WAG, bc they really count a lot towards the D score and there are many in each routine

- Grace Legote :

even though her back leg could be further back, look at the square hips/shoulders, the relevé (plus her legs are like the size of Flavie Saraiva so it looks very elegant)

- Neta Rivkin :

best relevé out there, maybe her back leg a bit too bent and a very slight shift of the hips but her attitude position is above horizontal and her shoulders/hips really revolve around the same axis

- Yana Kudryavtseva :

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very similar to Neta’s (even though this is her in 2014 and she broke her foot at the end of 2015 and now her relevé is slightly not as perfect as it used to be)

- Viktoria Mazur :

literally sob every time she nails one of her pivots (ukrainian technique at its finest), her back leg isn’t crooked or too bent at all. Ballet dancers would tell you she moves her left shoulder way too far back as she settles for her turn though

- Ganna Rizatdinoa :

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She gets 2 Gifs bc one wouldn’t be enough to appreciate the perfection of ukrainian legs. Ganna is the queen of pivots of this quad, even though her relevé isn’t quite as good as Neta’s or Yana’s, but her attitude position is so good she can hold a ball with her leg..

and if you want more attitude pivots, rhythmics quals start next friday !!!